A new carreer, a new life


i’ve moved to Münich, renting an appartment and trying to settle in for my job at ProSieben Games. Is it easy? No, definitly not. I won’t hide it under a bench that I have home sickness. It’s simply not that easy to leave everything behind and basically start over in another country.

I’ve done it before, moving to Germany that is, and despite the troubles it brings, it also has alot of advantages. In the first place, I’ve been able to meet alot of new people. Most of them are colleagues at work, but nonetheless they’re good friends that help me out whenever I run into an issue. Secondly, i’m able to learn a new language. I can’t point out enough how valuable it is to know other languages. I don’t speak German that fluently, nor can I write it properly, but I’m able to help myself and I’m learning new things day by day. In most shops and situations people adjust quickly to the fact that I don’t understand everything. In some cases they switch to English to explain something or use different words to describe something.

On financial level this move was a complete disaster. I’m not saying it’s not worth it, but it required a huge investment from my side that I now slowly need to start paying back to the people that helped me out. It will probably take a while, but I’m sure that I can get it round within the comming year. This largely depends on the amount of taxes I’ll be paying here and whether or not someone will rent out my appartment in Belgium.

Would I recommend something like this? Yes, definitly. The experience alone is worthwile doing. Not to mention that it looks grand on your resumé that you’ve worked abroad for companies. Germany’s culture is different than mine. Some things they consider normal are weird for me and the other way around. Same applies to humor and conversations. Depending on who you’re talking with some words are a no-go..

I hope to write more about this later on when I’ve managed to acquire a camera and take pictures of the stuff I’m doing here, but for now this small piece of text will do.


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