Playstation3, Sony and their service :: Part 2


The story still continues really. In case you have not been following what I’m talking about, I refer to my post :

So far, I have made several tweets about this, and I’ve been advised by Sony Customer Support Deutschland to send a letter directly to marketing here in Germany. I sent this letter about a week ago, and still no response has been made by Sony on their end.

Today I made another twitter post and received a reply from SonySupportUSA. It’s funny that I get response from the US departments, but none whatsoever from the local Europe branches. I’ll give credit that the time I made the tweets is outside office hours, but still, a whole week nothing and suddenly the US front responds.

I will not complain about that, at least someone is starting to listen now. I hope that with more noise and poking the right people I will finally receive my compensation for this lousy service. I’m not in it for the money, I just want to play on my PlayStation again, and be treated like a real customer, not a source of money.


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