Vampire The Masquerade: Casual Meeting in Regensburg


So, introduction first. From the previous entries, we know that Oliver is now a week old Vampire, a Childe, and must re-learn everything he ever knew about the world of Darkness.  The curse associated with Clan Gangrel has also taken form, in that Oliver now walks around with a pair of cat-like ears instead of his normal ears.

Again the sections to follow are based around the live-play of Vampire the Masquerade and some background information is required in order to understand the whole concept.


Obtaining permission

As soon as Oliver learned about the invitation in Regensburg, he wanted to attend. It was on short notice, and he was not entirely sure who would actually be attending there from the pack in München. Going alone to Regensburg, or even spending time alone there was out of the question, that much Oliver already learned in his first week.

Seeing as he was not entirely sure whom to ask, Oliver asked first his mentor Klara. She however would not be attending the invitiation in Regensburg, and both Marius and Salome would not attend either. All three explained that they could not let him be there by himself, as the risks were simply too great, but that he was allowed to go if someone was willing to look after him, baby-sit him.

Oliver only knew Jones in Regensburg from his time as Ghoul under Herr Spatz, proposing the idea to his “parents” and mentor, they all agreed it would be a good solution if Jones agreed to take responsibility, and look after Oliver when he would arrive at Regensburg. Klara took the initiative and contacted Jones, explaining the situation and asking if Jones would take responsibility when Oliver would come to Regensburg. Much to the joy of Oliver, Jones agreed.

Encounters of the Malkavian Kind

Oliver left the domain of München as soon as the sun was set behind the Horizon, and he was awake. Oliver was an “early bird”, usually minutes awake after the sun had set. Despite living in the woods most of his time, or in the domain of Klara, Oliver still had access to a car, and used this to make his trip to Regensburg shorter.

Oliver parked his car a small distance away from the location, so he still had time to walk through the woods surrounding the location. This would help him clear his mind, and relax a bit before the actual invitation meeting took place. At least that was the plan, but fate had something else in mind.

Oliver noticed something in the scent of the forest that he was not alone, a smell of death was near him. His curiosity took over, and Oliver approached the location where the smell was coming from, to find a Malkavian standing there, watching him. Oliver knew this person, had seen her before several times, even “played” with her. It was Emma.

Warry of he presence, Oliver approached her, keeping a few meters between themselves. Conversations with Malkavians are never easy, and the whole conversation was a back and forth of questions and senseless phrases. At several points in the discussion, Oliver went down on all fours, growling at Emma, with his ears flat against his head, clearly showing signs of aggression, but they would be replaced by curiosity and confusion as the conversation progressed.

The conversation ended when more Vampire were approaching and the meeting was about to happen. Oliver left Emma alone in the woods, and made his way to the nearby building.

((OT: I cannot reveal everything in this section, as it would take away the atmosphere of the conversation that took place prior to the play.))

Making new friends

In Regensburg, Oliver only knew Jones, so he was the first person Oliver approached. The classic scene took place again, Jones walking around Oliver, inspecting him, trying him out and finally welcoming him into the fold. Not shortly after, Oliver was introduced to the other Gangrel present as he made his introduction to Flip, the host of the evening.

The evening itself was a rather casual meeting amongst friends, for as far as they all could consider each other friends. Stories were shared, information exchanged and questions asked that would prove to be interesting situations that Oliver had to overcome.

An example of such a situation was when a Torreador came to Oliver, asking him out about Ancilla Orsini. Oliver being well aware of the power and status that an Ancilla can have, experienced the entire situation as a test, and avoided the question altogether by answering: “She’s an ancilla, is that not enough?”. Oliver would definitly be wary of this character, as it was not the first time these kind of questions were asked.

The night took an interesting turn when Oliver was asked to join a small “game”. Having no clue what it was about, he said he did not know how to play it. Reassurance was given when they told him that the explanation would be given during the game. As Oliver made his way, Thomas snapped with his fingers, getting the attention of Oliver, saying he was not allowed to play in the game.

Later on, Oliver received an explanation from Jones what the game was actually about, a Mlkavian game, and why he was not allowed to play.


Gangrel_by_schwarzeskaetzchenOverall the evening was rather relaxing and no serious incidents took place outside the Malkavian encounter. Oliver still has to learn a lot about the World of Darkness, and how to properly interact with other Vampires.

As a player, I feel that I still “think” too much about potential situations. When an opportunity comes to mind, I’m already going over all possible scenario’s in my head, and in most cases I “play” out what I think looks the safest. This is something I really would like to get rid off, during the upcoming plays, I’ll set it as my goal to really react on instinct, and not so much think about what might happen.

Something else that I need to look into is the behavior patterns of a Snow Leopard, as I’ve chosen this to be my “inner animal”. Currently I assume cat-like behaviors with an increased hunting experience, but I’m guessing there’s more to it.

And something I definitly need to do at the next plays:

  • Lose control when blood is in the room
  • Get closer in contact with the Gangrel from Berlin, she was what I want to achieve
  • Get this social thing working, even though my character doesn’t like it.

2 thoughts on “Vampire The Masquerade: Casual Meeting in Regensburg

  1. Its interessting to read…how the evening happend for you. Next Time we ll bring a big notice with us…’YOU SMELLING BLOOD RIGHT NOW’…you wont miss that 🙂 Like reading you 🙂

  2. That’s the biggest problem I have at the moment, I seem to miss some information now and then which has a major impact on my character, blood in the room being one of them.

    Already agreed with the SL, that I will lose control more often when blood is in the room, but I really need someone to point it out. Small cause of the lack of information is that my hearing is a bit damped with those fluffy ears on :S

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