Refurbishing my appartment

As some of you already knew, I bought an appartment in June 2011. The place was a bit rundown after standing there and required some work to get it acceptable again to live in. Currently we’re placing the finishing touches in all the rooms such as painting the ceiling, adding paper to the walls, cleaning (god, I hate cleaning…) and filling gaps here and there.

The original place was created/build in the seventies, and from the stories I heard, the original owners never did anything in the place. This was obvious when you looked at the place. Especially the original kitchen was a mess. Not that it was dirty or destroyed, it just showed that this was the original kitchen and that nothing was done about it before.

The kitchen as it used to be

The kitchen as it is now

The kitchen unfortunatly turned out to be a little more exspensive than planned, about 1000€ above the planned budget unfortunatly… However we’ll manage. The pictures below show the changed bedrooms with the new floor and paper against the wall. Each section will have a before-after picture

Large Bedroom









Small Bedroom


There’s still some work left, but we’re getting to it 🙂



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