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Vampire The Masquerade : Intrigues


This is the summary of a small downtime that occurred after the Court of Ludoviga. This play is a small telephone conversation that takes place where things are discussed. Although it’s really small, it does have a bearing on future developments and serves as archive for future things.

The Monday after

It was the Monday after the court of Ludoviga. The disease that was wrecking Oliver had subdued, and he was finally able to eat again like any “normal” vampire. When he came back from a walk in the nearby woods, his mobile was blinking with the indicator that he had received an email.

Double tapping the icon, Oliver started to read the email, sent by Konrad Geyr von Schweppenburg, Neonate of Clan Brujah. The email contained a small request for a telephone call between the both of them. Oliver replied that he should send his number and Oliver would call him.

Not much later the reply came with the phone number. Oliver wrote down the number in his mobile device and purged the email from the system and log files. Not much later he called Konrad over a secured line so that nobody would be able to trace the call.

S : “Ja?”

O : “What do you want”

S: “Ah, Good evening Sir Soran! Thank you very much for calling me back. It’s about the following: Our honoured Prince did not name an Ancilla, and that makes it difficult to obtain an Audience with her, especially when our beloved Seneschal proves to be difficult. At the moment there is a messenger from the Prince of a different Domain, and Sir von Sausche refuses to let that messenger see our Prince. I’m so to say the contact person for this messenger, and I had to think about the close connection you have with our Prince, and perhaps you are the suited person to present us with an Audience. Which of course would increase your standing with your Prince and the Prince of the other Domain. When I can be so bold, I have the impression you and Sir von Sauche are at the moment….not really the best of friends. What do you say to this offer?”

O : “What you are asking… not so easy…to obtain. I…could send you in….the direction of Ludoviga…..but whether you will….survive that is something else…I don’t know what you believe….about my connection to….Ludoviga….but Neonates…do not simply…receive an audience…with an Elder….let alone a Prince”

S : “But you are not simply a Neonate Sir Soran. You’ve lead the Prince-Council, and her Court. She has great expectations of your. People notice this. You are the future of Clan Gangrel! And the direction is at least something, perhaps there floats a favour in the background? A service from me, the messenger or perhaps the Prince of the other domain?”

O : “You know….so little. as a tip…If you or….that messenger enter…the woods of Ludoviga….you will not make it out again…..I will ask around….but I do not promise anything………..we will be in touch about this.”

At this they both said their goodbyes. Oliver took some additional notes on his mobile and left the building, heading into the nearby woods to calm down and think of a possibility to twist this into his advantages over the Seneschal.



It’s been a while since I wrote another part of Oliver’s adventure. The reason behind this is that I’ve been so busy with this thing called “real life”, that I’ve not had any time to actually write something, or even attend any plays. I’ve only just started playing again, and before that I’ve not played for three months.

For those wondering, how to tie this in the story so far, consider the simply fact that summer is currently in place, and Oliver is a Vampire with an extremely lowe Humanity. 3 to be exact. This means he gets up really late, or not at all during certain periods. Combined with the fact that he was the host of the Prince Council this year, I’d say that’s reason enough for the little Vampire to sleep a couple of months.

Several days prior to the Court…

Oliver has been extremely busy. Organising the court requires a lot of work and preparation, sending out invitations that meet the standards of the Camarilla in both security and etiquette, as well as ensuring the location is secure, and meets all the requirements needed to hold what is supposed to be a traditional Gangrel Court.

The invitation send out by Oliver was the following: Invitation

In the middle of the preparations, together with the Herald of the Domain, Oliver was so occupied that he had shut off his mobile as well as stopped responding to the various letters that were being delivered by his ghouls. He simply did not have the time to deal with anything outside the domain at the moment, but took notice of the various names mentioned in the letters and the threats ushered.

On the final days of the preparation, something went wrong. At the beginning of the evening, three days prior to the court, Oliver started to feel unwell, which was uncommon for a Vampire, as they are immune to diseases. Out hunting with 2 of his fox ghouls, he struck a pray and commenced feeding on it.

Not soon after he had finished, a pain in stomach caused him to vomit and puke out all the blood again he had just gained. Slightly alarmed, Oliver took a bite from one his ghouls, and immediately puked out the blood again. Healing the wound on his ghoul, he made his way back to the location where the court would take place and finished further work.

This pattern repeated itself, and the problems piled up. The Herald of the Domain was of a different opinion on many things with Oliver on how this Court was supposed to take place. At some point Oliver got so frustrated that he snapped and growled at her. She proclaimed that she could not help him, and left. Oliver was now left alone with the several foxes around him and finished his work, still unable to eat and keep any blood inside his body.

The day of the Court.

The day finally arrived. Oliver’s face was now as pale as a sheet of paper, and his eyes were surrounded by a deep, red hue, revealing that he was severely undernourished from the past days, making him weak and aggressive as his inner beast was fighting to get out and slay something for fresh blood.

One of the first guests to arrive was Ludoviga herself and a Gangrel in her company, known as Weasel. She was early and made her place straight inside the reserved spot that Oliver had build. Quickly going over the agreed terms, Weasel was responsible for not letting anyone of the Domain speak with Ludoviga until they had proven their worth for her.

This immediately threw up some tensions as the Seneschal entered the large tent that was constructed and made his way to Ludoviga to report informations from Leipzig and Magdeburg. Only to be talked down by Weasel that nobody was allowed to speak with Ludoviga. After a few attempts, the Seneschal gave up and left angry.

As more guests started to enter the tent, Oliver suddenly felt an irresistible urge to leave the tent and go outside. Gaining his strength and trying to keep control, as every guest he walked by smelled of such sweet, delicious blood, he made his way outside only to find the Seneschal waiting for him.

He immediately fired several questions at Oliver about what was going on. Why he wasn’t allowed to speak to Ludoviga and how his information would affect the Domain if he could not deliver it. Oliver tried to remain calm and explained the purpose as to why nobody was allowed to speak with Ludoviga. Even the Seneschal was included in this rule, and no exceptions were made. Those who wished to call themselves a part of this Domain, had to undergo the Gangrel combat ritual and prove their worth in front of Ludoviga.

Finding a new Herald

One of the immediate tasks given by Ludoviga on the evening was to find a replacement Herald. She did not say whom she wanted to have as Herald, but it had to be someone worthy and capable of the position. Oliver was now responsible of finding a replacement as host of the evening. A quick word with the Seneschal led to two potential candidates: Gustav Moebius of Clan Toreador and Huxley from Clan Ventrue. OIiver made up his mind instantly and went to confront Moebius.

Seeing as Moebius broke the etiquette rules by not presenting himself at the host, Oliver rubbed it in rather quickly and directly, but said that Moebius did not had to bother with an apology or excuse. Oliver, and more importantly Ludoviga, required a new Herald and Oliver had chosen him. Seeing as he owed Oliver for this, Moebius agreed and Oliver made the required arrangements, and promptly gave Moebius his first assignment, to get everyone to the battle circle outside to start the Gangrel Ritual.

The Gangrel Ritual

The wish of Ludoviga was clear: Those wanting to live in this Domain had to prove themselves. This would be done by a classic Gangrel Ritual where every participant had to claim his spot and defend it against the others. This does not necessarily means physical combat.

As the announcement was made by Moebius, the Ritual was opened. The first person to enter the ring was Huxley, a Neonate of clan Ventrue, who had exactly 5 seconds to leave the ring when Ludoviga stepped in and others asked if he was more important the Prince of the Domain. This was followed by laughter from the Gangrel present as he walked back out.

As soon as Ludoviga had announced her position, the Seneschal and Moebius stepped up and tried to claim their position, only to be told off by Johanna Plinganser, an Elder of clan Brujah who was a surprise guest that showed up during the evening. She claimed the second place and told them off that they should be ashamed for this behaviour.

Then the two tried to gain position 3, only to be set aside by Linkmann, an older member of Clan Malchavian. She did kindly informed the two Neonates about their place and that they still had much to learn. However she left the ring whereas the others remained inside. At that moment Oliver claimed she was position three, but this overruled later by Ludoviga after discussing it out.

As the battle for fourth and fifth place started, Oliver was also someone who stepped into the Circle. Not so much to claim the place, but to actually challenge the Seneschal for this place, as Oliver held a deep hatred for him. Although not successful, the initial plan of setting doubt in the ranks succeeded as more people rose to challenge the positions and see that anything can be done.

The evening continued and places were distributed. Some of the challenges were a test of the mind, speed or simply phsysical combat. Eventually everyone had claimed his position. Oliver managed to secure the 11th position inside the Domain, putting others behind him such as Rene Fanget and Julius Speestein. His fight consisted first of Rene Fanget and Julius Speestein fighting each other, and Julius wining by making Rene leave the ring. As Julius was standing near the edge, Oliver took his chance and charged at Julius to push him out. Julius saw this and threw him to the side with Potence, only for Oliver to let out his inner beast and charge back at Julius as soon as his feet touched ground, knocking Julius out of the ring.

Despite the other Gangrel not feeling him to be fully ready, Oliver felt accomplished as he managed to hold his ground and secure a spot. This lead to approval of the others afterwards.

The audience with Ludoviga

The position that everyone had claimed, was also the order in which they received an audience with Ludoviga. Eventually Oliver’s turn came. Oliver was already sitting against Ludoviga’s chair while listening in on the conversations she had with her guests. As he was not being chased away or told off, he listened to all the guests that tried to present themselves for the position of Keeper of Elysium.

Oliver’s turn came. At first there was a silence between both of them. Oliver looked curiously at Ludoviga, letting the curiosity of his animal take over, and sit down on the floor in front of her, relaxed and feeling comfortable in her presence. Ludoviga observed and said nothing till Oliver asked if she was content with the night.

Ludoviga explained what she understood about being pleased, and how it not applied to the evening. But she was satisfied with Oliver’s performance and how the night was progressing along.
Oliver said he would not present himself for the position as Keeper of the Elysium, but he said he would like to present himself for the position of Sheriff.

Ludoviga replied that a whelp would not be able to gain any official position in the Domain. Oliver said he knew this, but he felt that his time was close for being hunted. Ludoviga reaffirmed he was a whelp, but that it indeed was time to test him. Seeing as Oliver had already held the Prince Council this year, she wanted his test to be….special.

Taking a moment to think, she provided Oliver the following challenge: He was to enter the Gangrel ring when everyone was about to compete for the position of Keeper of Elysium. He was not to leave the ring as first, but not as last either. If he managed to succeed at this, he would be recognized as full Gangrel by Ludoviga.

Fighting for recognition

As the fight commenced Oliver drew his knife and entered the ring, raising a few eyebrows by the participants and those standing around him. Ludoviga explained the rules of the event:

“Those wanting to be Keeper of the Elysium, need to be able to end conflict if it arises. For that, the Keeper will be he who leaves this circle last”

As the fight started, Oliver stayed on the side with his knife drawn behind him. Observing all participants, he did not move and paid attention to all combatants. As the first contestants started to be eliminated from the Circle, Oliver grew more impatient and shuffled around a little bit until only a few contestants remained. As they now approaved Oliver, he quickly stepped outside the ring and sheeted his knife back on his back.

Without having to engage a single contestant in combat, Oliver had done which was asked of him. Enter the ring, and stay in there long enough. He did not had to fight anyone to claim his spot.

Afterwards Oliver had a talk with Charon about being a Sheriff, and what it actually ment. Charon took him to the back near the woods and put him to test, explaining he was a wild Gangrel and had just killed something here, testing how Oliver would react as Sheriff.

After the test, Charon said Oliver did great, but still lacks experience and insight in a few things. But reassured him these would come with time.

The death of Jarvis

 The biggest spectacle came at the end of the evening. During the various combat trial it was revealed that Jarvis actually had a claw for his left hand instead of normal hands.

Ludoviga immediately grabbed him, and asked where he got it from. The explanation given was that it was a mutual sign of trust and payment. Throwing the argument aside, Ludoviga slowly broke every finger in his hand and made him squirm on the ground in pain after striking him several times with her claws.

She then threaten the Gangrel around her to never share this power outside the clan or suffer the same faith. Looking at the Nosferatu, she told him that he had 30 seconds to get out before these nice Gangrel would chase him and end his existence. As she was counting, he struggled to get up and away from the current place.

The Gangrel were transforming their hands into claws, and Oliver drew his knife and was handed a wooden stake as well. As the others were getting pumped up to chase the slowly moving Nosferatu, Oliver remained calm and nurtured his inner beast for the coming hunt.

As soon as Ludoviga stopped counting, the Gangrel shot forward. Oliver was the fastest of the lot and arrived at the Nosferatu first, lunging at him with his knife. With the strength still remaining in him, he knocked Oliver backwards against the nearby building, only to be slammed down by the other Gangrel that arrived and assaulted him. Taking several strikes and bites, the Nosferatu turned into ash as his life was forfeit.

Afterwards Rene found out, and went into a frenzy over the loss of her beloved one. Oliver approached her with an ice calm face, and asked her the simple question to confirm what he already knew. After asking her three times she finally blurted out the name of Russ who had taught poor Jarvis the power to transform ones hands into claws.

Presenting this news to Ludoviga, Oliver was told that Russ would have to give everything up he owned, but was not to be killed. Oliver returned to Russ and placed his hands on his shoulders, stating calmly that his life belonged to him now for what he had done. Making excuses and arguments Oliver just looked at him as he went after Rene trying to solve the situation.


 It wouldn’t be a traditional Gangrel evening if something didn’t get killed :D

I’m actually quite happy that Oliver is no longer a whelp for the Gangrel, even if he’s not hunted in the traditional way. He’s not really a fighter, so this test was pretty unique, especially since it completely depends on how everyone else would react during the trial.

If they all ganged up on the whelp first, I’d never have a chance and probably would fly out of the ring as first one. But seeing as nobody paid attention to the little whelp, it was fairly easy to stay out of sight and just bide my time :P

Also looking forward to how this further unfolds. Really going to get back at whoever put that curse on me, and definitely going to have some fun with my “brother” Russ :D

Deutsche Telekom Hilft….

Or so they claim.

For the last 6 months, I’ve been having a lot of connection issues on my Internet line. These ranges from extreme high latencies in the various games I’m playing, to packet-loss during play sessions, TeamSpeak server connections not working properly because the packet-loss reaches 10%, as well as youtube not working properly.

I’ve been running traceroutes with pingplotter, tracert and other tools to visualize the various connection problems I’m having. The problem splits itself in 2 parts:

  • Either it’s packet-loss, ranging from 10-30%
  • It’s high latency issues on various nodes across the Deutsche Telekom network.

I’ve been trying to get in touch with Deutsche Telekom on various levels such as twitter, email, forums and calling them. And the best part:

You keep getting brushed off with the same replies over and over:

  • The line is fine, it’s your router
  • Did you try a different router
  • We’re working on the problem
  • We’re doing an upgrade in Frankfurth

Bullshit, every one of them. You don’t see my trying a different car when mine has problems. No, I take it in for a repair and get the problem solved. Apparently Telekom doesn’t do this, and requires you to rent one of their modems instead or buy a new one.  Customer Satisfaction : 0/10

Let me show you a few pingplotter results that me and various other players have been running:

Definitely a problem on our routers, right?
Does Telekom really think we’re that stupid? You’re dealing with gamers here, people who in most cases have a better understanding of the technology they’re dealing with then your CS seems to have.

And the best part? This is being reported from people in Germany, Austria, Spain, France, Italy and the United Kingdom. It’s not only Germany. Many sources also report that Deutsche Telekom performs the shit we call connection throttling because they want to be paid by external service generating traffic.

I mean really? This is the 21st century, yet this company keeps it’s head stuck up it’s arse and pretend they’re still in the 199x’s where such practises where normal. Go with the times Deutsche Telekom.



This weekend, I’ve attended one of the biggest plays so far. A Counsil called by the Justicar in order to bring justice to the domains in Germany. Originally, I intended to simply go there as a guest, and make my own accusation against the Vampires leading our various Domains. However due circumstances, the entire evening turned around in a matter of days before the event actually took place, putting Oliver into a position that far exceeded his skills and expectations.

With this blog post, I hope to provide a glimps of the position Oliver found himself in, and how demanding it has actually been both on Oliver and myself as the player behind Oliver. I had clear expectations and ideas of what I wanted to achieve, even with the changes, but the actual situation……miles ahead of my skill level.

Nonetheless, Oliver survived, learned so many new things, gained so many new contacts, favours and most importantly: standing. However, because the entire event is so huge, I will not be writing out every little detail that has occured. I’ve been so occupied in things, that I’ve already forgotten the details on some, and I do not want to write down a book here with every sentence that has been said. The goal is to provide a glimpse of the troubles a host at the Counsil has to deal with.

Happy reading!

One week prior to the Counsil

Oliver had received the invitation for the Counsil, called by the Justicar, his Majesty Karol van der Voort. Oliver had never heard of such a thing as this Counsil, and was eagerly trying to reach some Gangrel that knew what this Counsil ment, and was actually planning on going there. After several unfruitfull attempts, Oliver finally got in touch with Flip, who was going and had a little bit of time to explain Oliver what was to be expected.

The two Gangrel met in Erding, near Oliver’s place, and talked about what the Counsil entailed, what was expected and how Oliver should behave himself. Flip took the time to explain that he was actually one of the hosts, and had to go on his way already to prepare the entire Counsil and make sure everything was in place and order.

Flip agreed to take little Oliver along, and teach him along the way what was absolutely required for the little Gangrel to survive the 2 days of the Council. Oliver had also received a message from René Fanget, asking if he would be able to hand over the sealed envelope that was included to Archont who would be present on the Counsil. Oliver replied that this would border near the impossible, but that he would not let a friend of Clan Gangrel down, and do his very best to provide this letter in the hands of the Archont. He also added that this would not be an easy task and require some…”effort”.

3 days before the Counsil

The pair decided to travel a few days before the Counsil took place, so they had enough time to settle down when they arrived and could prepare everything. Flip had revealed that he was going to be host for the Counsil. As they were traveleing from Erding over the Autobahn, the pair decided to take a small break at a park place 20km south of Hof. This would give them a moment to stretch their legs, and discuss any points that were still open.

Not sooner after they had parked the car, and went for a little stroll in the nearby wood, both of them were ambused by roughly 4 or 5 unknown Vampires. Without a warning, three of them threw themselves on Flip, ignoring Oliver. The fourth one stood at the side, overseeing the operation and the fifth one came for Oliver. Without a warning, the Vampire attempted to hit Oliver in the head. The speed at which he moved forward surprised Oliver who took a blow suddenly from the side, causing him to shake his head and growl at the Vampire. Not a second later, Oliver had his teeth placed in the neck of his attacker, causing damage and forcing the Vampire to retreat a few steps.

The Vampire who was standing on the side, smiled and joined the fight, approaching with superhuman speed, and slashing Oliver across his face with a claw. Growling and screaming of pain, Oliver leaped towards the Vampire, smashing him in his face, causing no visible damage, as the target smiled, and grabbed Oliver by his throat. Struggling to break free, Oliver grabbed his knife and planted it in the neck of his attacker, except the knife refused to break the skin of his attacker.

“You fight well for a whelp, but nonetheless, still a whelp”. With an unknown force, Oliver was thrown against a tree. The three Vampires that were on Flip, vanished into the shadows, taking Flip with them. The original attacker dissapeared too, and the last Vampire approached Oliver, kicking him in the ribs, launching him another few meters further. “Run ahead whelp, and tell your masters what has happened”. Then the Vampire dissapeared into the shadows as well.

Oliver, slowly recovering from his beating, made his way to the car they drove in. Seeing the key was still in the car, as they did not expect anyone else to be here, Oliver started the car and made his way to the location of the Counsil. The trip still took 2 hours, with Oliver driving as fast as the minibus of Flip allowed.

Arriving at the final destination, Oliver left the car and was suddenly feeling unwell, losing his consciousness. When the small Gangrel woke up, he found himself in a small room, sitting on a chair. No windows, just one door, a table and a person sitting in front of him, partially in the shadow. Oliver jumped backwards, growling and searching for a way out. Scratching the walls and pacing back and forth with no clear way out.

The person in front of him introduced himself as Lord Alburn. He started asking questions on who Oliver was, why he was here. As more information started to leak out of Oliver, the questions became more direct and precise as to what happened to Flip, who attacked him, where. This seemed to go on for an eternity, and was only interupted when Oliver showed signs of losing control for being locked up in a small room without any blood source or escape.

After three days, which seemed an eternity for Oliver, he was set free. Lord Alburn arranged transport for him to appear at the Counsil, which was today he told him. Oliver was given a satchel of blood for drinking along the way, and was given the reassurance that his Clans-brother Flip would be found, and that Lord Alburn would involve himself personally in finding and retrieving Flip.

The first night of the Counsil

Oliver left the car, as it pulled over at the location. As soon as the closed the door, the car drove off and dissapeared into the night. Approaching the location, Oliver immediately made his way inside, avoiding any attention from nearby passants. His face was still covered in wounds from the attack, and would only heal slowly.

When he entered the building, he saw Lady Lablanche standing at the end of the room, and what Oliver assumed to be the Archont sitting at a large table, overseeing the evening. The only other guest that was inside the room was Möbius, of his own Domain, and the Harpy’s Medea and Lilienfein.

Oliver made his was to Lady Lablanche, and introduced himself. Oliver also informed her that the second host would not be showing up, that unforseen problems occured, but were being taken care off. She asked if he was joking, at which Oliver stared her into the eyes, and walked away. Not much later he was asked to approach the Harpy’s and explain what had happened. Oliver explained as much as he could remember and what Lord Alburn was doing in the meanwhile.

Oliver was excused and thanked for sharing the information. Oliver retreated and talked with Möbius, but made his was back to Lilienfein afterwards. Crouching down next to her, Oliver asked what it ment for Flip now that he was abducted. Lilienfein explain that this was a serious problem for Flip, in that he failed to take the required precautions as Host of this evening, and was expected to be here. His abduction would do little on his behalf. Oliver thought about this for a moment and asked if there was anything that could be done to save the honour of his clan and friend Flip.

Being told this was not an issue for the Clan, but only for Flip, Oliver offered to take his place. Taken back a bit, Lilienfein asked if Oliver understood what this ment, and if he was willing to take over the consequences and debts this would incur on Flip. Without hesitation, Oliver agreed, and Lilienfein said she would talk it over and let him know.

Not much later, the other guests started to appear. One by one all the Princes, Elder and Ancilla of Germany entered the room. Jay also entered and greeted Oliver, asking if Ludoviga would also be attending. Oliver said he wasn’t sure, but would expect her to arrive for this. Not much later, she entered the room and immediately called over Oliver, who was “promoted” to carry her handbag again for the evening.

Not a moment later, Lilienfein approached and asked Oliver for his hand. Reaching out with his right hand, she asked for his left hand and gently guided him across the floor towards the Archont and Lady Lablance. Lilienfein introduced Oliver and said he would be the second host for tonight, taking over the responsibilities and debt of Flip. The Archont nodded it was okay, and Oliver started together with Lablanche to welcome the new guests.

The first thing Oliver did as soon as he had a moment free, was apologise to Ludoviga that he could not honour her request, but that he as host would find someone suitable for carrying her handbag. Ludoviga agreed, but requested that it remained in the blood, so Oliver set out to find a Gangrel to carry the handbag. His eye fell on the small Gangrel from Leipzig, and Oliver said he was supposed to guard this bag with his life, and follow Ludoviga.

When all the guests had arrived, both Oliver and Lablanche opened the evening, introducing themselves and setting out the plan of the evening. They announced the rules of the Counsil, what was expected and how Accusations for the evening were being collected by both hosts.

Oliver was not really the kind of host to hold long speeched or put much attention on all the different titles of people present. He did his best to remain respectful, use the proper names and addressation of people and get things done. This led to some complaining from Lablance, saying that Oliver should probably say things too. Oliver rebuked he would say something now and then, but that she was better suited at playing the open, public host, whereas Oliver was better suited for the smalltalk and getting things done.

One of the things that needed to be “done”, was collecting accusations. As the evening had been progressing, and a few guests, including Prince Kohlhase, complained that nothing was progressing, Oliver made his move as host. Entering the middle of the room, Oliver started out nice and friendly, but became more direct with his speech. He reminded all present of the purpose of this evening, and why we were all here. He ended his speech with the request that he would like to hear the first accusation within 5 minutes of ending his speech. At this point, Prince Markus Anselm von Salm-Kyrburg stood up and started talking, approaching Oliver and reminded him that he was perhaps on the level of Prince for the evening, but that after these 2 days he would be a simple Neonate again, and that in our community such behaviour was no easily forgotten. Oliver kept staring at the Prince, not backing down, but not saying either.

As the evening progressed, Oliver got into various conversations with the guests present. Focussing his attention on the various Princes present, Oliver had personal conversations with most of them, often asking their opinion on his behaviour so far, and if they would be so kind to give advice on how he could proceed further with the evening and what to watch out for. The same happened with the harpy’s present. Several times, Oliver took the time to approach them and explain the current problem he was dealing with and what the best course of action would be.

One of the problems was Princes that were not present. This was a problem and an insult to the Counsil, and a solution was being sought. At first the hosts agreed that no replacement was allowed. This latest was changed on wish of the Archont, where replacement for a few was given when support from the existing Princes was granted and the hosts themselves were okay with it. This resulted in Ludoviga being the Prince of Ober-Bayern, but three other domains were not allowed to be represented.

Oliver made the mistake here, due not being informed, telling Ludoviga in a small conversation that she could not sit here. She told him that she would sit here, and not move. Oliver went back, and was approached by Jester, saying that it was okay she sat there. Oliver said he wasn’t aware of being given this info, but after clearing out the details, it was fine.

However, when the hosts decided that no more replacements were allowed, the decision was made to collects the flags of those Domains not present. Oliver removed each flag one by one, collecting the sigil and handed it over to the Archont so the message could be brought back to the Justicar, as to which Domain failed to fullfil it’s responsibilities. The domain of Magdeburg proved to be difficult, as one Vampire stood in front of Oliver and told him to let the Sigil hang. Olive told him to move in a harsh tone, and took a step forward when the other didn’t move.
At this point, the Vampire hissed at Oliver, causing Oliver to retreat several steps. Being not pleased with this behaviour, he wanted to step forward again and forcefully remove the Vampire, when one of the Harpy’s stood up, reminding the Neonate of his place and that he was being disrespectful to the host, the council and his domain. At this point he moved away and Oliver removed the final Sigil, handing it over to the Archont.

Oliver talked to this Neonate afterwards outside, alone, and made it perfectly clear: This neonate insulted him, tried to make him look like a fool in the middle of the room. Oliver came directly to the point and asked why. The answer was to keep the Sigil of Magdeburg there as long as possible, which Oliver could respect. But he was not pleased with this behaviour, and made it clear that the Neonate in question owed Oliver a big favour for his behaviour and small show he displayed there. Both agreed and Oliver said he could stay for the Counsil without further consequences and this matter was solved.

Oliver also had a small conversation with the Archont when everyone was busy sorting out their tasks an accusations. Gently sliding the letter he had been carrying the whole time across the table, Oliver said that this was a favour he owed someone and that the contents of the letter could be benefitial and should be read, perhaps passed on, but that he would leave it to the discretion of the Archont. The Archont nodded and read the letter that was written by Fanget, folding it afterwards and hiding it in his jacket. Oliver did not ask further, but considered his task fullfilled.

((The remained of the evening is various conversations and what is the actuall setting of the counsil, the first accusation. Huss is being accused of the murder on Corelli, Archont on the previous Counsil. Although the entire speech itself and the remainder of the evening was great, I will not write out these details further. They are important for me, but the blog post would simply become too large when I write this out. It’s a shame for those who could not have attended, but I will leave it as this))

The second night of the Counsil

The second night of the Counsil was one where the accusatations actually started to take place. The Archont reminded everyone why he was here, and what the purpose of this entire evening was.

As the evening progressed, the accusation against Huss remained, and was debated over and over again with examples, argments for and against, but on the whole, nothing was really moving. The original accusation got derailed when Huss himself accused Cornfeld, Prince(ess) of the Domain Berlin for being involved in the murder on Archont Corelli, which was withdrawn again later.

This lead to a back and forth arguing over the entire evening. Oliver and Lablanche discussed what would be the best course of action, as leaving the Archont without actual accusations or convicted Vampires would send out an extremely bad signal towards the Justicar. And that was the last thing both hosts had in mind. So together with the harpy’s and the Archont, a plan was constructed for the evening:

  1. A vote would be cast about the guilt of Huss
  2. A vote would be cast wether an accusation can be withdrawn
  3. Each Clan will be heard to their stance on the original accusation
  4. When #2 was answered with “no”, the accusation would be delt with.

The evening progressed where first it was determined by all Princes that Huss was guilty. Even when he was considered just a tool, he would still bear responsibility. This combined with the formal answers of each Clan, resulted in Huss being detained by the Archont and taken to the Justicar for further questioning.

The Counsil determined that once an accusation has been made, it could not be withdrawn. This resulted in the original accusation against Cornfeld to stand again, and the people supporting it, not able to withdraw their support. Of course this lead to a heated debate that had to be interupted by the hosts. Everyone was given 20 minutes to formulate their votes and talk with others in whether Cornfeld was to be found guilty. The result turned out to be “Not Guilty”.

This lead to tensions between various factions, and would surely lead to more struggles in the future.

The most critical part for Oliver came at the end of the evening. As the Counsil was nearing it’s end, the part came where the Archont asked the Harpy’s to collect the opinions of every Prince present on the performance of both hosts. This was the moment where Oliver would either survive the Counsil, and gain the required status that comes with it, or be deemed unworthy and killed on the spot.

As time crawled by at a pace which seemed to be eternally slow, Oliver grew more restless. He knew he had made mistakes the previous night, and that this could be used against him. On the other side, he also had many good conversations with the various princes and people present. At one point, Medea asked Oliver to accompanie her towards Frau Cornfelt, and answer a question: “Why did you step in for Flip on this event?”. Oliver answered that he considered Flip a friend, and that he would do anything he could to protect him and uphold the honour of his Clan. This seemed to please her, and she replied the answer was satisfactory and that she was pleased with his performance this evening.

As the Harpy’s information was complete, they took the room and beckoned both hosts to come closer, towards the middle of the room. Medea spoke for Lablanche and told her she did well.
Lilienfein spoke for Oliver, and told him it was very brave and couragious what he had done, to step in for Flip like that. That despite his extemely young age, Oliver had performed really well according the princes, even when he could probably not name all of them present even.

Both harpy’s announced that Oliver and LaBlance posses the skills required to hold a gathering on the highest level of social standing, and that anyone in the Camarilla of Germany should take an example on these two.
Both also received a favour with Kohlhase and Cornfeld for their performance of the evening.

As these words were said, a tremendous load fell of Oliver’s shoulders.
Now he just had to help out Jester with finding Flip again, and spend 2 nights in the woods with Ludoviga, for insulting her over the 2 nights……..From the Drip into the Rain…….


What can I say :D
I knew the consequences when I offered to take over the host position, and the difficulties I would throw myself in. Still, this has been one of the most successful evenings so far, and I can proudly say that I’ve walked away from this Counsil with so much more.

So many favours collectes, so many new contacts made as well as getting on a better standing with several of the Princes in Germany for Oliver, who let us not forget, is a 1 year old Vampire, Welp in the Clan of Animals.

I was scared, several times. Every time I had to interupt one of the Elders because a break was needed, my heart was beating in my throat…..The nerves needed for this are tremendous.
Unless you have done this…’s too much to describe.

Also the position. At one side it’s like “Wow, I’m sitting next to the Archont”. But then it’s “Damn, I’m sitting next to an Archont”, and “Shit, he’s looking at me”. These are moments where your character goes through every hell possible. Because he doesn’t know what the right reaction is, but he doesn’t want to screw up either.

And the etiquette….
I’m not the leading example with Oliver when it comes to this, but boy……Do I get to remind so many people of their mistakes they made, and will I do my best to get back at them :D


A question I was asked: “Why is this so exhausting?”
Well, the answer to that is that it becomes overwhelming. You’re dealing with characters so much more powerful then you, and often multiple at once.

An example was when i left the table. Ludoviga comes to Oliver, asking something, while he’s on an errand of the Archont, needs to deal with Lablanche, and has another Prince asking his attention and 3 Neonates creating trouble. At this point you need to set your priorities and deal with who is important in order, and see which situation needs immediate defusing.

It also doesn’t help you are chasing information and agenda’s, while playing out your own agenda. People also try to get under your skin, and the constant translation from German into English for me so I can follow what is going is extremely hard when you’re tired from lack of sleep. Combine all that together, and you’re simply at 0 energy at the end of such an evening.



This month is a special one where several plays follow up one after the other. Although this is often a bit taxing on me because we usually play from 20:00 till 03:00 the next day, they are also quite fun. And having multiple plays in sequence allows you to spin something up and see it through completely in a single month.

And today……was one of such moments :D

Alfred’s invitation

The night was young. Oliver had been woken up early, and was in a rather grumpy mood because of it. Feeling the exhaustion on his body and mind, he was scouting the immediate area around Dachau. 2 of his Animal Ghouls had reported that something undead was prowling the area, and it was something they had not seen before. Reporting this to Klara, the three of them, Stein’s Childe included, set out to explore the area and investigate whatever was sneaking through their Domain.

The reason was probably that a guest Vampire chose to attend the invitation from Alfred, but one could simple not be sure in the World of Darkness. Also having the ambition to become the Sherrif at one point in time, this would be an ideal test and experience to actually do what a Sherrif does in a Domain: Guard the borders and settle disputes.

The surprise however was big, when the invading entity turned out to be Charron. The Sherrif of the Domain of Nürnberg. Oliver knew Charron, as he was also a Gangrel, and the two of them had met in the past several times. Recognizing each other, they fell into a big hug, greeting each other, and dragging in Klara when she came close. Small introductions were made, introducing the new Childe to Charron, and Klara asked if he wanted to join for the evening of Alfred.

At the location, they greeted Alfred; who was dressed up completely and wore a mask. Handing over the gifts they brought alone, 2 dead rabbits from Oliver and something wrapped from Klara, they started to spead out over the premesis and got acquainted with the guests who were slowly comming inside as well.

As the evening progressed, Oliver got into a conversation with Sausche about being a Neonate. Oliver had asked this before, and was trying his best to convince everyone that he was more then ready. At this point, Sausche said that if he was ready, he should demonstrate it this evening, and convince him that he could be a Neonate. Oliver agreed, but rebuked that the desciption, or rather test given, was rather vague.

Talking with Klara immediately after, they discussed the idea of “selling” the Childe of Stein to Sausche in return of promoting Oliver to the status of Neonate. Although both in were in agreement that this would be the best course of action, Oliver was not satisfied. He growled at Klara, that he was tired of always having to play these games, and that he would turn the world up side down this evening by dragging the game to his favour. Then he dissapeared into the crowd….

Upon entering one of the rooms during the evening, Oliver got dragged into a discussion between the Childe Stein and Möbius, of Clan Torreador; about the meaning behind the glass box in the middle of the room, containing an apple and a spider. The two exhanged interpretation while Oliver simply had his eyes focused on the spider. When asked to identify what spider this was, Oliver opened the box and lifted the small creature our of it, slowly conversing with it, erasing the fear in the small thing.

Later on the evening, when Ancilla von Rosenberg approached the room, she hissed at the spider and promptly left. Oliver used this opportunity to grab the spider from the box again and confronted Alfred about locking up the poor creature in a glass box, and asking what he would do if he was locked in a small glass cage. Unsatisfied with Alfred’s answer, Oliver growled that Alfred did not understand the spider, and asked permission to set it free. Upon receiving this permission, Oliver released the small spider out back, and then took Klara to talk with Ancilla von Rosenberg.

The conversation started meek, with Oliver being kneeled in front of the Ancilla. Reporting that the spider issue had been dealth with, Oliver and Klara were invited to a small conversation, which quickly jumped to the topic of the München and the Masquerade Breach that had been covered up by both Gangrel. The tension in the room could be felt when the topic shifted to mistakes made and intrigues being spun by both sides.

Ceasing the moment, Oliver interjected and offered to drop the whole intrigue spinning, in return that Ancilla von Rosenberg would talk to Sausche and convine him that Oliver was more then ready to be a Neonate. This prompted a further discussion about the status difference and proper intrigue spinning, but Oliver was also praised for understanding and ceasing the opportunity to use such information and possibility. At the end Ancilla von Rosenberg stood up and congratulated Oliver, saying that in her eyes, he was already a Neonate.

Oliver also spent a private moment with Manfred of Clan Nosferatu, talking about the question Oliver asked before; namely whether he could learn the ability to hide in the shadows. Retailing the requirements Oliver had to do before the PrinceCounsil, Oliver agreed, and was offered to drink Manfred’s blood to seal the deal. Greedly, Oliver started drinking in big tugs until Manfred smacked him against his had to stop. Letting go, both agreed to the conditions and set on their own ways again for the evening.

The evening came to a close with a public announcement by Sausche. The first part was that he took custody of the Childe of Stein. At first Oliver wanted to jump up and interject, but controlled himself, waiting what more would come. Betting on the people he talked with; such as Möbius, Zoe, Alfred and Charron to influence Sausche, he kept seated and waited. And his patience paid off. Sausche called out Oliver to kneel in front of him, and announced that by the power of Prince Spatz, Oliver was now recognized as a Neonate in the Camarilla Community.


What can I say :D
First goal achieved. Now the second step is going to be the Counsil next week, and see what kind of misschief we can cook up there.



Been a while since I wrote one of these. A lot has happened, and a lot more is going to happen in the comming weeks for my character. We have a big event comming up, where all the Princes of Germany are going to attend, and my character is going to be there…..On one side, I’m really excited and looking forward to this. On the other side, I’m also really scared of all the things that are going to happen, can happen, or might not happen.

Something I’m having a lot of fun with, but also struggle with at the moment is playing with my low humanity. At the moment, Oliver is standing on 3 Humanity Points……that’s not much. Not much at all! One more drop and I have to play like a wild animal. 2 more drops and I will not be able to show myself in public anymore, or I would just kill something that moves….. If it drops even more, I’m dead :/
But it’s all part of a greater plot line that I’m playing out. The only thing that bothers me, is that I sometimes forget that I have this low humanity, and act too nice. Or I’m too scared to actually attack and drink from a Ghoul. Maybe I should really give this a go at the next play.

Anyways, enough introduction. Time for the story to continue!

The Invitation

Several days prior to the evening, Oliver returned to his house near Erding. As he checked the mail box, a letter was inside. Oliver took the letter, ripped open the envelope and started reading: Invitation Salomé

As Oliver entered his house, he heard a noise from behind him. Turning around, lowering himself and growling in the direction of the sound, ended as soon as the source was revealed. One of his fox ghouls came out of the ticket and slowly approached Oliver. Remembering that it had been three weeks since he fed this particular ghoul, Oliver drew some blood from his wrist and made the fox drink it, before sending him back into the forest with an assignment.

The day before the invitation, Oliver drove to München with his car, straight towards the loan of Salomé, introducing himself and asking for the guest-right to the city. He mentioned that he would probably stay a couple of days to recover from the travel and share news. As the evening of the invitation arrived, both made their way to the location. Oliver entered the room and placed himself down on the floor with the skins, catching up on some much needed sleep.

The evening started slow. Oliver did not succeed in falling asleep, and had a small conversation with Salomé about the happenings in the Domain of Ober-Bayern. For some reason, Oliver had trouble remembering many conversations or events that took place. The only thing that was on his mind, was the nearby blood in the bottles, constantly drawing his attention and making his mind wander.

As the guests started to enter the building, Oliver observed every one of them, picking up their scent and noticing their blood. This became particulary obvious when humans, or rather ghoul were brought along. Oliver’s look did not wane from them for a single second, until Salomè kicked him against his leg, to snap him out of the trance. Motioning that he should come closer, Salomé gently stroked the back of his head, relaxing Oliver and making him purr innerly.

At one point, Ancilla von Rosenberg also entered the locaton, and while Oliver was scrambling to get on his knees, Salomé pushed him down almost immediatly. Again, Oliver’s look gazed at the ghoul behind the Ancilla, licking his lips as she came closer, but was held in place by Salomé’s grasp in his neck. The Ancilla greeted Oliver, who bowed deeply before her and shook her hand.

Later in the evening, Mafred of clan Nosferatu also showed up, suddenly in the middle of the room. Instead of greeting Salomé first, he greeted Ancilla von Rosenberg first and only then Salomé. This made Salomé angry, as she pointed on the proper etiquette and the purpose of the evening. This lead to a small trial where Manfred stood in the middle of the room, and the guests had to come up with a suitable punishment. Oliver’s suggestion was to put him back in the Childe position for a couple of evenings, so he could re-learn the etiquette. The final punishment however, was to let him face his most deepest fears by Primogene Amens of Clan Malkavian.

At one point during the evening, the discussion shifted from the upcoming Prince Council to the actual traditions, and how one had to behave in the Vampire Society. One of the questions raised by the younger vampires, was why we still occupy ourselves with guarding the masquerade. Sofia von Rosenberg, explained how these days movies exist, with special effects, and how easy it would be to explain this away with the media, who is being controlled, and safe-guard the masquerade.

This seemed to upset Ancilla von Rosenberg. She could understand the explanation, and clearly saw the merit of it, but she tried to convince the rest of how important these traditions were. Oliver chimed in, by explaining in more simple words on how these traditions work:

“Our Camarilla traditions are old, and unbound by time. They have served us for several hundred years, by remaining constant, and in place, throughout all the changes and quirks of humanity. We are eternal, our rules are eternal. This……..hype that Vampires are cool is bound by time. Our rules are not. If we decides now to abolish this rule because society accepts us, we will be doomed in a few hundreds year when Humanity changes it’s mind again.”

He sat down again, and got a small pat of appreciation on his head from Salomé.

Oliver also had an interesting discussion with one of the ghouls, who came asking for a favour. At first Oliver was surprised that a ghoul would do this, till he learned this was a test by her master to see how she would function in society. Oliver said that this could be arranged, but warned her that she should know her place and value, and that a promise in the future of a ghoul ment nothing, as she could be gone the next week. Oliver also explained he would do this for her, but that he would be the one determing the price.

The evening ended with Oliver owing the Primogene of clan Tremere a small favour for the luxury of hunting one of her ghouls. For the small favour, Oliver could have the ghoul for one night, and hunt her down in the English Garden. The only conditions were that she had to survive and be brought back afterwards. These terms were agreeable for Oliver, and the newly fresh ghoul would get her “learning” she craved for on how Vampires hunt, and what it ment to be bitten.



It was an evening with a small group, but the play was amazing. I did not achieve what I had in mind, as the people required for this were in constant conversation. But there’s another chance coming this weekend, so I’ll try to achieve my goal there. Regardless of what it will cost me.

So, more practise needed for playing with low Humanity, and pushing my plots forward.



So this weekend, we had another 2-day play. I want to apologise in advance for the lack of names that’s going to be in this blog entry. I’ve encountered so many new faces, and although I’ve heard the names and introduced myself multiple times, I’ve already forgotten half of them. But this is my problem, and something I also play out with my Character. He simply does not really care about names until that person becomes important for him. So please don’t be offended by the lack of names or any misspelling of the name, it’s not intentional :)

I will also only refer to the evening before the play briefly. I was not feeling really well, and my interaction to that evening was really limited to a few interactions at the beginning and the end. The rest of the evening is rather a blur in my mind at the moment. My fault, not the evening itself.

The Covenant of the Envoys


It’s a cold evening in München. Oliver, wearing his black hoody and bandanna, is making his way towards the location where the evening would take place. Still shaken up from the previous evening, where he was physically assaulted by another Gangrel for carrying his 2 ghoul rats around. Oliver was more shaken by the reaction, as he did not expect to encounter a Gangrel that would lose it when seeing a rat. On his way towards the location, Oliver tried to clear his mind and figure out if he could somehow keep his rats better hidden in his hoody.

Arriving at the location, Oliver was leaning against a tree, partially covered in the shadows and observed all the people at the location. Several faces were familiar, but many others were also unknown to Oliver. When Marius ran by, Oliver followed slowly and quietly behind him, trying not to reveal his presence until inside the building. It seemed to have worked, as Marius did not turn around once, or waited on Oliver. Then again, he could have known and just played along.

Inside, Oliver was greeted by Zoe Thorn, Herald of the Domain. After the formalities, Oliver asked the question who the host was, as the new Sehneschall invited everyone, but Oliver did not knew who this was. Zoe replied she could not tell him, but that she was the host until the new Sehneschall would arrive, and that he could have the guest-right inside the Domain. Afterwards, Oliver greeted Marius and had a short conversation with him about the important guests present in the room, introducing; or being introduced, himself to those with a more important function.

Not much later, Klara entered the room together with the Sehneschall of the Domain Ober-Bayern, Herr von Sausche. Marius asked if that was Klara. Oliver nodded and ran off to Klara, greeting her and von Sausche. Oliver was slightly pleased that she only asked if he was alright, and not where he had been or slept. For Oliver it ment she kept true to her word and no longer treated him like the small whelp he used to be.

As more guests entered the room, Klara and Oliver introduced themselves to all of them, making new connections and asking around about their knowledge and stance regarding the new Domain of Ober-Bayern. As they were making their rounds, Zoe Thorn took the room for herself and announced the program of the evening and introducing the new Sehneshall of München: Robert Alexander von Schellersheim. The new Sehneshall started by introducing himself and what he expected before moving on to the program of the evening : The prosecution of a member of the domain, for breaking the third tradition: Herr Salamanka of Clan Toreador.

Oliver was surprised nor shocked about the announcement of the prosecution. He was there when the third tradition was being broken, and resolved at the same evening. However he did not agree with the prosecution. As soon as the announcement was completed, Oliver made his way to Salamaka and started a conversation, and checked how much Salamanka knew about what was going on. Although Oliver had no feelings or friendship for the other Vampire, he did sell him some information that might save his hide during the tribunal if he played it right. Salamanka kindly thanked Oliver, and said he would not forget this.

Out of his own accord, Oliver started to talk with the various envoys of the domains and what their stance was regarding the new Domain of Ober-Bayern as well as their stance on the prosecution. Always starting the conversation with the same question:

Which tradition is more important? The one where we keep our identity hidden, and are unable to deal with the consequences, or creating one more of us, which we can control to ensure the first tradition does not get broken?

This threw off most of his conversation partners. Several agreed that breaking the third tradition in order to safeguard the first tradition was an acceptable course of action. Oliver did not care whether this was true or not, as the final decision lies with the tribunal and the Elder owning the domain. For Oliver all traditions are equally important as their spirit is what safeguards a Domain, not their individual purpose.

Safeguarding the First Tradition

The conversation got interesting when Oliver was in a conversation with Ancilla von Rosenberg, together with Klara. The same question was asked by Oliver where the Ancilla first agreed that this was an amendable course to take, but would still have consequences, to which Oliver agreed. The doubt however amongst those present was growing and they way it came across, Salamanka would have many “bystanders”, but owe Oliver big for this. Suddenly humans were spotted in the upper floor of the room they were in, but quickly escorted out by the ghouls working in the nearby building. Ancilla von Rosenberg however, asked her two guests if they would be so kind to ensure that the first tradition was not broken this evening.

Both looked at each other and agreed to do this favour for the Domain of München. They quickly masked their faces and went outside the building, hiding in a nearby street where they had an overview of the nearby building. As the minutes passed by, Oliver noticed when the couple and their child left the building and proceeded on the street. Klara followed them openly in the street on the sidewalk, Oliver followed near the building sides, hidden in the shadows. As the couple passed by a small alley, they entered it, presenting the perfect opportunity for both Gangrel to handle the situation.

Klara called out to both parents, wanting to ask them something, when Oliver ran by and raised the little girl by her throat in the air. The girl started to mutter and kick with her legs, but Oliver closed her throat with his hand, silencing the child in his grasp. Both parents started to run towards Oliver, when Klara attacked them from behind, forcing them on their knees. Oliver turned around with the child in his hand and stood before them, both of them looking up at Oliver. Without a word, a smile or any other emotion, Oliver placed his teeth in the neck of the child and drank her dry, killing her before the eyes of both parents. As Oliver drank, Klara killed both parents. To hide the bodies, Oliver and Klara dragged them both into the sewers by opening  nearby manhole, and Oliver called several rats from the sewers using the thought of hunger to drive them into a feeding frenzy, disposing of the three corpses.

When they made their way back to the building of the evening, Klara and Oliver reported to the Sehneschall of München. At first he was angry as no hunting-right was given to them. Oliver interjected quickly that they were asked to do this by Ancilla von Rosenberg to ensure the first tradition was not broken. This turned the mood around, and the Sehneschall said that he would remember the action done by both Gangrel for his Domain. Taking the opportunity, Klara and Oliver inquired about the stance and position of the Sehnaschall in regards to his new neighbhours of Ober-Bayern. The Sehneschall replied that he hoped both Domains would co-exist as neighbhours and hold no hate towards one another, but refused to provide a personal view.

The Prosecution

Shortly before the tribunal started, Oliver was in discussion with one of the envoys from Frankfurth, Frau Flowtow. Oliver started the conversation with an arrogant remark, that he was impressed she no longer sat with her back towards the host. If eyes could should lightning, Oliver would have been a smouldering crisp on the floor. Waving away the demeaning look of the envoy, Oliver asked the same question, he had been asking all others. The answer was in line with what he expected, but the conversation took an interesting turn. Frau Flowtow talked about an intrige against Clan Gangrel and how the third tradition was being broken there as well.

Oliver not in the mood at this point for any political jousting, immediately applied that the Third tradition did not apply to Clan Gangrel, and that any such prosecution would only end up in the prosecutor making a fool of himself. When asked why, he continued his course by explaining that all princes in Germany had agreed to the ancient laws of the Gangrel. Whether or not Frau Flowtow believed this was not important to Oliver. He assumed she believed it as she did not continue the conversation in this direction. Oliver excused himself and went towards Klara when the public prosecution of Salamanka commenced.

Klara and Oliver were standing at the side when it all started. As the prosecuted was called forward, a call was made to witnesses. Oliver asked Klara to speak for him, since he was still a Childe in the community, and did not had a voice. This was was affirmed when the charade called a tribunal asked if was spoken free, and denied the request later on. For Oliver this already was a sign that the tribunal was not so much a tribunal but rather a show. As Klara attempted again to bring a different view into the tribunal but got denied, von Sausche took both Gangrel outside the room and instructed them to keep their mouths shut during the rest of the Tribunal. Both Gangrel growled and rebuked the command, but eventually accepted the command of their Sehneschall after he explained why.

As the gangrel entered the room again, Salamanka was being sentenced to have his fangs removed on a daily basis, to experience the mercy of the ruling Vampire of the Domain of München. Oliver spoke with Salamanka later on and explained that he had chosen poorly in his witness and could have turned it around if he played the information he was given. Regardless, Salamanka owed Oliver for the information he had given him.

The Duel

The final act of the evening was a duel between two Gangrel over a small dispute that took place the previous evening in the Gallery of Sofia. Both Gangrel had agreed to a fight, using only fists till one succumbed. Marius, as Primogene of the Clan, was the judge in the fight and announced the rules:

  • No weapons
  • No Claws
  • No Rage

As both Gangrel fought, Oliver crawled next to Salome, who had been promoted to Ancilla, and listened carefully as she instructed him to watch and learn. As the duel came to and end, Salome instructed Oliver to go talk with the losing Gangrel, who turned out to be a whelp like himself, and teach him what he had done wrong.

Following this, Oliver went outside together with Klara to seek out this Gangrel and talk with him. As soon as Oliver started the conversation, the other Gangrel got angry, which re-affirmed what Oliver thought, he did not understand the purpose of the Duel and what he had done wrong. Klara interjected when he refused to answer Oliver’s questions and used her position, force and age to show the other whelp his place amongst Gangrel. Gangrel Dragonov, envoys from Leipzig just observed and had a short conversation with Oliver, revealing some interesting information, which Oliver used to break up Klara and bring her up to date.

Using this moment, Oliver explained the other Gangrel that his Duel was pointless, since he was a whelp, and that he should respect the code of honour. A gangrel lets his anger go after being defeated in a duel. he should be honoured the other Gangrel accepted the duel and thought him how to fight. Letting go of the anger was important and the whelp should learn to listen to his beast instead of blindly following it. Oliver was praised by Klara that despite being only a year old, his knowledge about the clan was more advanced then the 50 year old Anarch Gangrel that joined the clan. Both concluded that he was not ready to be hunted, which was confirmed by Dragonov.

At this point, Oliver and Klara made their way back home….

Report to Spatz

When Oliver got home again, he wrote a letter in his best possible German, and sealed it in an envelope, giving it to Klara so she could hand it over to Spatz.

To our Honoured Prince Spatz,

I would like to report to you the findings of the task you have given me. On your command, I have investigated the situation in München, and send you hereby my findings:

  • The Domain München has official announced they wish to be neighbours with us.
    • However the personal wishes indicate otherwise.
  • There are members of other Domains who were not aware of your actions in founding the Domain of Ober-Bayern
  • We have also inquired about the Inquisition in München, no new reports or deaths have been reported, and they seem to keep to their own for now
  • Salome is now the new Ancilla of Bayreuth.
  • There’s Vampires who see your action as a sign of strength, others consider it a dangerous move that might weaken the Camarila.
  • The Domain of München is not able to secure it’s own with the Traditions, as Klara and myself were asked to uphold the First Tradition when 3 humans stumbled into the room.
  • The Domain of Frankfurth does not grant passage to citizens of München.

I also ask for forgiveness for the following question:

Salome has only been hunted since the previous big thing, and now has become the Ancilla of the Prince of München. The message given with this is: “Your job as Voght and Ancilla can be done by someone who’s barely older then a Childe”. Even Ancilla von Rosenberg is impressed from my capabilites as Voght, as I’m the one she trusted with the task of taking care of the humans who stumbled on the evening.

When a Domain does not ask their own Voght, but an outsider of the Domain, surely this speaks more then enough? A Voght and a Sehneshall were unable to secure their own evening for outsiders. It would please me if our Prince would join me on my side with his opinion and me publicly promotes to his personal Voght. A person capable of securing his Domain, despite being a Childe.

Also, I must question the capabilities of our Sehneshall. During the evening he was unable to acquire an audience with the Sehneschall of München, whereas both myself and Klara succeeded at this and even have a favour with the Sehneschall of München for solving the above problem. I do not consider von Sausche to be bad at his task, but it was clear during the evening that the Sehneschall of München undid the rules you have set without getting anything in return. Currently they are in a stronger position and undoing all our work, putting yourself in a much weaker position. I believe that my Prince should appoint Klara Strassberger as direct support to our Sehneschall and make this clear to our Sehneschall that they should work together; otherwise he will not accept this.


Oliver Soran

Oliver had sealed the envelope with wax he found on Klara’s desk, and hoped nobody would read the contents of the letter before it arrived at Spatz’s location. The letter was written hastely, but Oliver never had written such a letter before, let alone to a Prince. Yet he wanted to fulfill his task as good as he could and share all information with Spatz, showing his scouting and investigation abilities both inside and outside the Domain.



What can I say…..I’ve so much enjoyed the weekend, despite not feeling 100% on Friday. I’ve learned quite a lot from my visit in Berlin and playing with the player who plays Jester. Those lessons rubbed off, and I’m quite happy with what I achieved during the play this weekend.

Not sure if I should be proud of this, but I’ve now brought Oliver’s humanity down to 3 with Oliver. After writing this blog and talking with my SL, we agreed on bringing it down to three, which will also have consequences on how Oliver will not present himself and act during future plays. I truly hope I can play what has been proposed, because it’s not going to be easy. Then again, it brings me one step closer to what I want to achieve.

I’ve never been politicly active, but after today…, this is interesting. So many people that can be played out against each other or used as scapegoat for something else. And the Etiquette…..such a useful tool to get what you want when played right :D

Vampire The Masquerade : Neighbours



Finally, time to write something again! I actually did not expect to be writing something, as I was not planning to participate in the play. Had some real-life commitments that would have prevented me from playing, but due sickness of the involved persons, they have been cancelled, and I was able to join the play nonetheless.

So again, I’ll be using this blog, to provide a recap of the evening from Oliver’s point of view and inform anyone who is interested about Oliver’s new status. Again, whatever is being shared here is considered OOC information and should be treated as such. The only way your character can know about this, is if he purchased it from Nosferatu or asked Oliver himself.

Also, the story will be a link between the Berlin play and the play from last weekend. This should close any open IC points that are still floating about in my head.


Oliver returned towards Regensburg after visiting Berlin together with Ludoviga. His initial plan to head back home after the long trip got foiled by Ludoviga herself as she ordered Oliver to stick around for a bit more. Her being the Elder of Clan Gangrel, made it quite clear that Oliver did not have a choice in this.

The first days that Oliver was spending at Ludoviga’s place were calm. But one night, Ludoviga took Oliver with her in the woods. As they entered the woods, Ludoviga said: “I will run through the woods, you simply keep up“. Oliver nodded, and started running behind Ludoviga in the woods. As they went deeper, the speed started to increase and the light from the moon started to fade. At first Oliver was still able to see, but every time he tried to make Ludoviga stop or complain, she simply picked up speed, making it harder for Oliver to follow.

At one point, Oliver lost sight of Ludoviga and stood still. Hearing a sound behind him, Oliver turned around only see a claw coming, and scratching his face, knocking him of his feet. “too slow” was the only answer he got, and as he got to his foot, Ludoviga started moving again in a different direction, towards the darker area of the wood. Oliver shouted out he could not see much, but got no reply and proceeded to follow as best as he could. During the running, branches and leaves were constantly slashing in his face, creating small wounds.

This exercise lasted several weeks, every night the same pattern being repeated. As the days progressed, Oliver managed to slowly keep up with Ludoviga and learned to move properly in the woods. He would still lose her track once the light completely disappeared. At some point, his frustration got the better of him, and he shouted that this was pointless. The anger was quickly followed with another claw to his face. “Learn your place, whelp. And focus on your eyes if you can’t see!“. Without waiting for a response, Ludoviga set off again, expecting Oliver to follow and learn.

3 days before the invitation of Zoe Thorn would take place, Ludoviga took Oliver with her again to the woods. Again they started running towards the dark area. As usual, Oliver would follow until it became too dark, and would stop. This time however, Oliver waited for the noise again that would reveal where Ludoviga would strike from. Gracefully dodging the incoming claw, Oliver looked up at Ludoviga, with a red glow coming from his eyes, only to see her smiling down on him. “Now you’ve learned something. Let’s go home and get you ready to go. You have an invitation waiting from Zoe“.

At the day of the invitation, Oliver made his way from Regensburg to Dachau, where the invitation took place. Using his own car, made the trip rather short and easy. Arriving at the location, Oliver entered the building and introduced himself with Zoe, the host of the evening, and apologised for not answering the invitation, but he was taken up by Ludoviga. After the formal introduction, Oliver sought out Klara and Russ, explaining why he didn’t answer any calls or messages, or why his face looked like it did.

At some point during the evening, Oliver noticed how Klara was standing next to a Malkavian, and got what seemed to be crawled under her chin and ear by this Malkavian. Oliver stood up and went to Klara, asking her if she was okay, and if she was okay being treated like a pet. This of course made Klara angry, and made her question Oliver. At this point Oliver walked away back to Russ, asking for his opinion when Klara approached. At this point Oliver confronted her with her behaviour and asked Russ what he had seen, confirming what Oliver said.

This forced Klara to act against Oliver, who refused to back down. Ultimately, Klara used her Dominate to force Oliver out of the room, sending him in a controlled rage as he walked out of the room. Not much later, Oliver returned and confronted Klara, by smacking her in the face with his fist. On this Klara reacted by pushing him down and placing her claws on his chest, reminding him of his place in front of everyone. Oliver submitted, and left it at that, his anger subsided.

Oliver and Klara sat together later on, explaining what happened and why Oliver reacted. At this point Klara was impressed by his explanation, on how sometimes a Childe can also teach something to his mentor. Klara agreed that it was perhaps time for Oliver to no longer be a Childe, and would sort that out at the next Thing. Oliver had no idea what she ment, and just shrugged it off.  As they were about to finish their conversation, they got interrupted by Zoe Thorn, who introduced a small event called “speed-dating”. 2 Vampires were selected and had to talk with each other about a given topic. Oliver got paired with Sofia, and their topic turned out to be Etiquette and Status in the Vampire society.

As the evening progressed, Oliver joined in the Poker game as dealer, and later on finished his conversation with Klara about the missing Stein and the new Setite that was seen in the domain, and seemed to know Russ. This alone rose suspicion between the two Gangrel, as many rumours circled around this Setite. Oliver and Klara agreed that they both would get to the bottom of this.


This evening was simply amazing. The aggression coming from Oliver towards Klara was not something I planned, but at that point it seemed simply a perfect scene for Oliver to try and find his borders inside his own little world. Loosing to Klara was not of concern, Oliver simply wanted to see where his abilities can bring him.

With the above story, Oliver now has the following disciplines:

  • Protean : *
  • Fortitude : *
  • Animalism : **

Oliver still has access to the following resources:

  • 4 fox ghouls
  • 2 rat ghouls
  • his car
  • his mobile

I’m also really happy that the plays from other playrounds are interweaving so nicely into my own play and that I can simply use these plays as awesome Gangrel stories.

Kohlhase’s Court


This play took place in Berlin. For me, it was the very first time that I actually played in Berlin. We’ve had people from Berlin visit us before, and they have very interesting characters to say the least. At the very beginning, I was a bit reluctant to be playing Oliver in Berlin, as this would be a play where quite a few Elders would be attending, making the play itself more dangerous for Oliver. At least that’s what I though.

I’ve also learned quite a few things at the play, made some new contacts both in and out of the game. Using these learnings, I plan to twist Oliver around a bit, and change his play style. This won’t be anything dramatic, but easier to explain in that he has “seen” things, and that his Elder Ludoviga expected certain things.


Kohlhase‘s Court


Oliver was aware that in Frankfurt a court was going to be held. He had received the invitation, read it, and talked with Klara about it. After discussing the advantages and disadvantages of travelling there, it was decided that Oliver better remained home instead of poking around on the evening where Elders would be attending. This all changed when Oliver received a hand-written letter from Ludoviga, stating that he was to come to Regensburg, and join her on the flight to Frankfurt, as he would be accompanying her during the trip. Without wasting too much words, and having a final chat with Klara, Oliver made his way towards Regensburg to meet with his Elder and prepare for the trip to Frankfurt.

They arrived early in Frankfurt, on a Friday. The Court was to be held on Saturday, but on their arrival they received letters from a Ghoul that they were invited to a small gathering. Oliver asked if he could go, said he wanted to see if anyone was there he’d know, and just get familiar with the entire surroundings. Ludoviga said he could go, but that he was expected back at a specific hour, and better not be late. Agreeing to the time, Oliver set off towards the gathering, only to be picked up along the way by Sammie, a Gangrel he knew.

Together they arrived at the location, Sammie introduced them both. As they entered the room, Oliver saw a few familiar faces, but also many new, unknown faces. At this point his animal instinct took over, as well as Sammie’s and they both explored the room first, getting familiar with their surroundings, and then found a small spot at the side where they could watch over the entire room and it’s inhabitants like two big cats.

The evening itself proceeded quite calm without any major incidents. At some point, both Gangrel got bored, and started playing around with one of the ghouls present in the room. This led to a small chase between the Gangrel and the ghoul, which at some point got interrupted and both were told to behave themselves and let the ghoul alone. At this point, Oliver made his way across the room, near the ghoul, and let one of his rats climb up her leg, into her jacket. This resulted in the ghoul screaming the whole room together, and taking of half her cloths to get the rat out. As the little animal flew through the room from being tossed, 3 other Vampire called out Olivar’s name, who only shrugged, signalling it was not his fault.

As the evening progressed, Oliver has some small conversations with some of the Vampires he knew, explaining the changes that took place in southern Germany, how Spatz became the new Prince of Ober-Bayern, how the Gangrel and Domains had split and divided across both domains and many other things that he had information about. As the evening progressed, Sammie and Oliver decided to leave earlier then most, because the little whelp had to be back at Ludoviga’s place in time, as to not get into trouble. Sammie agreed to bring him back, so he would not get into trouble.


Today was the big day of the Court. Ludoviga handed Oliver her cigarettes before departing, and told him to keep them on him, in case she needed them. Outside that he was free to do as he pleased, as long as he did not cause her any problems. Oliver agreed politely and set of with Ludoviga, who explained they were going for a small hunt prior to attending the evening. It would be a good training for a whelp, she said.

As the hunt had passed, and both Vampires fed, they approached the location where the Court would be taking place. As they approached the building, they were approached by Jester, who has been hiding there the whole time. Jester greeted them, and started talking with Ludoviga about several political topics that didn’t really concern Oliver, so he ran off ahead and held open the doors for Ludoviga as they approached.

Upon entering the room, they were greeted and announced by Coqui, a Vampire of Clan Toreador. As they approached Kohlhazen, who was sitting at the end of the room, Ludoviga proceeded through the middle on her own pace, while keeping her look on Kohlhazen. Oliver and Jester swarmed out from her, looking at the guests who kneeled, and those who hadn’t. Some of the Toreador kept talking, even while being down on the floor, “showing” their respect to the passing Elder. At this point, Oliver wanted to smack one on the head for being disrespectful, but remembered Ludoviga’s words that he wasn’t supposed to cause trouble. He did remember those Toreador from the previous evening, and kept their faces imprinted in his memory for later.

As the formal greetings had passed, more Elders entered the room. The three Gangrel were standing at the side, Ludoviga reminded Oliver that he should sit down on the floor next to her, and Jester took his position in front of Oliver, to hide him from the Elders that entered the room. Peeking around Jester, Oliver got glimpses of those who entered the room: Prince Nikolai of Leipzig, and Prince von Brown of Bremen. Oliver had heard of them before, but never actually seen Nikolai before.

As the evening started to progress with conversations and social interaction, Oliver was told multiple times to go to specific groups of Neonates and Ancilla, and “kindly” reminded them that they were being disrespectful by sitting with their backs towards Kohlhazen. The first times, many of them tried to brush Oliver away, saying they shouldn’t be told of by a Childe. Oliver reprimanded them kindly that he was simply delivering them the words of Elder Ludoviga, and that if they had issues with this, they should be so kind and take it up with the Elder herself. This always resulted in what was asked: Vampires changing their position and tossing a quick look at Ludoviga.

The evening took a turn for the worse, when one of the ghouls, the exact same one that Oliver “played” with the night before, started to cause trouble. Apparently this ghoul was not really supposed to be here, but stood under the protection of Lilienfein. The ghoul was told to only server drinks and nothing more, but was always found to be hanging around the wife of von Brown. This was starting to upset the Gangrel, and they intervened a few times. At some point during the evening, Oliver was approached by a Vampire who’s face was…..lacking. Jester also followed, asking if Oliver approached him alone, or was summoned. When the situation was explained, Jester stayed around and listened in:

Oliver was being checked for liquidity, and after introducing himself as the Child of Clan Gangrel, he was offered some of the information for free. Namely that clan Gangrel was about to lose their ghoul if they did not act fast. Jester asked why this ghoul was so important, and at this point Oliver explained that this was actually a ghoul belonging to a Gangrel out of Magdeburg. This changed the way Jester looked at the ghoul, and the next time this ghoul was taken outside by von Brown, both Gangrel intervened and made it clear that this was their ghoul and to be left alone. However, this little game kept going on until at one point, Oliver was told to simply stalk the ghoul and see what happened. The ghoul was namely told that she was to enter the car of Lilienfein and go home. Instead she went along with von Brown instead. Oliver reported this back to Jester, who told him to report this to Lilienfein instead. At this point, Lilienfein called Prince von Brown, and made it really clear that the ghoul was to be returned in the hour or there would be severe consequences. This was a really painful situation for Prince von Brown, but not much later, he returned with the ghoul, and left in anger with his wife. Jester and Oliver sneaked behind them outside, to experience how he took out his anger on his wife. (( This took place at the end of the evening ))

Oliver also received various assignments from Jester during the course of the evening, instructing him to talk to other Vampires and find out information about specific political topics, and then report back to him. One of these assignments was finding out what the political situation in Hamburg was. This took quite a few attempts to get in contact with the right people, but eventually Oliver did find out and reported back to Jester.



There’s probably a lot more I can write about the evening, but without being there, it’s really hard to write it out properly. Oliver had even conversation with certain Elders, but writing that down would lose too much of it’s effect and reveal too much of what I have in mind for the coming plays.

I’ve had an amazing weekend, and I never expected to get so involved in an intrigue with Jester. At the end both of us where giggling like little kids when we experienced the scene with von Brown. Two Gangrel causing so much mischief as revenge.

I really hope to encounter more plays like this, and get people to do more, because this was simply awesome.


This was the first play in 2015, and I must say it was quite an interesting one. Not only the fact that I first drove 830km from Belgium back to München and joined the play at the same evening, but also the events that have unfolded during this play, as well as some conversations with our “Spielleitung” (the game masters). I’ve finally chosen a goal I want to aim for with my character, and also fleshed out more of the background and out-of-play actions that my character does.

Of course this all depends on the willingness of the other players as well, because a lot of the information I require needs to come from them. An example is the ghouls that my character currently possesses. These are ghoul foxes, that patrol around the area of Erding, in search for dead, vampire creatures. This leads me to the opportunity to find out if others trespass through my area and use this information in my plays.

As for goal, I want to achieve the sheriff position with Oliver. In our game it’s called “Vogt”, translated into German.
The problems I have to deal with are: becoming a Neonate, becoming a citizen of the Domain and actively working towards the position by impressing the right people.
It will not be an easy path, but I think it’s definitely something worth aiming for.

The new Seneschall


The new year had started. Unlike what normal humans do, Oliver was not interested in this whole Christmas and New Years celebrating. It reminded him too much of his past, the social ties that were broken, and the fact that he was once human. Instead, Oliver was spending his time in the forests around Erding. Spending most nights simply running through the grasslands and woods with one of his favourite fox-ghouls. The animal was the least troublesome to deal with, and obeyed most commands without too much fussing. Both found great pleasure in chasing down rabbits and pheasants in the fields. It was a nice fun-activity outside the daily patrols around their house.

Oliver really got into the hunting now, after he had taken down a deer in a hunt with Marius and Salome. The three of them went hunting in the Christmas period, end of December, after Oliver had visited München again. He was invited by Salome and Marius after behaving himself exemplary. It was then for Oliver a pleasant surprise to be able to join in on their hunt and able to take down a deer himself, sharing the loot with the two other Gangrel afterwards.

When Oliver got home again, a letter was waiting for him. Klara had received the same letter, but she was not around. Taking a gamble, Oliver decided to attend the evening. The night of the evening, Klara was still not around. Oliver assumed she was dealing with Russ again, and just send her a small text-message with his phone before heading off. Her reply was indeed what he had guessed, she was occupied with “family” issues, but agreed that Oliver could go, and should keep an eye out on a few characters if they were present. Replying that he’d behave and if there was a message for Spatz, Oliver dashed off to the local Thermae in Erding where the evening would take place. But before leaving the safety of the house, Oliver called out to one of his ghouls, and his favourite fox appeared. Together they would run through the fields and woods until they reached their destination, where the fox would keep watch outside.

Arriving at the location, Oliver went inside, but signalled to his fox to stay in the area. As he entered the building, Ancilla Duval was right in front of him and greeted him as Oliver made his way up the stairs. Not following the etiquette, as they were still in public view, Oliver simply greeted back and help open the door for her. Upon entering the room, Oliver ignored the ghoul next to him who was supposed to welcome everyone, and proceeded towards the Host of the evening, waiting his turn to introduce himself.

Armin von Sausche was surprised to see Oliver alone, and immediately asked the question who was looking after him. Oliver replied that he was here alone on Klara’s orders, given an assignment and that she knew he was alone here. Armin responded about the consequences of such actions, but Oliver rebuked that he was aware and capable of taking care of himself and deal with the consequences. Armin said he’d take it up with Klara, but Oliver was not really impressed by these words. Once the introductions were over, Oliver sought out Jones and greeted him. Not shortly after another Gangrel entered and Marius showed up as well.

Oliver slowly started to make his round with all the guests present in the room. Some of the faces he had seen before, and their scent and behaviour seemed familiar. At some point, Oliver ended up with Mobius, of clan Torreador. Mobius asked if Oliver would be so kind to teach his ghoul some of the basics of the Vampire society. With great disdain, but not showing it publicly, Oliver accepted and placed himself next to the Ghoul, introducing himself and asking what she knew and how long she was in the service of Mobius.
The ghoul replied that she’d be with him for 2 months and was hoping to be elevated in our society. This made Oliver chuckle, and asked her if she truly understood the consequences of being turned into a Vampire, and more importantly, the consequences of being here in this room with 10 predators. This continued back and forth with questions and answers from both sides.During this conversation, Spatz entered the room. Everyone stood up and kneed, but Oliver had to call out the ghoul to kneel as well. Not really sure why he did it, but it just seemed to be the best thing at the moment. Surely it was just a ghoul, but something in the back of his head said it was better for now to just inform her and keep her alive.

Later on the evening, it was revealed that those interested in becoming the Seneschall for the Domain, should present themselves in the room to make their position clear. Initially nobody stepped forward, which gave Oliver an idea. Making his way towards Ancilla Duval, Oliver asked her the following question:


What would it represent if a Childe stepped forward and declared his interest in becoming the Seneschall and nobody else of the Domain did. What would that say about the Domain and it’s inhabitants?

Ancilla Duval made it clear, that such a thing would be a bad idea for Oliver, and encouraged him to step away from it. She explained that these positions are something one should work for and prove that one is worthy of having a position like this. At this point she asked Oliver if he knew about the other Childe in the room. Oliver nodded “no”, and Ancilla Duval pointed to a Childe sitting in the corner near the chessboard. Apparently this was the Childe of the Stein, who was missing for several months now. As Oliver’s eyes grew large at seeing another Childe without Sire around, Ancilla Duval dropped the subtle hint, that protecting someone or something of the Domain would be a task that the Sheriff normally undertakes, and that perhaps it would be a good step for someone aspiring on the position to look after the Childe.

Oliver thought a bit about the possibilities and consequences. She was right in that this would be a nice stepping stone for obtaining the Sheriff position, but Oliver’s mind was coursing in a totally different direction. The childe of Stein, the Vampire who had been tormenting his evenings the last months, trying to ridicule him and get the better of him for being a Childe. This could turn out to be the perfect tool for getting back at Stein if Oliver could get his hands on this Childe.
Agreeing with the proposition made by Ancilla Duval, Oliver approached the Childe and striked up a conversation. At this point he learned that she was indeed the Childe of Stein, and Oliver explained the situation she was in. Oliver promised he’d find out what he could about Stein and if anyone had seen him.

As the evening progressed and Oliver started to get more and more information about Stein, some potential patterns started to show. It seems whomever Oliver asked, they had a problem with Stein, even members of his own Clan. Getting rid of this Vampire might turn out easier then Oliver expected. As he was curled up in his thoughts, Oliver noticed Armin von Sausche talking with the Childe, and then Ancilla Duval approached Oliver, saying that the Childe was in danger and required a place to stay until her Sire was found again.

At this point, Oliver stepped towards the Childe and said she could stay at his and Klara’s place. An attempt to get her at Leo’s place, the former Primogene of Clan Brujah failed as Leo was not really willing or capable of doing so. Klara replied to his text message that she was surprised the little whelp succeeded in getting his paws on this Childe, but that he could bring her along until they found Stein. Oliver however did not reveal his plans yet to Klara what he intended to do with this Childe. After announcing to Armin, who had become the Seneschall on Spatz’s order, that he’d take the Childe along and that it was under the protection of Clan Gangrel of Oberbayern, his little eyes flared up with delight when the Childe itself offered to join on a hunt with Oliver. Oh she had no idea what fun that would entail, for Oliver at least.



First of all, I’m really happy that the background for Oliver has been established. Now he’ll  be the Gangrel who relies on his Animalism discipline more then on his Protean one. He’s not really going to be a core-fighter character, but more something of a spy-master who relies on pets and animals to get information and track down things. An idea I have in mind is to really hunt down something in the woods using my ghouls.

The next goals at the moment are:

  • Being hunted by the Clan, so he’s no longer a Whelp
  • Getting Neonate position in Oberbayern
  • Getting the Sheriff position in Oberbayern
  • Finding out who my Sire is.

Also getting a new discipline point, which I’ll use to get my first point in Protean. SL said I’d get it in February, so I’d probably talk in game again with Klara to get my training sorted in understanding the Protean discipline.

Now I’m just hoping to get more OT informations through mail so we can expand the play big time.


oh and we’re building a website for our play group as well ;)


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