PlayStation3, Sony and their service :: part 3


good news in regards to this whole story. I missed a tweet yesterday from Sony Deutschland where they asked me to send an email to a specific address. They made a small typo so it took me a while to discover it, since it did not show up in my tweet application.

Basically they asked me to send an email so they can bring me in touch with the right person for my problem. So credit where credit is due. They have responded to my complaints. Took a while, but at least the story is progressing, so I’m a bit more happy again now. Whether this will lead to something or not will have to be seen. At least I’m not being ignored and left standing. Progress is slow, but there is progress at least.

For now I’m stuck to playing either on my Xbox or my Computer. I still have my PlayStation 2, but let’s face it, nothing beats a good round of WipeOut, Final Fantasy 13 or Gran Turismo. Heck, even Metal Gear Solid deserves to be in that list.

So stay tuned for further updates regarding this story. My faith and respect for Sony have dropped at the moment, but they can still redeem themselves, on how they handle the case. I mean “shit happens” right?


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