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It has been a while since I wrote one of these, so apologies for those following the adventures of Oliver. Last month I was unable to attend my regular play due the big Connichi con in Kassel, Germany and I also did not play across Germany due vacation taking up most of my finances that month. But a new month, so new plays!

Because our group somehow split into two different groups now, I will be consolidating the plays of both groups into a single post. This makes the post itself larger, and gives me more work to remember everything properly, but it also helps me again to keep track of everything that happens to Oliver. Both of the groups play in the same setting. The story about Oliver remains the same, it’s just that both groups have a different focus and approach to the entire game and take place in different regions. The original group focuses on the Domain of München, whereas the new group emphasises on the Domain of Ober-Bayern and shifts the focus more towards player-driven stories rather then played out plots. (I hope I understood that correctly from both groups…)

So without wasting too much further details, I present both happenings of the past weekend. The first section, “A New Prince” covers the part of the new group whereas the “Malkavian Madness” will cover the story from the second group. As always, feel free to leave feedback, questions or remarks!


A New Prince

Oliver has been on a downward spiral for quite some time now. The “life” of a Vampire is not an easy one, and being in Clan Gangrel does not make things any easier. The society demands that Vampires follow the traditions that have been in place for hundreds of years. These traditions are old, and do not always make sense for fledgling vampires. The focus of these traditions is to preserve society, and preserve whatever Humanity a Vampire might have, both leading to the same purpose: The survival of the Vampire Society.

Oliver however is part of Clan Gangrel. A Clan that is proud of it’s lineage, holds on to the concepts of “Trust”, “Honour” and “Respect”. Often these Gangrel traditions are the cause of problems between other Clans, as the clan is a proud one. Oliver, who is still a Welp, has trouble finding his own place in all of this. On one side he has mentors advocating him to blend in, follow the traditions and be mindful & respectful towards others in the Society. On the other side, he’s part of Clan Gangrel and needs to prove to his clan members that he can walk on his own two feet and is an addition to the Clan. The Elder of Clan, Ludoviga, and other powerful Vampires also have told him to embrace his inner beast, for that is what the Clan is about. This resulted in losing control a few times, making him more confused.

These days, Oliver can be found wandering the forests around Ebersberg during the night, hunting for blood, trying to remain undetected and honing his hunting skills as a Gangrel. Even his Guardian Klara hears less and less from him the last weeks as he only checks in once a week, if at all, to remind her he’s still alive out there. During one of the visits at Klara’s house, he finds her reading a letter from Albert Spatz, the Ancilla of the Prince of München. The letter is an invitation to join Spatz in Ingolstad, because he has something interesting to share. The only strange thing about the letter is that it’s no longer signed with the traditional signature, but now reads:

Albert Spatz

Discussing the entire situation with Klara, Oliver decides to join her on the trip to Ingolstad and learn what has happened. Oliver has some information about why from the previous Gangrel thing, allowing him to formulate a theory which he shares with Klara who actually remains rather silent about the entire topic. It doesn’t take them that long to arrive at the location by Car. Once they arrive at the location, a few of the Gangrel are already there including Lin and Eddy, as well as Marius. Oliver knew all three already, so was quite okay that there were more Gangrel interested in getting to the bottom of this.

The evening itself turned out to be a rather casual and social gathering where Spatz put the guests to the test by asking them formulate theories about why an Ancilla from a Prince is able to pull this off without getting killed by said Prince. The most common theories are pushing forward like Spatz being strong, the Prince not caring, or it being a test. Oliver however formulates a different theory but does not share it except with a few Gangrel. The theory formulated is based on information obtained during the auction with Clan Nosferatu. In the end, Oliver still remains with questions about the theory being true or not.

As the evening progresses, Spatz puts the guests before the difficult decision: Do they remain loyal to their current Prince in München, or do they wish to apply for Citizenship in the new Domain of Ober-Bayern. Tossing another surprise into the group, Spatz also proclaimed that all interested in joining the new Domain, should address their concern to Klara, who would be taking note and report to Spatz later. Oliver suddenly realized why she was so quiet about the topic. Not thinking too much about it, Olivar approached Klara and made it clear that he would like to join the new Domain; where Klara answered that it would not be an issue, since she was moving as well, and Oliver was coming along for the ride.

The night actually progressed without incidents, which is rather uncommon for an evening with so many Gangrel present. Linkmann brought along a Ghoul, which turned out to be an extremely interesting plaything for the Gangrel present during the evening. Oliver, Lin and Eddy try to play cat & mouse with the Ghoul, who actually played along really nice. Oliver assumed Linkmann did not explain what the best behavior was when dealing with Gangrel in a “play mood”. Running away every time only kept the interest of the Gangrel peeked and the chase going on till the end of the evening. The Ghoul thought it was a smart idea to flaunt his gun the whole time, even after several warnings from other Vampires. The Brujah Stein snapped and assaulted the Ghoul, which seemed smart enough to actually Stake the Brujah. Screaming for help, her Spatz ended it by taking the Stake out of the Brujah and twisting the neck of the Ghoul, putting an end to the playtime of the Gangrel.

At this point, Klara and Oliver decided to call it a night, and started to make their way back home.

Malkavian Madness

The room was dark. Oliver, being awoken by what looked to be a doctor, looked around the room and saw familiar faces. Many Vampires he knew were lying on the floor, sitting in couches or on chairs, either asleep or looking around perplexed as Olivar was. Not fully realizing and still confused, he heard Alex, the Brujah, asking where they were and what was going on. Oliver tried to get up and then realized he could not move his legs. He could feel them, he sensed them being there, but was not able to move his legs at all. At this point his instinct started to take over and growled at the doctor and anyone coming close into his vicinity.

The overall confusion of the other Vampires around him did not help Olivar in calming down. It wasn’t until Salome approached him and took him in her arms, stroking over his head that he started to calm down and analyse the situation they were in. Marius also joined the group at that point. Oliver was a bit reassured that he wasn’t the only Gangrel present now and that Salome and Marius where around as well, be it handicapped as Oliver. Salome was unable to speak properly or hear anything, Marius appeared to be blind.

As the initial confusion started to settle down, the instincts driving Oliver slowly ebbed away as well. Now he started to work together with Salome and Marius, trying to analyse the entire situation, collecting information from the other Vampires and trying to communicate with what seemed to be the caretakers of the place. Asking questions did not yield much information, as the caretakers seemed to be treating them as patients of a mental institution. Oliver noticed that some of the other patients turned out to be unknown Vampires or even Humans.

Slowly but surely Oliver was growing more impatient as his inner animal was starting to grow restless. Something did not feel right, and time was passing without Oliver being able to leave this building. Vampires reporting that there was no door or exit did not help either. At one point, a little girl approached Oliver as he was sitting in the middle of the room, talking to Nick of Clan Torreador. The little girl first talked with the Torreador about Oliver, how she thought he was a nice kitten, and asked if she could pet him. Nick said she should ask Oliver that. The little girl approached Oliver and sat down next to him. Looking into his eyes, she asked if she could pet Oliver.

Offended by the question, Oliver growled and asked if she was making a joke about him and told her she could not pet him. The little girl got angry and said that if she wanted to pet the kitten, she would pet the kitten. As soon as she finished the sentence, she stroked behind Oliver’s ears and petted him. This caused a frenzy inside Oliver for his beast did not appreciate the fact it was being treated like a pet. With a quick push from both his arms, Oliver lunged himself forward right on top of the girl and bit her in the neck, sinking his teeth deep into hear flesh and sucked out the blood from the wound.

Thanks to the “control lessons” from Marius, it didn’t take too much effort to snap out of the frenzy after drinking some of the blood. Realizing what he had done, Oliver crawled back to Marius, who was having a conversation with one of the “doctors” of this place. The topic being Monsters and the inner beast that they were suppressing. The doctor tried to provoke Marius in releasing his animal, but Marius refused. After the doctor left, Oliver explained to Marius what happened and how he was sorry for not being able to resist the frenzy. Marius said he should talk with the doctor to show him what happened when the true beast was unleashed.

It was not shortly after that the doctor visited Oliver and reminded him that he was due for his medical check-up. Oliver, genuinely confused, said he had no point what the doctor was talking about. The doctor asked if Oliver wanted to get better and be helped, which caused Oliver to reply with a confused “yes”. At this point the doctor grabbed the wrist of Oliver and cut it open with a large, curved knife. Suppressing a shriek of pain, Oliver growled as the doctor left. As soon as the doctor was out of view, Oliver focused his blood on healing and closing the wound. At this point he could feel his legs again, and not shortly after he was able to walk around again without problems. Sharing that information with Marius and Salome allowed both of them to break the curse on them by entering frenzy and drawing blood.

As more and more Vampires were breaking free from the Curse, more and more also started to disappear into thin air. As the evening progressed, only Oliver, a Malkavian Vampire and two Torreador remained in the room, where the floor was now covered with blood, but outside that completely empty. Screams and sounds could be heard coming from behind the walls, but no entrance to the rooms was there. Even the Brujah tried to force their way through the walls using their Potence, but nothing worked.

Suddenly the little girl who Oliver attacked in his frenzy showed up, asking if the Kitten wanted to come with her. Very reluctant at first, Oliver got persuaded when she said she could lead them to the others and this was his only chance to see them again. As he was being led by the girl, they entered a room where “patients” were sitting on hospital beds. One of the patients was covered in barbed wire and had blood gushing out all over every time he moved. The only words coming from him were “sing halleluja”. A few moments later the other Vampires whom Oliver had left behind showed up in the room as well, being accompanied by a Nurse.

Nick tried to talk with the patient but only got a reaction when someone said the words “halleluja”. At this point the patient started to ask who was bearing all their sin. Confused by the question, Nick and Oliver kept asking and delving deeper into the rambling of the patient until Oliver unravelled the ramblings. It turned out Clan Malkavian was carrying all the sins of the society and suffering for all Vampires. When Oliver figured this out, the patient stood up and walked towards Oliver, causing both to disappear and reappear into a room where everyone else was, with Amens sitting in the middle of the room.

On firth sight, Oliver knew something was off and became extremely wary. Suddenly he was being grabbed from all sides and pushed down on the floor in a puddle of blood. Amens voice called for him to get up and bow before her, swearing h would obey her. Not liking this one bit, Oliver rebuked the request with a clear “no”, causing the others to start laughing maniacally. To his left was Zoe, and Salome kept her claws on his back and neck. At a snap, Amens commanded Oliver to be killed, which followed by claws, knives and fists coming down on Oliver. As the pain coursed through him, everything went black. Again a voice commanded him to get up and asked to kneel down and obey. Hand and claws pushed him down on the same spot again.

Oliver, trying to outsmart this whole ordeal said he would obey if this would make everything stop. As soon as the words left him, his own thoughts disappeared and a voice in his head told him to walk over to the Vampire identified by Amens and start torturing him, hurt him and make him suffer. As he knelt down next to the Vampire, Oliver trusted his knife into the Vampire’s neck without a single emotion. The he pulled the knife downwards across the Vampires side, killing him in the process. Without any emotion, Oliver got up and moved instinctual to the center of the room. At this point Orsini appeared and suffered the same fate.

The nightmare ended when Amens got attacked by the group and died in the middle of the room. What madness caused this remains still a mystery for Oliver, but at the moment that Amens died, Oliver woke up in his lair in the woods. The wounds were gone and the frenzy didn’t cause anything new to grow, but he could taste the blood in his mouth. Whether this was all a dream from some Malkavian or if it truly happened was something for Oliver to find out.



I enjoyed both evening, probably the second one a bit more then the first one. I really experienced a few “WTF” moments during the second evening which gave me goosebumps and a great adrenaline rush. I don’t want to do this every evening, but I will definitely welcome more of these types of evenings :)

I was really happy to get into this again after missing out a whole month, and I think I placed again a great base for conflict with my Guardian and Mentor on where I want to take Oliver. Something I noticed as well is that it’s sometimes really hard to play with Humanity on 4. I really have to keep my mind clear to block out emotions or hold back because something might be cruel or evil. But I like where the character is going with this path, even if it seems to agitate my mentor more and more ingame :D  (( I’m so not sorry Marius :D ))

Really looking forward to where both plays will end up in the near future.


Another month passed, so time for a new article. Been working a bit on the concept of Oliver, and there’s a few things in the pipeline that will be played out over the coming months. Not going to reveal anything about it yet, some people are aware of what’s in the pipeline, but I do not want to spoil too much on the blog, and rather have people play it out. I really enjoyed the play, small group, but it was really fun. Had great interfaction with a few people as well. Even people I’d not expect to be interacting with at all. LogoClanGangrel The Auction

Oliver has been spending more and more time in the woods of Klara’s loan instead of being at her house. He still drops by every few nights, just as a sign that he’s still alive and around, but Oliver has been finding it increasingly difficult to remain in more populated areas the last few months. People dying around him seem to have a lesser impact overall as well. At the beginning the first sight of blood or even attacking a Human was something that completely put him off. Now it’s a day of his life and does not even affect him at all.

One day he was spending the night again in the nearby woods, when he reached the clearing in the wood where he normally spends his time looking at the moon, listening to the forest and letting the larger animals such as deer keeping him company. But something was strange this time. The forest was quiet. Disturbed. In the middle of the clearing on the tree stump, a letter was waiting for him. Opening and reading the letter, it was an invitation from Clan Nosferatu to join an Auction where many commodities would be sold.

Grabbing the letter he made his way back to Klara’s house, where he witness Russ getting beaten to a pulp by her. Not getting the entire reason and conversation, he did pick up that Russ was supposed to accompany him towards the Nosferatu evening, so asking permission to go was no longer required. Arriving at the location on the day of the Auction, Oliver and Russ met with Wagner, the Ghoul of Baader and were informed about how the evening was to proceed. The invitation mentioned that everyone was supposed to be wearing masks, and Oliver was being pointed out by the Ghoul that he was not wearing a mask. With a look of disgust, Oliver quickly pulled up his bandanna to show he’s masked enough and went inside.

Russ and Oliver took a table in the middle of the room, and were accompanied by Claudia from Clan Brujah where they made a quick chat and then just waited for the Auction to proceed. The evening was divided into 4 rounds of things being sold. Most of the commodities turned out to be information that was obtained by Clan Nosferatu. Looking over the list, Oliver found several bits of information that actually pertained to the Clan and he was not sure if this was information that could be left outside the Clan. The Nosferatu explained that everything could be bought with the normal currency of  “favors”, “debts”, “blood-bands” and “life debt”. Oliver had a few tokens he could use to bargain but he’d probably had to make a few new debts if he wanted the information.

  • The first part was information about Russ’ background why he drinks so much. Neither of the Gangrel won this, but Claudia of Clan Brujah did. After the Auction, Oliver managed to actually persuade Claudia to sell him the information in return for a glass of his blood. Oliver agreed by filling a glass of blood and handed it to Claudia who returned the information back to Russ. Later on Oliver saw how Claudia handed the blood to Frau Duval, resulting in Frau Duval having now a blood-band with Olivar.
  • The second part of information was about Oliver himself. Not really bothered with the kind of information being sold, Oliver did not really bid on the item. Frau Duval won the auction and just handed over the information to Oliver without reading it. Later on Oliver returned the information back to her after confirming what was inside.
  • The third part of information was about the relation and secret between Marius and Salome. Oliver knew part of this secret and thought it was a good thing to keep this inside the Clan and not have someone outside the Clan know about this. Oliver won the auction by trading his favor with Stein for the info.
  • The fourth part of information was about an Ancilla being active in München but nobody knew about. Owing a favor to Baader, Oliver obtained the information and learned some new facts about Spatz.
  • Working together Russ, both the Gangrel secured information about Anna, the granddaughter of Ludoviga. The information was obtained by Russ forming a blood-band with Baader to secure the information.
  • Talking to one of the Ventrue and selling some information he had about upcoming events by eavesdropping on Clan Torreador, Oli was able to obtain some information about Marius and his relation to Rezi.
  • Last but not least, a special Auction was done by Clan Torreador. Here the last will of Bourbon was being auctioned. Oliver swore a blood-band + his favor with Ancilla Duval in order to obtain this document. Winning the action, Oliver learned he now needs to get in touch with Zoe who actually owns the document.

The evening itself for Oliver went pretty smooth. One Brujah thought she had to make a point by calling out Oliver that he entered her area and should leave. Not in the mood for a pointless fight, Oliver replied she should move somewhere else and just moved on to do what he was doing the whole evening : collecting all the pillows to build a nest under the stack of tables on the side. Loosing control several nights ago trying to control his beast resulted in an urge to build a next every time he’s somewhere for a longer time. Gangrel_by_schwarzeskaetzchen Summary

Short article, as the evening itself can be summerized so easily in the above points. The experience was still amazing though. Just curious now what will come out of this with the things Oliver promised in order to obtain all the information. The blood-band with the Ancilla opens many new benefits that could be explored.


Been a while since I wrote one of these. I have to admit, a lot of time has been going to WildStar these last weeks, and some of the evenings planned in Regensburg and Nurnberg did not take place, which kinda creates a big gap in the activity. However, this time Clan Gangrel, my own blood, organised the evening in München with an added twist to the evening. The initial set up was to have Childe Olivar organise the evening without the guests knowing this. The goal was to bring the other clans a better understanding of how Clan Gangrel actually works.

An evening by Clan Gangrel


Oliver was trekking around with Marius about a week before the evening was supposed to take place. Despite having announced to organise the evening in question, they had not found a suitable location yet. This changed when they stumbled across a Farm with a couple living there and their grand-mother. Oliver and Marius slept in the stables and waited till the night before they entered the Farm. Oliver was not really sure what Marius was planning, but it became clear really fast when Marius knocked all three unconsciousness when they entered the Farm and tied them up.

This repeated itself over the coming days. Every evening, Marius would knock them first unconsciousness and when they woke up again, force them to drink his blood, ghouling them in the process. The grand-mother however did not survive the process, and Oliver felt uneasy about it, having doubts about what they were doing in the first place. Clan Gangrel was not known to be kind to it’s ghouls or have many in the first place, but this felt like needless torture of food before putting it out of it’s misery. The night before the actual evening, the Gangrel already gathered to receive the latest information from Marius regarding the Domain and running affairs (( Sorry, not allowed to tell more! ))

The evening itself, Clan Gangrel was already present at the Farm before the first guests arrived. Arrangements were made where the members of the Clan would support Oliver on his evening, doing whatever was asked, without questioning the whelp during the evening. The game they set up was that nobody would reveal who the host was for the evening. The guests were encouraged to find this out themselves in order to test their skills at tracking down information.

The plan worked great at first, as many were confused. The ghouls or Marius did not make it easier for the guests when Josh started to introduce himself as the Host for the evening, since it was his farm. Otto, the Gecko Ghoul of Oliver was sitting at the improvised bar, and several guests actually believed him to be the host of the evening as a sick and twisted joke by Clan Gangrel. One of the very first guests to actually figure out Oliver was the host, was Frau Duval, Ancilla of Regensburg, who earned a chair to sit on for herself, kicking off the second part of the game.

The evening itself was not held in the Farm house, but actually in the stables. Clan Gangrel had chased out the animals, and cleaned the place a little bit, removing most of the filth on the floor. The place was decorated with various animal skins and pelts, making it cosy and comfortable for the Gangrel who were present. An example was Oliver sleeping on one of the big skins until the first guests arrived, where he was woken up by Staubkind, who yelled that “Tinkerbell” should get up and not sleep. What the guests themselves found of the evening was of no concern to the clan.

As the evening progressed, the Ghouls of Marius were starting to draw more attention and knowledge about the situation they found themselves in, learning about Vampires and their society. One of the Ghouls, Natasha, actually had the courage to kneel and sit down next to Oliver, asking if his nose and ears were actually real. Oliver who still had mixed feeling about these ghouls, and was a ghoul himself, set his hatred for them aside and explained how he got these. When she asked to touch his ears, Oliver warned her not too.

During the evening a few more guests managed to figure out that Oliver was the actual host, but Oliver himself was not impressed. He expected the other Vampires to have much better investigation skills, and broke the first part of the game by announcing that he was actually the host for the evening, and moving the game to the second part: claiming chairs and by Gangrel tradition, tell stories. At this point, Oliver got a smirk on his face, as the expressions of various guests was priceless when he made the announcement.

Later on the evening, Herr Spatz also showed up. Agitated at first, he calmed down later on and was automatically given a chair without the need to prove himself. Oliver did not care whether the other guests would understand the motion behind his action, but in Clan Gangrel one respects those above him because they have proven to be stronger. Not because they have the Ancilla status in the society. This was one of the rules of the evening: Status, Rank and titles were left at the door. If you wanted something during the evening, you had to fight for it and prove your position inside the group present.

This resulted in Nosferatu Manfred winning a Duel against Gangrel Russ. The fight was fair and fought without the usage of Disciplines, although Russ complained that it was unfair. Marius and Oliver concluded he was just a soar loser and that the fight was fought fair between the both of them, settling the dispute they had.

The evening took a more dramatic turn at the end. Marius called both his ghouls to the center of the stable. At this point he started to explain how Clan Gangrel actually works with their ghouls, and what happens with a tool when it actually loses it’s usefulness. The sentence was not even barely finished, or both ghouls were slain brutally on the spot by the Gangrel present. While some of them started to drink from the blood, Oliver did his best not to lose control over his inner beast, but he felt no remorse for them, no pity, no regret. 2 Humans brutally slaughtered in front of his eyes, and he did not even flinch or care anymore.

As the evening came to an end, plans were made to burn the Farm down and make it look like an accident to hide the bodies. The gas pipes were destroyed using some ghouled rats and the place was set ablaze. Before heading off with the rest of the pack, Oliver spend some minutes alone with Sammie, and decided to follow up on the offer when she asked if he thought about the offer she made at the evening where they last met. Agreeing to the request, he offered his arm and let her drink his blood, forming a new blood band between the both of them.



Keeping it rather short as the evening itself did not last that long compared to a normal play. Despite that, I had a blast. The concept we came up with turned out great and the feedback afterwards was great too. Something we should definitely repeat. I have not included every scene into this as some of them were to awesome and describing them here would not do them any justice. So if you’re left out, sorry.

A few changes on Oliver:

  • His humanity has now dropped to 4!
  • He has a new blood band with Sammie from Berlin
  • Keeping control over his beast is becoming more difficult, he got lucky that night
  • He passed his test with the bell around his neck, discovering the meaning. This results in him having more freedom and doing what he wants
  • He’s gonne be an ass the next evening :D



Been a while since I got to write one of these. Unfortunately I had to skip on a few plays because it was getting a bit too much for me time wise. Playing till 04:00 in the morning after being awake a whole day is pretty exhausting, and if you do this every weekend, it will claim you at some point.

This time in the blog, I will keep it rather short, because both plays are to be considered “short plays” in that the amount of people present was limited and the plays themselves where also rather short compared to our normal sessions. Again, if there’s any mistake in the text or names, just leave a friendly comment for correction or poke me on Facebook.


Foreplay (Kinky :3)

Oliver received an invitation to attend a small evening at the Gardens in München. Due to recent events in Regensburg, where Jones took the small bell away from Oliver and destroyed it, Klara was in a bad mood. When Oliver brought the bell back and explained what happened, Klara had to use a good amount of Willpower to constrain herself, but in the end the hobby room of the house had to pay the price. Not much of it remains. Because of this, Oliver now has a new form of “punishment”. He still needs to figure out what the third meaning is behind the bell, and has time till August to find out. Klara did not tell what would happen if he didn’t, but she would not be teaching him anything new until he did. So in order to get away from all this stress, since he’s not allowed to leave the house alone at the moment, Oliver called Marius, asking if he could take him along to this evening, explaining that he wanted to get away from things and just be out. That being agreed, Marius drove by before the happening and took Oliver along.

Before actually arriving at the location, Marius and Oliver took some time alone and just sat on the side of the Gardens, looking up at the sky and stars. Oliver did his best to answer the questions posed by Marius and explain what has been happening in the last month. Another topic covered was the traditions and etiquette in the Vampire Society and how Oliver sees this being applied to his education. Before heading to the actual meeting, Oliver asked more about the abilities that Gangrel posses, namely the ability to transform one’s hands into Claws. Marius explained how this was something unique to the Clan, and that Oliver would not be learning this until he was a full Gangrel, whatever that may mean.

The evening itself was pretty relaxing. Because it took place outside in the open, Oliver found it really comfortable and found his own little spot in the corner of the garden. Just lying on his back, with his Ghoul Gecko Otto on his stomach, he was looking at the stars, feeling the grass with his hands and smelling the sweet scents of the flowers and plants around him. He could hear the noises made by the animals around him, see the fireflies dance around in the sky and hear the nocturnal sounds of the garden. His mind and inner animal were at peace.

Often small disruptions occurred when people stepped over him, walked past him. Even one of the Malkavians, Alfred tried to start a discussion with Oliver, but because Oliver wanted to keep his serenity going, he made short work of that conversation by answering with short replies such as “yes”, “no”, “okay” to make it clear he was not in the mood for any social interaction with those who do not grasp the serenity of being outside. However the entire bliss came to and end when screams were heard in the distance and a fight broke out. Not getting the details, Oliver remained at the garden while Marius ran off to check what happened. When he came back, Kostia was with Marius, covered in claw marks and blood. Oliver, being smart enough about these things did not inquire where they came from.

Later on the evening, Marius was talking with the Malkavians, including their Ancilla Linkmann. Not long after, Oliver was grabbed by Marius and taken for a walk to talk about his “behavior” in Regensburg and the general etiquette that applies in Vampire Society. Although Oliver did not agree with the point made by Marius, and found it even weird that Marius would agree to anything from the Malkavians, he accepted what was being laid out before him: Following a course on etiquette from someone who could teach him and make an apology to the Malkavians for his rude behavior. Marius also explained that Oliver should think about his future, what he actually wanted, and laid out some potential options.

This talk continued, and at the end, Oliver decided that he’d be that Gangrel living in the woods around München, not being involved with Society. Only to show up when required or invited to something. Oliver loved his freedom, and the ability to become completely blissful when being in the woods. Picking up on the lecture about making a stand, Oliver agreed to talking to Ancilla Orsini von Rosenberg about learning the etiquette for when he was in the Society, but he refused to apologize to the Malkavians, using the argument that this was his point of view that no etiquette had been violated.

Approaching Ancilla Von Rosenberg turned out easier then expected. Oliver did not really succeed at convincing Marius from his point of view, but when the Ancilla confirmed about the speech Oliver made in Regensburg and how this had opened the eyes of several others, impressing many people, Marius fell silent for a moment, and a wide smile appeared on Oliver’s face. At this moment, Oliver was gently forced by Marius to ask about the etiquette training, and the Ancilla accepted to teach Oliver about the etiquette.

Some other minor talks and events took place, but I will be leaving them out here because they’re just minor character development and not that significant to be part of the blog. If you want to learn more, just ask me or attend the evening next time :)

Love is in the Air

The second invitation was for the next day, the night of Saturday on Sunday. Russ left early, leaving Oliver behind at home. Klara still not in the mood forced Oliver to reach out to Marius again. Marius agreed to pick him up, and together they went to the second invitation of the weekend: “Love is in the Air”, organized by Ancilla Frau Simone Duval, Clan Toreador.

Before arriving at the location, they were greeted by Staubkind and Kostia along the way, and traveled together to reach their final destination. When they entered the location, the first thing to do was greet the host of the night, Ancilla Duval herself. For being an older Vampire, she was actually pretty kind and acknowledged Oliver by welcoming him to the evening and shaking his hand. She also inquired about the Gecko on his arm, who he was.

The Gangrel took place in the back room, looking through all things, and discovering a table filled with snippets of poems and expressions about “Love”. They all quickly found one that they found hilarious, namely a piece about “taking love in ones hearth, for without it life would be nothing but a garden with sunshine where the flowers have been removed”. The hilarity was big enough to lure Ancilla Duval into the room, explaining the purpose of the entire thing. Namely everyone was supposed to take a piece, reflect about it and explain what it meant during the evening. The one impressing the Ancilla most, would receive a “favor”.

Oliver originally took the piece where the Gangrel where having so much fun with. Sitting back on the couch in the room, Oliver made him really comfortable till the Malkavians entered the room. Ancilla Linkman entered the room and said one should just take a place by pushing a Childe to the side, effectively placing herself on the couch Oliver was hanging on, pushing him to the side and leaning against him. With a death stare in his eyes, Oliver answered really abrupt to the question if he was comfortable, making it clear this was not to his liking nor his inner animal. The Ancilla however did not really seem to care much, so Oliver did his best to suppress his anger, although it was clearly showing he was agitated.

The game finally started when Ancilla Duval called everyone together in the room to start explaining their interpretations. However shortly before this, she had given Oliver a different piece of paper. One that said:

Educating is done with Examples and Love, otherwise it is nothing.

Because Oliver had a new piece, he needed time to think up a more decent response. Knowing the situations with the Malkavians, Oliver talked with Marius if he could use this example to tell a small “story” and try to reason his way out of the situation he was in. The reason behind this, was Clan driven. Stories are the means of sharing and communicating information inside the Clan. Oliver figured that if he learned from telling and hearing stories, the others could as well. Marius agreed and said he should just try and see what comes from it.

When it was finally Oliver’s turn, he handed his Gecko over to Marius, stood up; or rather was forced, and started his explanation of how he interpreted the sentence on his piece of paper:

“Educating is done with examples and love, otherwise it is nothing. When I look at my own education, I see many different ways being used.

The first one is people simply saying: This is how it’s going to be, that’s what you’ll be doing and that’s how it’s going to be. These are the are the examples being used. There is however no love, no understanding. Simply a person doing his task of educating someone without feeling anything for it. 

The second is people simply saying: Do what you think is right, and we’ll deal with the consequences when they come. This is the love being used, because he cares about the person learning and wants him to learn himself without constraints. Klara uses this on me a lot. However there are no examples. I often feel lost and confused.

The third one, the ideal one, is something our entire Society should be doing. If we truly care about ourselves and our future, all of you should be my example. All of you should be showing me how it’s done, because all of you should be caring about your future. Instead our society does not care about raising it’s children, and instead tries to gain advantages from those who are learning, backstabbing and abusing them along the way or afterwards. Our society lacks the love and examples.”

With that being said, Oliver sat back down and waited for all others to finish their explanations.

The evening itself progressed without any incidents. For a chance, Oliver actually managed to talk to more people on the evening and learn several things. Despite having to go out a few times for fresh air and clearing his mind, Oliver actually managed to engage into several philosophical discussions about the Vampire society. At some point the Gangrel all left the room for some reason, and Oliver was left alone at the bar with his Gecko. At this point, Amens came over to him asking him “if he had anything to say to her”. Looking into her eyes and studying her for a moment, Oliver answered with a clear “No”.

Amens was dissapointed, and said it was a real shame. She looked at Oliver one more time and left him then.
((OT interjection at this point made it clear that she threw a delayed Madness on Oliver.))

The evening itself was coming to and end. Ancilla Duval took the time to close the talking session and ended with a story of her own, out of own personal experience what it meant to hate someone and to love someone. She also explained that not one person had impressed her, but 4 people did. And therefor 4 people would be receiving a favor from her that they could use when they wanted. Oliver was one of those 4, because he reminded her when she was young and had to learn everything. When this was being told, Marius “petted” Oliver on the head, showing his approval that he did well.

As the talk was done, Oliver got a headache, and laid his head against Marius, who started to stroke through his hair. This kept going for 2 minutes, but when Marius tried to stop, Oliver grabbed on not letting go and kept leaning against him. At this point, Marius told him to come outside with him. Using Auspex Marius discovered an overwhelming feeling: depression.
Outside, Marius asked what was wrong, but the only thing Oliver could explain that he was not in the mood anymore, wanted to go home. Marius asked why but no feasible answer came, Oliver said he didn’t want to continue anymore and just wanted to go home. Marius offered some blood from a bottle he was carrying, saying he would feel better. Again Oliver declined the blood, saying he was not in the mood for anything.

At the point, Marius raised his voice a little bit, saying he should drink it. Oliver took a bit from the blood. Asking what was inside, explained why he was starting to feel better. Older blood as usual, mixed with Alcohol and LSD. The added kick helped Oliver break through the breakdown he was suffering from. The downside was that he was seeing funny things and having trouble walking straight. Oliver also asked another question to Marius: Knowing he would not be learning the clan ability for a while, he asked if he could learn more about his ability to talk with animals, if more could be done. Marius explained some advanced features that Spatz possessed through this, and said he should talk to him or maybe Salome.

More happened shortly afterwards, but I promised to quit here cause the involved player wanted to use this information himself later on, not spoiling the surprise.



I actually had fun. Riling up some Malkavians, and refusing to dance in line is turning out to be more fun then expected. Sad thing is that it only happens in small private plays, inside the Clan only. Should try on focusing to do this in public more, making more of a mess :)

Still have one point to spend in my abilities, and how it’s going now, this will probably go to Animalism II instead of taking Protean I. Guess I’m not going to be a Cliché Grangrel focused on fighting with his claws, but rather one who works with/through animals instead.


Time for another round of Vampire the Masquerade. This time some “major” events actually took place that will have a significant impact on Oliver. I was actually pleasantly surprised that the evening turned out like this, and I’m really looking forward to the upcoming consequences of everything that happened this weekend.

I still need to invest my last discipline point with Oliver, and based on what has happened, I’ve chose to put this in Protean. Just need to find someone that’s willing and able to teach the little one this. Oh and remember to actually ask for it as well during our plays.

The Funeral


Oliver had received an invitation for an evening in Regensburg. The theme for the night was a “funeral” to say goodbye to the people leaving the community, and to go through the hole together that these people leave behind. The theme itself didn’t interest Oliver at all.  He had no feelings of guilt, remorse or sadness when thinking about people he might have lost somewhere. However the invitation was interesting in that it was organized by a Childe like himself.

Without wasting too much time, he asked Klara if he could go, and also contacted Jones whether he could look out for him in Regensburg while he was there. Both agreed, so Oliver set off towards Regensburg, this time crossing the distance on foot through the various woods that he would encounter along the way.

Arriving in Regensburg, Oliver met up with Jones. They greeted each other and made a few arrangements for the night. As soon as they were ready, the proceeded to the location, where Oliver introduced himself to the host of the evening: Childe Jenna, of Clan Malkavian.

The evening started off casually as more and more guests arrived during the evening. Respecting the traditions, Oliver introduced himself to each of them. Most of them he already knew, some of them were completely new, never seen before.

Once all the guests had arrived, Jenna announced the purpose of the evening, and the small “game” that came along with it. A small bowl was presented with several small notes inside of it. Everyone had to pull one out of the bowl. The word that stood on the note had to be explained before everyone in a specific manner: Was it alive in our community, do we bury it tonight or save it?

Oliver received the word “Understanding” after trading his note a few times. Apparently he was the only one trading his note around, but in the end he was satisfied with what he had. The game proceeded and everyone was divided into groups of three, with 10 minutes between each group to present the word on their note. Eventually Oliver’s turn came.

Oliver was standing at the time of his turn, and he was holding the note in his hand. He looked over the entire group present and started to talk:

“‘Understanding’ does not need to be buried. It has been dead for a long time“, he said as the threw the paper on the ground. “In our community we have rules, positions, offices and traditions. And we follow them blindly. Ghoul bows to Child, bows to Neonate, bows to Ancilla, bows to Elder. We have 6 traditions saying what we can do and can’t do. But nobody of us understands them, and just follows them blindly without understanding their meaning.” Oliver took a small gaze over the entire group again. I’m a Childe, a young one at that, but that’s what I observe and feel in our community. Perhaps we do have a few among us that understand the traditions, but most do not. And that’s all I have to say about it, and sat back down on his chair while receiving a big applause.

The night itself proceeded relatively quietly. Without actually wanting it, Oliver was again the center of various discussion surrounding himself and the rights of Clan Gangrel, as well as Children in general of the community. Jones got in a heated discussion with Ancilla Orsini, but the most interest part of the evening was the conversation that Oliver hat with Herr Sausche.

It was mostly small talk, until the point where the Seneschal actually suggested that perhaps Oliver should hold a domain evening in München as well, being the only Child of Clan Gangrel. He would be the first of his clan to do so. Oliver had to think about the idea for some time, but said that he would present it to Klara and Marius, to get their support on this. A theme for organizing such a night, he had already in mind.

The most interesting part came at the end of the evening, where Jones asked Oliver to join him outside. When both were standing outside, Jones immediately grabbed Oliver and asked him why he was wearing that cat bell around his neck. Oliver explained that it had three meanings, and was part of his education from Klara. He said he had found out two, but was still looking for the third explanation. Jones ripped the bell of Oliver, and tore it to pieces, explaining that he’s a Gangrel, not a house cat, and should not be told what he should be doing.

Before Oliver went back home, Jones handed him a small carton box, containing the shredded bell and a small note saying “Love, Jones.” and instructed Oliver that it would help him in his explanation as to why he didn’t wear the cat bell anymore.



Another great evening. Played around again with the gecko “Otto”, which got some nice reactions again. Still trying to find a victim….I mean test subject….to try something with the gecko.

The speech I gave with Oliver about “understanding”, was something I came up with on the fly, but the feedback I received both IT and OT was awesome. I honestly did not expect to achieve this kind of result with it. But then again it shows that even a new born Child can have an understanding of the Vampire community and it’s flaws.

Still looking into getting that last discipline point distributed, and that’s going to be my goal on the next domain night in München: Learn Protean I as skill, and see if I can survive the combined rage of Marius and Klara when they learn about the missing cat bell.


Again, this article is going to consist out of two separate stories, because I’m covering two events that took place this weekend: The Gangrel Thing prior to the Hofhaltung, and the actual Hofhaltung itself.

Originally I wanted to leave out the Gangrel thing, but based on how the second part of the weekend played out, I decided to actually write about it, since some parts of it are no longer relevant, but can still shed an interesting light on how Clan Gangrel actually operates. Just be aware, that a lot of the internal politics and discussions are left out in order not to spoil anything.

As a small recap to cover the past events, Oliver is officially a Childe in Clan Gangrel München, 3 months old at the time of writing this article, trying to find his way in the Gangrel Pack, and learn the ways that define his clan. He’s been in several fights and situations by now, defining how he currently interacts with his inner beast, namely being scared of it. The events of this weekend however will shape his future to become one with his inner beast, and learn to embrace the power that comes with it.


Gangrel Thing

The night before the actual “Hofhaltung” in München. The Elder of Clan Gangrel, Ludoviga; considered to be the mother of all Gangrel in Germany, called for a Thing, to gather all her children and bring them up to date on the workings of the world and the plans for Clan Gangrel.

Oliver, still spending his time with Klara, was also taken along to the Thing, not really knowing what to expect. He had heard the rumors about the Elder Ludoviga before, but he was unsure what to expect of the entire night. Also, Gangrel from all over Germany would be attending the actual evening, giving Oliver the chance to meet more of his Clan and perhaps gain new knowledge and insight about how the Clan operates in Germany.

Arriving at the location, a large medieval tent was set up where the Thing would be taken place. When entering the area, Marius and Salome were already present, making the initial part of the evening easier, since Oliver already knew these two Vampires. After the initial introduction, Oliver sat down next to Salome, he could not explain why, it just felt like the right thing to do. Without further ado, he also placed his Ghoul Gecko next to the burning candle in the middle to give the little creature some light and heat.

As the evening progressed, more Gangrel entered the vicinity, and introductions were made. Oliver was not introduced to everyone, and not all Gangrel seemed to care about the presence of Oliver. Although he knew most of them from seeing them at the Hofhaltung in Hamburg several months ago, the whole experienced felt strange and confusing, even intimidating.

At one point, Oliver was outside, admiring the moon in the sky, when he wanted to enter the tent again. At this point, Ludoviga was standing in the entrance. Slowly walking behind her, Oliver sneaked inside and took place next to Klara and Thomas, not really sure what was going on. The whole experience got interesting when Ludoviga discovered the Gecko sitting next to the fire.

Intrigued by the discovery, since these creatures do not normally live in the woods, Ludoviga and Spatz examined the actual Gecko, revealing that it was actually a Ghoul, and belonged to Oliver. At this point, Oliver was summoned before Ludoviga. With mixed, terrified feelings, Oliver stood up and walked to Ludoviga. When Spatz explained who she was, Oliver dropped as fast as lightning to his knee to pay his respects. At this point, he was invited to sit next to Ludoviga on the animal hides and start a conversation  with her, about who Oliver is, his Sire and what he expects out of unlife.

Oliver explained that he actually fears his inner animal, and the reason behind his behavior. This however is not really the answer that Ludoviga wants to hear, nor her daughter, so they put Oliver before a test: he’s to go into the woods, and hunt a wild boar, bringing back the blood in order to give to Ludoviga. Oliver, been given the only hint that he should ask the other Gangrel, set’s out to start his test. The final advice given by Ludoviga after hearing Oliver’s explanation, is that he should also consider what he wants, and seek out a mentor of his choosing to learn the way of the Gangrel.

This leaves Oliver, walking outside tent, contemplating what he needs to be doing. Before setting of his adventure, he’s confronted by a furious Klara, who questions him whether he actually learned something from her, and whether she made the right decision in the first place by taking him. Left with this, Oliver gathers his courage and asks Tom for advice before actually setting off on his quest to slay a wild boar.

Hunting a boar is all good and well, but finding one proved to be more of a challenge. Using his Animalism discipline, Oliver actually tried to commune with several of the local animals he encountered in order to find a wild boar. It took him several conversations to get on track of one. Reminding the conversation between him and Ludoviga, Oliver tried to convince the boar first to come closer and actually calm down. This took quite some effort, as the boar was reluctant in doing so. After a few attempts, the boar was calmed down and in the perfect position for Oliver to actually drive he spear behind it’s head, piercing the heart of the animal. The spear was crafted by tying the knife he received from Tom unto a branch using some vines he found.

Returning to Ludoviga, he proudly presented the flask of blood, and was praised by Ludoviga, saying there’s at least some Gangrel hiding inside him. The evening however had another challenge in mind: It started to rain. Because Oliver has a fear of water, this made him extremely agitated; being confined into a tent, with water pouring on it, leaks and the ground getting wet made his area to be “free” extremely limited.

At this point, Ludoviga gave Sammie the assignment to teach Oliver that rain was not something to be feared. To drive this point home, Sammie took Oliver outside as it stopped raining, and they walked around the buildings and trees together. However, every time rain drop fell on Oliver, he rushed ahead towards the next dry spot. Eventually this behavior started to disappear as it became clear that the water caused no harm.

The other parts of the Thing however are political driven. Because I do not wish to actually spoil anything that has been planned/organized on the Gangrel Thing for upcoming plays, I will end this section here, and jump to the actual Hofhaltung. The following important facts however should be known:

  • The Gecko is named “Otto” by Ludoviga, after learning from Oliver it had no name.
  • Oliver has been given the following assignments:
    • Learn his Ghoul to use blood points for moving.
    • Find a mentor to his liking and learn the Gangrel Ways (Klara)
    • Abandon his fear of the Animal and learn to embrace it.


Actually in this section, I want to stay to some funny or remember-able scenes, rather than actually describing the entire evening again. The reasoning behind this, is that a large part of the evening revolves around internal politics of the domain München, which are irrelevant unless you’re actually living in the Domain. The scenes are in random order, and not the order they appeared during the evening.

  1. Oliver was outside alone, and was ordered by Marius as he walked by to actually follow him back inside. Once inside the ballroom again, Marius explained that he could not just wander off alone. As soon as his back was turned, Oliver dashed off again towards Sammie, to be held back by Marius again. Reprimanded about what he just explained, Marius warned Oliver again, only to see him dashing off again with Sammie as soon as he turned his back again. This time however Marius followed them outside, to smack Oliver on the head for not listening.
  2. Oliver wanted to talk to someone he had not seen before, only to be interrupted by Stein, a Brujah from the Domain München. Same scenario as every other gathering, questions about being a Caitiff. Oliver, not being in the mood for this, made it clear to Stein to leave him alone as he did not care at all what Stein thought of him. However Oliver went to Marius explaining what happened. Later on the evening, Oliver received a poker chip from Stein, with the explanation to accept it as apology and “debt”. Oliver is now bent on figuring out what exactly Marius did to make this work.
  3. Oliver’s little bell also is still a center point for trouble. We have the nice Chaaron from the Domain Nürnberg who finds it enjoyable for some reason to make it “tingle” every time he runs by, by touching it. Marius and Klara are bent on keeping it as a lesson. Ludoviga understands it to be a punishment, but wants Oliver to actively work on getting it removed by asking Klara daily what it stands for until he gets it right. Sammie insists that it’s an insult to all Gangrel and wants to keep removing it.#
  4. Oliver’s Ghoul also seems to be well accepted inside Clan Gangrel. Either the various members are keeping an eye out for it, or actually take it with them into various conversation with other people, resulting in sometimes hilarious actions. The question here however remains: Do they do it cause they find it amusing to see a Childe with his Ghoul, or do they actually respect it? (Perhaps we should start a separate blog for “Otto” here and make him run for President….)
  5. Oliver was standing outside with Sammie and Jones actually ran past them. Oliver actually bowed as Jones ran by, resulting in Jones abruptly stopping and returning the following kind words: “If you ever bow for me again, I will turn you into a Ventrue by shoving a stick up your ass”. (Clan racism detected!)

  6. Oliver seems to be developing a new (bad) habit of pacing around the room as time progresses. The only way so far to suppress this is by either drinking blood or by actually going outside for a few minutes to cool down. Sammie was so kind to actually join him every time this happened, making sure he didn’t flip out.
  7. Because Ludoviga got tired of waiting, she actually sat down on the stage in front of the table where the Elders normally sit. The Elder sitting in the middle, with Sammie on her left side, spinning and resting her head on Ludoviga’s side, and Oliver sitting on the right side, doing the exact same thing. As time progressed more Gangrel were gathering and were asked to join. As the Fürst came back eventually, pretty much every Gangrel had gathered around Ludoviga, having the entire Stage claimed by Clan Gangrel.



The political consequences of the Hofhaltung are at the moment of no major importance yet to Oliver. However his entire experience with Ludoviga, has started to change his take on the beast that’s living inside of him. Given the clear assignment, and his chose mentor Klara, Oliver will now start to deal with his inner Animal, and actually learn to properly embrace it, and be proud of what he is: A Gangrel.

The way I currently have this in mind is to actually become a bit more……”rude” or “Frech” as they call it in German. Not that I will start running around and directly insulting people all around me, but what I have in mind at the moment is that Oliver will actually growl more at people if they annoy him, and try to find his boundaries more both in the World of Darkness as well as with his inner animal.

All by all, I was extremely pleased with the weekend, and the people I played with closely this weekend deserve a big thank you :) I’m also looking forward now to actually attend some of the plays in Berlin and further develop my character with the “bad” influence from Sammie :P

Just to be clear about Disciplines, I’m going to aim a bit on the traditional Gangrel and try to steer my discipline points into Protean first. At the moment, little Oliver is the weakest of the pack, but in time this will hopefully change.

Easter weekend, third weekend of the month which means another play in Regensburg. In the week between the last play in München from last week and the play this weekend, I’ve been going over various ideas and concepts that I wanted to add to my Character Oliver, based on the everything he has experienced so far.

Concept 1: An animal Ghoul

This idea actually came to mind after having some discussions with people about the Discipline “Animalism”. This Discipline gives members of Clan Gangrel the abilities needed to understand more about the Beast inside of them as well as gain control over it and other animals around them.

One of the points we had in this discussion, is that it’s pretty hard to play out this ability since it often involves animals, and only a few of its core abilities can be played out properly against other people. I’ve been trying to find a way around this based on the stories I heard from a few people as well as the abilities that come with this Discipline.

So I decided that my character Oliver broke into a pet-shop in München, stole a precious golden Gecko and actually fed the little animal some of blood. The reasoning behind this, is that Oliver was a Ghoul himself, he understood the process out of experience, that if you feed a Human some Vampire Blood, he becomes enthralled by it and is actually a servant to the Vampire Master. Out of curiosity, he tried this with the Gecko and noticed that the animal did not fear him anymore. Using his Animalism 1 ability, he could actually give commands easier to the Gecko without having to overcome the fear.


The Gecko is a plushy I bought on Amazon, and looks like a real Lizard. It’s around 30 cm in length, and has been altered to contain some Velcro at his belly so it can stick to my clothing. At first I was a bit skeptical whether this would bring something, but you can read in the actual story further below how people interacted with the Gecko.

Concept 2: Fear of the Inner Beast

This idea is based on the information I’ve been talking about in my previous blogs, that humans who have been turned into Vampires, need to realize the fact that they are monsters. (see: previous post) The combination of the foltering that Oliver experienced, the fact that he lost control and killed a human is enough at the moment for him to fear his inner beast. Or rather what actually happens when he loses control.

To emphasize this in the learnings so far, Oliver has a new…..feature. Anger (or the beast) slowly builds up over time in Oliver. He can keep control for as long as he has access to blood. This is also the reason why he always carries around his own bottle of blood to keep “in control”.

This means when he is agitated, he can drink blood to calm down again. The exception here are the frenzy-triggers of course that have been defined for Oliver. The emptier the bottle of blood becomes, the more nervous Oliver becomes as his source of control is disappearing. Once the bottle is empty, or the blood source gone,  and Oliver is pushed again into a higher state of agitation, he will not be able to keep control over his inner beast.

Now before anyone jumps on this as being another frenzy-path, this is a temporary system in place until Oliver has learned to properly control his inner beast, which is most likely to happen when he becomes Neonate. Until then it will be a great play element that allows people to actually play into the Frenzy of my character. Want to see an angry fur ball rampaging through the room, take away the bottle.

Again the details on how this blood plays out in the actual plays, you can read below in the actual story.


The one true story

The invitation of München was not cold, or another invitation slipped it’s way into the hands of Oliver. The Monday night after the weekend, a notice from Claire Friedrichs was being read by Oliver, inviting them to come to Regensburg for an evening to reminisce about the mortality of everything around us in the world.

As the evening would take place in Regensburg, a place that Oliver liked visiting, he quickly ran to Klara, asking if he could actually go. To his surprise, Klara not only agreed that he was allowed to go to the invitation, but that she would be coming along as well. Pleased with this information, Oliver wrote an email back to Claire, informing that both him and Klara would be attending the invitation in Regensburg.

The night of the invitation, Klara and Oliver set off to Regensburg, driving the largest part of the way, holding stop shortly outside the Domain of Regensburg, and walking the final stretch on foot. Oliver was wearing his usually raggy sweater and pants, along with his red bandanna. Because they walked the last part on foot through the woods, the likely hood of encountering people was a lot lower.

Arriving at the location in Regensburg, Oliver and Klara entered the building, and introduced themselves to Claire, confirming that Oliver had send the letter letting her know they would both be there. The only mistake Oliver made, was that he had not informed Jones when Claire asked. Claire kindly informed them that they should at least tell Jones to be in line with the traditions of the Camarilla. They both received a red ribbon around their wrists, part of a game that would be played that evening.

As more and more of the guests arrived at the location, Jones and Flip informed all Gangrel present that they should meet outside in the nearby woods to discuss something relevant to the evening. It only took a few minutes for everyone to gather outside and discuss the plans of the evening. Jones and Mike explained quite rude that the other Gangrel were weak, and should prove themselves during the evening.

Klara did not agree to the plan, and ended up in an argument with Jones, which ended up in her losing the fight. This however meant that everyone agreed to the plan, and would play the little game that was explained, including the Whelp Oliver: The little game they were going to play, was to piss on the traditions that evening and try to get under the skin of the Ancilla that were present that night. The idea behind this was to make clear that the title Ancilla was nothing just some fancy rank you could hide behind.

The first chance for this was when they tried to entered the building again and where greeted by Augustus von Scharnhorst, Ancilla of clan Ventrue from Leipzig. Klara immediately took the initiative after the introduction, touching a sensitive snare with the whole discussion about the Anarch situation between Leipzig and München.

Once inside the building, the little game was being explained by Claire, how it function and what the rules were. In short the game entailed that people would be bounded together by a small red robe, and that the bound could only be broken if they owed something to Claire who would then break the bond, or they would agree to owe each other by breaking the bond themselves. Little Oliver was allowed to participate in the game from Klara as it would be a good learning experience.

In the first round of the game, Oliver actually got paired to Claire. At the end of the round, both of them sat together in the room, but did not really talk much. Oliver was more occupied with the red ribbon around his wrist, robbing him of his freedom, slowly annoying him because he could not go where he pleased. At the end of the first round however, Claire used his bond as example how they could be broken, freeing Oliver from his tormented situation.

Oliver also had brought his newly created Ghoul with him, the gecko he stole from a local pet-shop. Either the gecko was sitting on his arm, not moving much safe from some adjustments to not fall off when Oliver moved about, or he was sitting against Oliver’s chest, held in place by the closed sweater, not moving at all due the cold seeping from Oliver’s own body. Several of the guests present, including Jones and Jarvis, asked where Oliver got it from. Every time during the evening Oliver gave the same reply: Found him, fed him, no he does not move, no I do not feel what he feels, no he does not talk, no he does not have a name.

Before the second round started however, Oliver was hanging next to Klara who was reading a letter she got. At this point, he got grabbed from behind by Emma, a Malkavian, searching and asking if Oliver had a tail that someone pulled on since he was in such a bad mood. This “attack” on him, caused him to immediately snap back and growl at Emma, who was being pulled back while Klara leaned over Oliver asking what she was doing. Oliver being pressed down by Klara was still growling at Emma, and had the intent to kill in his eyes. Luckily Emma was taken away by Orsini von Rosenberg, Ancilla of Clan Ventrue of München. This gave Oliver the opportunity to drink blood and calm down again for the next round.

When the second round of the game took place, Oliver was bounded to Herr Baader, the Primogene of Clan Nosferatu from München. They briefly talked to each other, but did not share much words. It was clear however that both were not pleased with the game. As the second round passed, Oliver was now coupled to Baader, who was part of a larger group of Vampires bounded together. The quantity of people in the group made Oliver feel extremely uneasy. Luckily he could sit in the middle of the group on the ground, having some sort of island of quietness while the others sat on boxes around him, mostly ignoring him. The only advantage here for keeping him calm, was the presence of Jones and Flip in the same group.

The third round proved to be the most challenging as the group expanded to pretty much half of the guests. Oliver was extremely agitated now. The whole exercise of the group going outside and back in again did not really help improve the situation. This time, Oliver was sitting next to Flip and Baader, but it was obvious from his thumping foot that keeping control remained to be hard.

The situation took a turn when he got coupled to Klara. They were now sitting at the edge of the group, and Emma approached Oliver again, grabbing him from behind while signing. At this point Oliver got extremely annoyed and told her not so kindly to get lost (“Verpiss dich” in German). This caused Emma to go into a rage and attack Oliver, asking what he said. On his turn Oliver growled back and threatened Emma that she should back down and leave him alone. This took perhaps a few seconds before both of them were broken apart by the rest of the group. Klara at this point cut the bonds and went to get some blood for Oliver so he could cool down again.

As the third round progressed however, Oliver got connected again to Flip. At this point however the game took a different turn as Oliver was then being coupled normally to Augustus. However to put some strain on the game, both Oliver and Flip went outside before the bound could be established. Unfortunately Claire had anticipated something like this. Some unknown force was driving Oliver back inside. Unable to explain why, but he just had this urge to get back inside and seek out Claire (Presence 4).

During the various rounds, Oliver also got the hang of it. At some point someone else was being coupled to Augustus. Seeing as they were on the other side of the room, they had to move towards Augustus so the bond could be established. At this point Oliver refused to move. Everyone tried to persuade him, but all they got was a simple “no”. In the end the Ancilla Augustus offered to “owe” something Oliver if he actually agreed to move so the bound could be established. Oliver however sold his favor again near the end of the game to have the bonds cut between them so he could be free again, as the red ribbon was agitating him, robbing him of his freedom.

When the night was drawing to an end, Flip also got annoyed by the game and made a counter-invitation, inviting everyone who dropped the red ribbon was welcome to his party outside. Oliver and Klara immediately removed their red ribbon, but still went to Claire first, apologizing and saying goodbye. Outside the Gangrel pretty much gathered at once and briefly discussed about the situation in München, involving the old Gangrel traditions and rules. They even tried to pry out some answers from Orsini, but settled in the end that the best way was to actually just test out these old agreements rather then discussing about them.



Again a big article for a rather small evening. Lots of information that I had to share. Although the game itself that was being played had not a good effect on my character, it was interesting. It’s interesting to see how a lot of people actually toned down their normal behavior to play it “safe” based on who they were connected to. The game was basically nothing more the hooking several predators together on a small leash.

Oliver also managed to suppress a Frenzy, although it took pretty much of all his power and concentration to do. The lessons implanted by Marius seem to be paying off. The only mistake I made as Oliver was NOT going into a frenzy when Sina’s character actually petted Oliver on the top of his head trying to calm him down. Regardless of position/person/time or place, I should have frenzied at this point, as being treated like a pet, what happened in this situation, is a clear frenzy trigger for Oliver.

Outside that, I really had fun, and playing a more…..rude approach actually was quite fun :) Using my Humanity of 5, this is something I would really like to play out more now.


So, we had another play in München, which means that another blog post has to be written about my character. As always I would like to start off with a small introduction to explain what has happened so far, feedback I’ve been collecting and my general view on everything.

First things first, I’m getting slightly annoyed with the constant OT (Out time) bashing on my character’s behavior and the animal features he has collected so far. To put it simply: If you don’t like it, resolve it IT (In Time), in almost every situation there’s enough options to prevent the Frenzy from happening, but so far nobody took note to that. Only exception was a downtime with another Gangrel, where I actively chose to go into the Frenzy.

I understand that a new Vampire with 3 features, sounds like an awful lot, but when looking at the overall story of Oliver, they make sense and are properly justified. He’s a Childe with absolutely no control yet over his inner beast. He’s learning stuff as it goes, and the control is slowly getting there, which in 2 months is already extremely fast. Mental control over something foreign, is not something you learn like 1,2,3.

Enough about that. The second point is how small non-important features turn out to be amazing plot devices. The example here is the blood flask presented by a Tremere, which was brought along to the Gangrel Thing, and turned out to be again the center of attention for various players, as well as the little bell that Oliver is wearing. These small things on their own do not mean much, but they seem to be annoying so many people both IT and OT that it simply becomes funny not to pursue them further.

As for the stories that follow below, they are divided into 2 parts. The first section tells the story of Oliver’s Fortitude training he received from Marius a few days prior to the meeting invitation from House Tremere. The second part explains the story and the various events that happened during the night of the invitation.

Happy Reading


Discipline Training: Fortitude

Several days prior to the invitation of House Tremere, Oliver was waking up as the night started to set. Unaware of the events that were about to play out today, he made his way to the Kitchen of the house he was staying at, Klara’s house.

Still not getting used to the whole rhythm of living during the night, Oliver opened the fridge and grabbed a bottle of blood that was standing there. He was hungry, but learned to control the slight urges he had when the hunger was starting to pick up every morning. Not soon after, Klara also entered the kitchen and greeted him.

They both talked a bit about the past events and what plans they had when someone ringed at the door. Klara answered the call, and called out for Oliver to come to the front door. Approaching the front door, a smile appeared on Oliver’s face when he saw that Marius was standing there. Without given much of an explanation, Marius told him to get into the car that was standing in front of the house. Not having to be told twice, Oliver grabbed his sweater and jumped into the car.

Marius and Oliver drove through München, randomly driving in one street after another, making Oliver lose all sense of direction. After driving for about one hour, Oliver was told by Marius to blindfold himself with the black bandage that was lying at his feet. Looking strangely at Marius, Oliver didn’t question him and started to blindfold himself, while Marius kept driving the car.

After driving another 30 minutes with the car, Oliver felt that Marius pulled over, and told him to get out of the car while still wearing the blindfold. Seeking and searching for anything with his hands feeling in front of him, Oliver jumped up when Marius grabbed him and led him around and down several stairs. When they entered a room, Oliver was made to sit down on a chair in the middle of the room and his left hand was being cuffed to the chair so he could not escape. Then the blindfold was removed from this head.

Taking a brief moment to adjust his eyes to the sudden flash of light, Oliver looked around the room. It was a medium room with no windows, more or less cleaned. Several counters were on the sides of the room with medical equipment, as well as an operating table near the center of the room with some stained blood on the sides. Marius was standing in front of Oliver, holding a large curved knife and looked down on him while dragging the knife over his right arm, drawing blood. The sweet scent filled Oliver’s nose, who licked his lips.

As Marius stands before him, he explains how Oliver has been making mistakes in the past months, and needs to learn what it means to live inside the Camarilla. What it means to be a Gangrel, and most importantly what it means to learn more about the Beast and properly control it. Using his large knife, he places it on Oliver’s left leg and asks him the simple question: “Who are you?“.

Oliver, taking  a moment to think about this answers with his name, but realizes this was not the right answer the as the blade is being pushed through his leg. The pain is blinding, and Oliver growls at Marius but does not scream. At this point Marius repeats the question, with the knife on his right leg this time. Again the answer was wrong. Better, but still incomplete according to Marius, who drove the knife through his right leg this time.
At this point Marius explained the first Tradition and the proper form of introduction, while dragging the knife across Oliver’s back. At the end he asked the question again, where Oliver replied: “Oliver Soran, Childe of Clan Gangrel, Mündel of Marius, Primogene of Clan Gangrel.”  (Mündel is a German word that is used for a person who is not of age and is placed under the custody of a Guardian)

At this point, Marius instructed Oliver on the power of the blood he had in his body, the power to actually heal wounds and forced him to heal the wounds on his left leg, while putting pressure on the wounds of his right leg using his fingers. Pushing through the excruciating pain, Oliver managed after 10 minutes of focusing to actually close the wounds on his left leg, preventing the blood from draining.

This little game continued for more than an hour, where Marius questioned Oliver about every tradition of the Camarilla, what it means and how it affected him. Every wrong answer resulted in a cut on his body. Near the end of the little instruction, Marius pierced Oliver’s right shoulder, driving the knife deep in his body, damaging his right lung. Again Oliver was instructed to heal the wound using his blood’s power. At this point however, the reserve in his body was getting so low, that Oliver had trouble staying focused because of the blood smell in the room. Marius who had a wound on his arm from a past event, kept it under Oliver’s nose, luring out the beast that was hungering for blood to build up his reserves again. At first Oliver could resist the urge, but was forced to heal another wound, which drained his blood points down to 3.

At this point he could not longer control the inner Beast and tried to sink his teeth in the arm of Marius. Having anticipated this, Marius placed a stake through Oliver’s hearth, immobilizing him while he explained that he would be back shortly. Not much time had passed when Marius came back in the room, this time with a human beside him. Oliver had never seen this man before, and it was also not important. Marius slowly walked behind Oliver, and removed the stake from his hearth. The low blood supply, the inner beast craving for blood, the open wounds. All this was enough to keep the hunger going he had been trying to supress and so, the poor human never stood a chance. In a matter of seconds, Oliver was on top of the human, sinking his teeth in the arm of the Human, draining the blood.

At first the Human tried to struggle, beating on Oliver’s stomach, but Oliver overpowered him and quickly drained the blood through the bite marks he had made. Marius just stood on the side, watching, until Oliver was sated and the Human was nothing more than an empty shell on the floor, drained of all the blood. As Oliver came back to his senses, he saw the human lying at his feet. At this point, Marius started to talk into him, how we had killed the poor soul in cold blood, simply draining him, not holding back and what consequences this had. Oliver was handed the knife and told to dispose of the body in a specific way using the bags next to him. However the shock of having killed a human, with the body still at his feet was so great, that Oliver did not move the entire time until Marius came back.

At this point, Marius took the knife and explained that he would dispose of the body. However, he made Oliver watch every little step he took until the work was done.

House Tremere: Making a clan own yours.

The evening started normally like every evening does. Marius has been tending to Oliver’s needs like blood and a place to sleep for the 2 days between his Fortitude training and today. As they were making their way to the Prinz-Regenten-Platz in München, they were accompanied along the way by Staubkind and Tom, both part of Clan Gangrel as well. They met up in the small park near the Place where they talked about past events and what happened so far.

One of the topics that Tom wanted to discuss with Marius was the training of Oliver, more particularly the feeding from Humans. Both Marius and Oliver busted out in laughter when this was asked, but Marius said it was fine if Tom wanted to try and teach something to Oliver.

When they entered the building that was appointed as the location for the evening, the first thing that was to be done, was introduce themselves to the host of the evening. As they were waiting for their turn to address the host, Marius reminded Oliver of the Traditions and how to properly introduce himself, but was interrupted when the Ancilla of clan Malkavian approached and they had to make room.

Marius was the first to introduce himself, while Oliver was staying with the rest of the Gangrel pack that gathered by then. Not immediately following with Marius, Oliver stayed with Klara until Marius signaled that he should come over and introduce himself to the host that night: Ludmilla Riakova, Primogene of Clan Tremere.

As Oliver was introduced by Marius, the host asked the question who the Sire of Oliver was. At this point Marius explained that he has Primogene was responsible for the little whelp, and that his Sire was something to worked out later, invoking the ancient rights of Clan Gangrel to sire Children on their own whim.

The night itself turned out to be similar to pretty much every other invitation that occurs throughout the year. Several familiar faces, several familiar problems and a few new people that showed up during the night. Not much sooner after the introductions were done, Herr Spatz showed up at the invitation, tossing his bag at Oliver, ordering him to take of it. Oliver grabbing the bag with both his hands swore to himself that nobody would be touching this bag until Herr Spatz came taking it back.

A big problem with the Location that evening was the openness. There was a big glass window that allowed people to look inside and see what was going on. Salome, worried about the masquerade, made it clear to Oliver that he could what he wanted inside, but every time he wanted to go out, he had to wrap her scarf around his face to hide his cat nose, so nobody could see anything. The ears could be hidden by his sweater.

Trying his best not to forget, Oliver had conversations with several people, and also wore the scarf every time he went outside the building. A few of the more interesting conversations turned out to be one with the Torreador, where Oliver learned more about the disciplines that this clan possesses. Two of them he had experienced first hand while he was still a Ghoul under Zoe Thorn, the speed and persuasive nature of the Clan.

Because the whole of Clan Gangrel was given the mission to find out why a Tremere had the blood of Oliver in a bottle, they all took turns in talking with the Tremere Trester, who had provided the flask to Salome. However, every time they had this conversation, Trested claimed he had taken down 3 hunters in the domaine, found the flask, handed it over and had done nothing wrong. Some of the Gangrel believed him, some did not. In the end however, Herr Spatz took over after asking Oliver his opinion, and succeeded in making Clan Tremere own something to Clan Gangrel. What comes out of this, yet remains to be seen.

The evening became more interesting when Oliver was standing outside and a Ghoul came to him, asking him to join in a conversation with his master Emma. having a previous experience with Emma in Regensburg, Oliver told the ghoul he would come, but first made his way towards Marius, explaining the situation. Marius, who was in a conversation with Frau Duval, was excused and joined the little whelp to the table where Emma was sitting. Agreeing to the conversation, Emma asked the question to Oliver: “What does it feel like, to die?

Taken back by the direct question, Oliver had to gather his thoughts for a minute, but in the end could not really answer the question. He explained that he was knocked unconsciousness during his Embrace, and therefor could not really explain what it felt like, since he did not actively experience it himself. At this point, Marius was taking away by Salome, and Oliver was left alone with Emma and her ghoul. The conversation lasted a bit longer where more questions were asked, and Oliver tried to explain the ghoul the same explanation he was given when he was a ghoul: You cannot image what it means to die and give up everything in life for being a Vampire.

Not much later, they overheard Stein talking to Ancilla Von Rosenberg about Oliver and what the traditions say about creating Children and obtaining the permission for them. Stein had issues with Oliver, and also made this really clear during the entire evening by bumping into him, using Potence to throw someone else against Oliver and being rude in general against the Childe.

However, an unexpected turn of events happened when Ancilla Von Rosenberg answered the complaints of Stein by addressing Oliver: “Perhaps the Childe of Clan Gangrel can explain us the ancient rights of his Clan?” At this point, Oliver was taken a bit by surprise. He got up from his chair, turned around and looked Stein right in the eye. Here he explained how Clan Gangrel had the ancient rights to Sire children as they saw fit, but were also responsible for them in that their education and destruction belonged to Clan Gangrel. As the Ancilla smiled and asked if Stein was pleased with the response, after asking Staubkind if anything was missing, Stein said he knew enough for now and backed off.

Whether or not this was intended, Oliver felt that he had claimed a political victory here in that he defended himself on political level against one of his enemies. Whether this would have further consequences, remains to be seen.



With all that has happened so far, Oliver currently possesses the following skills and properties:

  • Animalism: *
  • Fortitude: * (1 point from the training with Marius)
  • Humanity: 5 (dropped by 1 for killing a human.)
  • Blood Band:
    • 1 with his Sire (Unknown)
    • 1 with Salome
  • Animal Features
    • Ears
    • Growling
    • Cat Nose

Again, I really enjoyed the evening and I’m really looking forward to what the big play in May is going to bring.


So Oliver managed to survive his first Thing, and is now an official member of Clan Gangrel in the Domain of München. There’s still a lot of things that he has no clue about, or simply does not understand yet what they entail for someone who’s not alive, and doomed to live forever.

The above is something I’ve been discussing with someone from our SL (Spiel Leitung), and in the end we pretty much agreed on the same thing: These experiences is something that every new young Vampire has to deal with. This ranges from being confronted with the fact that you’re nothing else but a Monster and learning to live with it, to the fact that being in clan Gangrel brings along another nice surprise: You’re turning more into an animal every time you lose control.

My character is about 2 months old now when counting the Vampire time. He’s considered and treated like a child in the society, and the problem with this is, that every other Vampire either tries to (ab)use you into suiting his needs, or he’s actually trying to educate you, which brings us to the next problem: They all have their own view on what a “good” Vampire should be, making the whole education process dangerous and troublesome.

Something I’m playing with at the moment, is the latest “feature” that my character received for going in a Frenzy at the thing. A cat’s nose. On it’s own the concept is rather simple, in that my nose resembles that of a Cat. I’ve been getting some help from a friend who drew a cat’s nose on my face resembling something like picture 3 below. Personally I would like to make something more like the first picture, but someone recommended going for a latex prop instead.

Cat Nose


Right now I’m also working out an idea that will involve several players of our group. The concept is as follows:
My character is new, and has yet come to terms with what he actually is. He also needs to learn what it means to actually hunt and kill a human being as Vampire. As mentioned before this is something that every vampire has to go through at some point, and I think to play this out would be amazing.

The concept would be that it takes place in a park, where some of our players just play normal human beings taking a walk. My character would also be there with his mentor(s), and they will give him the assignment to actually hunt a human and drink the blood. Because my character has no control yet over his urge to drink blood, the idea would be to play the hunt, catch the human and kill it by drinking all the blood in the body. The lesson here is to control the urge, which takes time to master. The second lesson will be the shock and realization afterwards for my character that he actually killed his first human being.

But anyway, enough rambling as introduction. I’ve said enough, and still need to write the recap of the play in Nürnberg.

Verzauberung unter dem Meer

Oliver got his hands on the official invitation for a casual night in Nürnberg. Still dabbling in the communications sector, getting his hands on this message was a rather trivial task. The real challenge would be getting in Nürnberg without suspicion, since his nose had changed in the days after the Gangrel thing. Oliver was quite shocked to discover this new feature, but he had not really wrapped his head around it yet, since he hadn’t seen a reflection of himself yet.

The other challenge was getting permission again to actually go there and finding someone to baby-sit him while he was in Nürnberg. As usually both his mom Klara, Marius and Salome could not attend the evening. Oliver knew Charon would be in Nürnberg, so he wrote a small email asking if he would be willing to look after Oliver, which Charon accepted.

Arriving in Nürnberg, Oliver met up with Charon and they spent some time outside first updating each other about what happened in the time spanning their last visit. Here Oliver got pointed out by Charon for wearing the little bell around his neck, to which Oliver had to confess that he was being punished by Klara for the trouble he made the last time. This was repeated when Sofia approached them after the introduction to the Host and he had to repeat the explanation. Charon however was happily ringing the little bell, but Sofia said she didn’t dare to touch it.

During the evening, Oliver got introduced to various other Vampire from different clans and actually got into a few conversations with them. One particular conversation was quite interesting in where Oliver talked with a Torreador called Schneider and a local Gangrel about why he did not talk to the Tremere from München that was present. Without revealing anything to the Torreador, Oliver tried to explain that certain recent clan problems prevented him from actually talking with the Tremere at the moment. Although the Torreador did not really seem to understand, the local Gangrel seemed to be quite supportive of Oliver’s cause and understood the problem.

A bigger issue appeared later on the night when Oliver and Charon were approached by Baader, the Primogen of Clan Nosferatu. Striking a conversation with both Gangrels, Oliver was asked a question, but had real trouble understanding what was asked and had to ask for a repeat of the question. Apparently this had offended Baader and he instructed Charon to teach Oliver some manners. The explanation that the music was overwhelming for Oliver due his ears did not seem to catch any results with Baader.

This prompted Charon to actually explain Oliver about the traditions that were in place, and how he should do his best to actually treat people with the respect their position deserves. How it could save his life if he approached the wrong person like this, and how he should at least feign interest when someone is talking to him.
Not much later however, Baader came back to Oliver and sat down next to him at the table. Continuing the lecture about the traditions, Baader took quite some time to ask questions to Oliver about the traditions in the Camarilla, their origins and their meanings. For Oliver this was quite difficult, as he could not even remember certain events that took only a week ago, and answering these questions took a lot of effort.

Charon however was sitting at the table a bit further and was actually listening on the conversation. Oliver caught him smiling now and then based on the answers Oliver had given to Baader. Without knowing how much time was passing, for Oliver it felt as if he had spent his entire evening at school, learning the very basics about the Camarilla and it’s traditions.



All in all, the evening was pretty relaxed and just a casual gathering. I’m really happy that my character actually got the basics introduced to him from another player on how the traditions work. This really feels like going to school again on one side, but play potential is soo much more now that he has learned something.

I know it’s in my character’s best interest to actually memorize them and get the hang of them, but as I actually struggled OT to remember what I did last weekend when I was asked, I think I will build on this feature more in time, and make my character a bit of a “hard learner”.

Really looking forward to our next play, and the play where we can turn my idea/concept into something fun for more people.


Being in Clan Gangrel means that you also have to attend what is called a “Thing”. These are special meetings unique to clan Gangrel to get up to date on the internal workings of the clan as well as earn your hierachy spot inside the clan. In the past month, Oliver has been going through the phases from a freshly created Childe to a Kaitiff and now he is attending the Thing organized by Herr Spatz.

I’ve also been talking with our SL a bit more about what I want exactly with my character, and this is not fully defined yet, but with the information I received so far, a few paths lie open at the moment. I’m still going for the feral concept with my character, and have set out some basic steps as goals that I want to achieve. These range from finding out my sire to becoming an Ancilla for our clan in our Domain.


Gangrel Thing

A Thing had been called by Herr Spatz, to be taken place in Oliver’s home area of München. This made traveling to the location and meeting a lot easier, as he could just tag along with his “mother”. Oliver had heard about these “Things” before, what they entailed and what could be expected on these meetings for the Clan.

Before they set off to the meeting, Oliver was handed a small gift from his “mother”. Whether it could be called a gift was something totally different, but he received a small bell with a green & violet ribbon that he was supposed to be wearing at all times. The explanation he received was that it would prevent him from sneaking out. The effect did not stay out really long, because with every wild step, jump or leap that Oliver took, the little bell would be happily chiming along, preventing him from being silent.


At the location, it took a while for the first Gangrel to show up. The first one to show up was Tom, followed by Salome and Staubkind. Herr Spatz arrived shortly after, with Marius not far behind. Oliver watched as they took place around him and the campfire that was burning in the middle. Spatz himself did not seem to be paying much attention to Oliver.

Once all the Gangrel where there, Spatz opened the Thing by welcoming everyone, and proceeding with the order of business. The first thing that was to be taken care off during the Thing was the hunt of Staubkind. If he succeeded in surviving this, he would be a fullfledged member of Clan Gangrel, and no longer a Childe. Sufficient to say, Oliver saw the start of the hunt, but was not allowed to participate; not that he really felt like it anyway.

As the hunt was progressing, only Marius and Spatz remained at the campfire. Not much attention was given to Oliver while the other where hunting. Spatz however was walking around the area, and was grabbing for something in the air. All of a sudden he falls over, and stops moving. Oliver confused, sees Marius running towards Spatz. Trying to awaken him again, Oliver gets questioned by Marius about what happened, and repeats the explanation every time another Gangrel comes back from the hunt. Eventually Spatz regains consciousness, but Oliver is still puzzled by what has happened, and no suitable explanation was given.

To conclude the hunt, Staubkind had to fight Spatz in order to obtain his dagger and prove that he was a worthy member of the Clan. After struggling and fighting, he finally succeeded in obtaining the dagger, and earning his place in the pack. Oliver was watching the entire fight, but was quickly ordered back to his spot at the fire when the next topic on the plan was brought up for discussion: himself.

Clara opened the discussion about him, asking what should be done with Oliver, since he was labeled Kaitiff by Spatz. Marius explained that if Spatz called him a Kaitiff, he was one. Spatz enforced this once more, by explaning that a Kaitiff had joined one of the most holy rituals of the Clan, and that a Kaitiff would not leave this place.

Spatz continued his explanation as to why he would not Sire a ghoul that was working for him, and asked several questions to the other Gangrel to find out their oppinions on the entire topic. In the end, he addressed Oliver directly and asked him the question: “Why should I let you live, and not shred you to pieces right here?“.For Oliver, answering this question proved to be extremely difficult. He tried to throw off Spatz by saying that the right of destruction belonged only to the Fuhrst, but got countered saying it did not apply in this meeting. A final answer was given when Spatz was standing in front of him, that Oliver could contribute to the Clan and would like to have a chance to prove this.

At this point, Spatz was standing next to Oliver, with his claws visible. He attacked Oliver by slashing at his face, triggering a frenzy in Oliver. In the meanwhile all the present Gangrel had moved away from Oliver and Spatz, anticipating that he was planning on killing Oliver, making sure enough room was between them and Oliver + Spatz.
As soon as Oliver entered the frenzy, all breaks went off and his only desire was his survival. Whether Spatz was holding back or not was not clear to Oliver, but it only took him a matter of seconds to overpower Spatz in his frenzy, and plant his teeth in the neck of Spatz, drawing and sucking out some blood, causing Spatz to yield at that point, and Oliver going out of the Frenzy.

Spatz withdrew, and Oliver was given time to recover from his Frenzy. At this point Spatz explained what it ment to be Gangrel, how the inner animal can overcome great odds, and makes one stronger when being controled. At this point he also welcomed Oliver into the clan of Gangrel, revoking his Kaitiff status. Immediatly afterwards, Spatz commenced by telling a story about how he had a Ghoul, and how that ghoul became a fledgling vampire. In the end, he was telling the entire history of Oliver for the pack, and how the Gangrel that decided to embrace him had made the right choice. But he also gave Oliver and the pack a quest: To find out the sire, and prevent accusations against Oliver till this was resolved.

The evening continued with story telling and some internal political talk, until Salome started talking about the Tremere and how they claimed to have handed her a flask with Gangrel blood. Being sceptical about the entire flask, Oliver was the “lucky” chosen one to open the Flask while the rest was keeping their distance. As soon as Oliver had opened the flask, he sniffed the contents and proclaimed it smelled like blood. The other vampires passed the Flask around, but Marius pushed Oliver against a wall and struck his shoulder with his claws, drawing some blood.

After smelling the flask and the blood from Oliver, it was concluded the scents were identical. How this was possible, Oliver could not explain as he had no recollection of any encounter with the Tremere, until Spatz explained what they are capable of. Clan Gangrel at this point organized their plans to obtain the required information from the involved Tremere, on how they got this blood, but Oliver had other plans in mind for the involved Tremere at the next meeting.



With all that has happened so far, Oliver currently posseses the following skills and properties:

  • Animalism: * (1 point from his ghoul life)
  • Humanity: 6 (dropped by 1 for attacking and injuring Spatz)
  • Blood Band 1 with Salome (Flask event)
  • Animal Features (3 frenzies so far)
    • Ears
    • Growling
    • Cat Nose

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