Vampire The Masquerade : The Embrace


Before starting with the actual article, I’d like to point out a few things. First of all, there’s no pictures. The reason behind this, is that our group decided to keep all pictures internal to prevent people from getting into trouble when they are public. Secondly, the names in this article are all fictional names of our characters; any resemblence to living people is purely coincidal.

The Embrace

As explained in my previous blog post, I play Vampire The Masquerade as LARP event on a regular basis with a group in München. Part of the entire life as Vampire is the Embrace. On this special occasion, a human/ghoul is turned into a Vampire for reasons only known to the Sire that embraces the “victim”. From this point on we will talk about the Childe and the Sirerespectively.


The Story

Oliver was working one of his shifts in the field, as another pylon near the Residenz in München had broken down and required repairs. The night would turn out to be an exhausting night, as Oliver was informed by phone from his mentor Konstantin, that there would be a special event tonight in the Residenz regarding clan Toreador.

This would turn out to be an easy assignment, as the repairs were nearly completed. Finishing his work, Oliver was already preparing his mind for the upcoming event, where he would walk alongside the side of Konstanting, learning more about the entire World of Darkness surrounding this world. Fate however had other plans….

As soon as Oliver closed the lid on the electricity box of the cable, he feld two hands grab him from behind and pull him down. Before he could even say a word, 2 sharp teeth sank into his neck and started draining the blood from his body. Like any Vampire bite, the feeling was enthralling, sweet and heavenly at the same time. His mind screamed that he should struggle free, his heart however persuaded him to remain still and subcumb to the sweet embrace of the bite.

In the last moments of his life, Oliver experienced that his sight was getting blurry, his body numb and the feeling dissapearing from his body along with his remaining strength. Without having the ability to fight what was happening to him, Oliver closed his eyes a final time and lost consciousness. Oliver Soran was no more and had died at the hands of an unknown Vampire.

An unknown time had passed when Oliver opened his eyes again. His head hurt, overwhelmed by sensations. Slowly getting to his knees, Oliver looked around, trying to remember what had happened. Slowly the shock came to him: He was not breathing, nor was his heart beating any blood through his body.

Looking around anxious, there was this feeling of hunger building up inside him. Despite the fact that the entire world felt more clearer, cleaner, more present, something inside him was screaming for food. No information about what would sate his inner hunger, Oliver knew by instinct that he required blood. Blood of a living thing to sate his thirst. As the hunger inside him grew, Oliver lost all sanity and interest of the world around him. Searching for a source of blood like a savage create, he got to his feet and stumbled across the park.

Not far nearby was a deer between the trees, grazing for grass. Oliver could hear the heart beat the blood through the veins of the deer. He could hear the valves pump the blood further with every breath the deer took. Stumbling closer, Oliver had but one thing in mind: Blood.
Before realizing what was happening, the deer had Oliver at his side, teeth in it’s neck. Oliver was drinking the blood from the bite mark, while clawing at the fur of the animal in order to get to the blood that was coursing through it’s body. Nothing was going to keep him from his source of food, and his source would not be given a chance to escape.

It took a matter of minutes for Oliver to devour the blood of the creature, so great was his hunger. There was blood all over him as well as all over the ground surrounding the feast scene. Once the hunger was stilled with the fresh taste of blood, Oliver regained his senses. Not quite clear what had transpired, Oliver started stumbling around the park he found himself in. Due his heightet senses, he could hear voices nearby; familiar voices.

Arriving at the source of the sound, Oliver stumbled to his knees, right in front of 3 Gangrel Vampires, sitting in a circles, discussing whatever it is that Vampires of Clan Gangrel might be discussing. 2 of them were known faces to Oliver, and he felt a form of relief in that he recognized them. Wary at first they approached Oliver in the thought that he was still the Ghoul they knew.

A big surprised when furry, pointy ears were once normal ears had resided. For them it was clear what had happened, but they still asked the question: “What happened?”.
Unable to answer the question, Oliver replied with a confused look to them: “What are you talking about?”.
Pointing to his ears, Oliver felt at the sides of his head. The curse of clan Gangrel had taken shape and given him the ears of a snow leopard, after he went into a Frenzy for blood. The wish had finally been granted; he passed the test and had become a Vampire.

Background Information


In the previous post I explained that my character was still human. This however is now no longer true. My character is now a Vampire, and one from Clan Gangrel no less. The implications for this are, that whenever Oliver enters a frenzy, be it for killing, feeding or fleeing; he will gain what’s called an “animalistic feature”. In the first case these were the ears of the Snow Leopard, his inner animal that takes over when going in a Frenzy.

Does that mean he will look like the above picture? Eventually yes. The more frenzies occur, the more he will start looking like the animal inside him. Does every “feature” have to be a visible one? No. It can also occur that the behavior of Oliver changes, or that he gains what people call a “tic”. Showing his tongue now and then, looking up when hearing a sound, running behind a ball or laser pointer. The options can be numerous.

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