Playstation3, Sony and their service

been quite some time since I wrote on my blog, and honestly I wish my new post was something more happy then this.
About a month ago, my PlayStation3 suddenly decided to quit working. The thing is pretty old, since it was one of the first models to be released. So I can understand that it runs into defects at some point due the complex technology being used, although I don’t fully accept it. For reference, I have the 60GB Model that had backwards compatibility through software emulation.

The 60GB PlayStation 3 Model

So, after alot of emails, phonecalls and twitter messages with the customer support in Germany, I managed to get the model repaired/replaced. In the end it was replaced by another 60 GB model, because I rely on the backwards compatibility of the device to play some of my PlayStation2 games. This cost me 125€ to get the “repairs” done as Sony called it. I still don’t like it, but at least I got my system working again.

Now today, on September 22nd 2012, the system decided to quit again. No screen output and a blinking red light. So far I managed to reboot the system and got the disk out. It’s cooling down now, but honestly, this is not acceptable. The device has been used twice since I got it back and it’s already running into trouble. I’ve currently sent an email to Sony and some twitter messages. I hope they respond damm fast to this email because I’m really not pleased.

And to pick up on the previous points about why I don’t accept that this already breaks down after a few years: I have still an Old Sega MegaDrive connected to my television. This device is about 21 years old, and it still works. It never broke down, it never glitched or acted weird. For all these years this device has been working without any real issues.
Those who don’t know what I’m talking about:

Sega MegaDrive

So Sony: Get your act together, and at least show some descency in getting this broken PlayStation repaired free of charge, or replace it with a new one, because honestly this is really poor customer support.


4 thoughts on “Playstation3, Sony and their service

  1. Ok,

    already one update available to this story. Got in contact with their CS over twitter and they mentioned I should be able to get it replaced free of charge, which is already a good thing. Just want to have a reply to my email though.

  2. Alright,

    Recieved a reply from Sony, and now I need to contact their marketing department by letter. Will do this during the weekend so I can write a nice letter for this.

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