Vampire The Masquerade : Nürnberg mind games


At this point in time, Oliver is a three week old Gangrel-whelp. Although he’s been in the World of Darkness for some time now, there are still so many unknowns for him and things that need to be learned in order to survive the world on his own. I often get asked why my character visits all these locations. Logically speaking, it makes no sense that a three week old Childe goes on about alone. However, story wise there’s enough room to manouvre around this problem:

  • Oliver is a Gangrel, and a loner by nature. So it’s easy to justify that he rather spends time in the woods then in the City.
  • Oliver’s inner animal is a Snow Leopard. You know what they say about curiosity and the cat…
  • Oliver’ behavior and doing are all instinct driven. Due his background, he has a very feral nature.

Visting Nürnberg


Oliver received the invitation by email like he usually does. As soon as he read the invitation, his wild curiosity took over. However so did his worry, as the same problem posed again as it did for Regensburg: Who’s going to babysit a three week old Gangrel whelp? Immediatly Oliver ran to Klara, his “mother” for the time being, asking permission to attend the Nürnberg invitation. The same answer as before: She cannot attend, but he’s allowed to go if he can find a baby-sit.

Oliver first tried to contact Jones again, but this time Jones was not able to go to Nürnberg with him. So Oliver had to resort to someone else. Using his new contacts he acquired in Regensburg, Oliver sent an email to Chaaron and Flip, asking if one of the would be able to look out for him while he was in Nürnberg. Chaaron was the first to reply and said that Oliver was more than welcome to attend the invitation in Nürnberg. Informing his “father” Marius as well about the arrangement, Oliver set off to Nürnberg.

Not so friendly company

Chaaron proposed to meet in the local park of Nürnberg prior to going to the event. However Chaaron was not alone that evening. Another Gangrel called Lyn was with him. Oliver had never seen her before, but to his surprised she was also sporting several Leopard motives on her face. Oliver introduced him casually to her, but was not aware of the further issues that would ensue that night.

Arriving at the location, there was a human taking notes of all the people who arrived. The group did not really pay attention to him, as he was just a human, and they had to be at the meeting. It turned out that this human was spying on the location for someone, and this was revealed as soon as Frau Fanchez entered the room and asked the host to actually come outside because there was a problem. This human was nicknamed “battery” pretty fast by the host and Vampires present, but the night turned sour when that human escaped into the city.

From the notes left behind, it became obvious that he was spying on the entire location, taking note of who entered, what they looked like and what they were doing. A search was organized by the Gangrel to track him down, but they lost the trail in the circle of stones at the Nürnberg park. Chaaron gave Oliver a history lesson, explaining what happend at these stones and why they were so important. After scouring the entire area, the group went back to the location to update the rest and plan what needed to be done.

During the night, Lyn had special plans with Oliver. Several times she tried to take away the dagger received from Jones, but Oliver wouldn’t let her. Eventually, she commanded Oliver to come outside with her, and confronted him about his behavior and why he did not hand over the dagger. Oliver said it was his, and that she could not have it. This angered her apparently, and she started a fight. Powerless against her strength, Oliver was lying on the floor pretty fast while Lyn was leaning above him, pushing him down with one hand. Both growled at each other, but Lyn said he should learn his place, and then went back inside.

Near the end of the meeting, Oliver learned another important lesson: One does not drink the blood of another Vampire.
Arend was playing a game of “Truth of Dare” with other Vampires, and at one point was challenged to shoot himself with a gun. Taking up the challenge, he shot himself in the shoulder, causing him to bleed. Since Oliver had been given blood, the urge to jump on top of Arend was great, but not irresistable (SL decision). Chaaron saw the behavior of Oliver and asked Arend permision to use him for a lesson. Grabbing Oliver in a tight grip, he brought him really close to the wound on Arend’s shoulder, but prevent him from drinking the blood. Whispering  in his ear, he made it really clear, Gangrel Style, that Oliver was not allowed to drink this kind of blood. Afterwards Oliver drank some of blood at the feast to control his urge.



Nürnberg was actually pretty fun. The mind games organised by the SL there turned out pretty fun, and my character learned valuable lessons:

  • You don’t drink the blood of another Vampire
  • Elder Gangrel are not valid fight targets at the moment
  • Breaking the masquerade goes faster then one can expect.

I also caught myself making a few mistakes again. Talking afterwards with the people there and collecting their feedback brought me some valuable information again.

  • Some people expected “more”. I understand now what they expected, and will work on it.
  • Someone called my character a dog. I did not react on it, whereas I should have at least gotten angry with that person, missed chance on play.
  • Still need to stop “thinking” about things. It went better in Nürnberg, but we’re not quite there yet.

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