Final Fantasy XIV : A Realm Reborn #2


Time for a new entry in the diary of adventurer Olivar Yuuki. This time we were sent to explore the Halatali dungeons. These ancient dungeons were originally a hold ground for the Lalafell (my race), but where turned later into training pits. These days they’re nothing more then a monster infested cavern that has become too dangerous to explore.

As soon as we entered the dungeon, it became apparent that in order to proceed we had to operate the ancient mechanisms controlling the doors:

After crawling through various tunnels, we finally encountered the boss we were looking for. A giant lizard imbued with thunder magic. Ofcourse we were not going to let this beasty get the best of us, and we decided to turn the tables and make fight in our advantage.

So instead of fighting this create where it was standing, in the water, we decided to lure it out of it’s lair and fight us on equal terms, the solid ground. The logic behind this was to eliminate the electrical capabilities of our foe:

After a long and gruesome battle, we finally emerged victorious. We decided to keep exploring the caverns in the hope of finding some neat treasure we could take home. Unfortunatly the local inhabitants had different plans for us. We entered a large circular room where a treasure chest was waiting for us. Not sooner after we approached the treasure chest we ran into a small ambush by one of the local inhabitants:

Sufficient to say, we dispatched the beasty quickly and took all his plunder along with us. That will teach him for ambushing us.
It was getting time to leave, so we decided to explore the last room of the dungeon. Turns out some nasty was waiting for us here. We engaged him in battle, but turned out he had several tricks up his sleaves:

After a long journey and some dangerous dungeons, Olivar managed to get his hands on most of the plunder from that trip. Here’s a selfy with carby on what he looks like now:



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