swTOR : Failure of the year

The title says it all really. I’ve been playing the game since the beta phases and I enjoyed the game despite the flaws it has. I have this nice guild of friends and co-workers that I play with, but what has happened today is simply not acceptable.

Patch 1.2 was released last week for the game. Prior to that there were bugs now and then. One of the bugs that I had was that the display went out of range if I pressed alt+tab. Hitting alt+enter quickly solved this problem again. It was annoying but nothing game breaking. This changed today with the update to the game:

I patched the game and went ingame. I hit the alt+tab button because I needed to look something up, and I wasn’t experiencing the above problem for some time. Suddenly I got the “out of range” display issue again. Remembering what I did previously, I hit the alt+enter combination to switch back to windowed mode. Suddenly my entire screen goes black and the “out of range” message appears.

WTF IS THIS SHIT is going through my mind.

I hit the reset button, in the hope that the problem dissapears. Windows is rebooting, and when the login screen is about to appear :  BAM, again the out of range.

Now I’m getting ticked off. I uninstall the NVidia drivers to switch back to native windows display settings. This seems to work, so I reinstall the nvidia drivers again, immediatly updating to a later version. Rebooting windows –> Same shit happens. The only things that seemed to work are system restore and safe mode. Even forcing Windows to reboot into low resolution VGA mode did not solve the problem. It would get up to the login screen, but as soon as you login again your display would go out of range.

I have a high tolerance for games that contains bugs, crash now and then or are not properly finished. But this is simply not acceptable. And when I look at the customer support forums of Nioware, I’m not the only one with this problem.

Bioware, you lost a customer today for swTOR.


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