Vampire The Masquerade : The 20/30’s in München


March, a new month and a new adventure. In the past entries, Oliver has been through several ordeals already, and this time it’s not going to be anything different. The best part so far, is that I’ve been collecting a lot of feedback about my playstyle and character from both players and our SL, which made me think about the progress path and come up with the following:

The first three, perhaps four, frenzies will not really add anything new to my character, but rather justify the current behavior. I’m trying to cut back a bit on the animal-like behavior during plays, as the feedback was that it was happening too fast. So the upcoming frenzies will be used to add the following features:

  • Sniffing
  • Teeth
  • Scratching

At the moment, the only behavior that Oliver will keep is the growling at people when they annoy/anger him. This frenzy was received in Nürnberg (more about this down below). Another point I picked up after talking with some of our SL, was the opportunities during plays. I don’t want to sound like a complete ass when writing this, but I really need to get away from some people in order to experience more play. I know this sounds wrong, but it’s ment with good intentions. I feel that I’m being overprotected with my character, and I have to be a bit more of a “rebel” and explore during these plays. In the play from March, I missed out on a huge play element, and after hearing about it, I’m really sad that I didn’t participate in it.

But enough about that, time to tell two stories today: The first story will be a recap of the events that occured right after Nürnberg with a Gangrel called Lynn, and the second story will be about the gathering in München, organized by the clan of Scholars.
Again, apologies if names are written inccorrectly, but until I learn the spelling in our plays, I write them how I think they are written.


Rumbling in Nürnberg

Oliver was on his way back to München after visiting the gathering in Nürnberg. It was quite some distance to cover, and would probably take the whole night, based on his current travel speed. Somewhere during the night, Oliver was traveling through the woods when he picked up the scent of blood, fresh blood. The smell alone urged him to look for the source, as it had been a while since he drank blood and the hunger in him was actually growing.

Following the scent of blood, Oliver arrived at a clearing in the woods, where several corpses, or rather parts of corpses, from forest hares where scattered about, the blood still dripping from the various parts, soaking the entire ground of the clearing. The smell of blood was so overwhelming, that Oliver had trouble keeping his senses, and oversee the area. No immediate danger could be found in and around the clearing, so Oliver slowly stepped into the clearing, stopping at the edge of the tree line. Across the clearing, a still living hare could be seen, trapped in a small contraption that was preventing the animal from escaping.

Slowly, but surely, Oliver made his was towards the trapped hare. Smart enough to cross the clearing, Oliver stayed near the tree line, and walked around the perimeter, constantly looking for any signs of danger or another presence, but nothing could be found. When he finally approached the trapped animal, he used his Animalism discipline to calm the creature, so he could remove it from the trap. Picking it up in his arms, he carresed the creature by stroking it on the back. Then all of a sudden he bit it in the neck and started sucking out the blood, savoring the sweet taste of fresh, warm blood, being oblivious to his surroundings during the feeding.

At this point, he felt a presence, a dark and evil presence at his left side. Turning around, he saw someone sitting there. A huge bird on the shoulder, and crouched over, ready to attack. Oliver needed a few seconds to recognize that it was Lynn, as she was wearing different clothing this time, and the huge bird on her shoulder took more attention then actually Lynn. Remembering what happened in Nürnberg, Oliver bent down on his knees, and offered the hare he was feeding from to Lynn. When he looked up, he saw Lynn jumping at him, and before he knew it, she was on top of him again, pressing him against the ground.

Asking why she was doing this, but not getting the reply he wanted, he got angry. Still in control, he growled at Lynn, which only caused her to belittle him and throwing him across the clearing. At this point, Oliver lost control and his inner animal took over, causing him to enter a frenzy. Although younger and weaker then Lynn, the frenzy provided him with the means to at least keep up with Lynn and actually go for her without thinking about any consequences. What seemed like a long fight, was actually over in a matter of minutes. Both Oliver and Lynn went at each other, trying to hit, kick, claw each other, but in the end Lynn was the stronger one and the fight ended again with Oliver laying on the ground with Lynn on top of him. At the end though, she reached out her hand to help him up after his inner animal recognized it’s place with Lynn being superior.

With a smile she said that the “whelp” had learned something, and just left him without further attention, so he could make his way home.

Reliving the 20/30’s in München

Oliver intercepted a transmission from someone called John Stein, talking about a meeting in the center of München at the Hard Rock Café. As always his curiosity took over, and Oliver was trying to obtain permission from his mother in order to go. The invitation talked about reliving the 20’s & 30’s, but this was beyond Oliver. He was not even alive in this time period, let alone that he would have time to look into it. Searching for his mother, he could not find her anywhere. It’s not the first time that this happened, but this time however, Russ came to him with a message from Clara, that he was to take Oliver with him to this invitation and look out for him. So there was no need this time to contact Marius or Salome in order to find permission.

Arriving at the center of München, Oliver was greeted by Russ along the way, as well as Staubkind. Together they arrived at the location, and not soon after Konstantin also arrived, greeting everyone and pulling off Oliver’s cap, revealing his ears. Somehow Konstanting didn’t seem to be surprised at all. The other Gangrel remaind outside for a while, letting most of the other guests enter the building. Once the last Torreador entered the building, the group decided to enter the building as well, but quickly went outside again as some arguments broke out already and the scent of blood was in the air.

While waiting outside, Herr Spatz also appeared. As soon as he approached the group, he immediatly recognized Oliver and started sniffing him, asking why he smelled different. He looked at Staubkind, who explained that Oliver could probably explain himself what happened. Turning his attention on Oliver, Spatz stood in front of him, asking for an explanation. At this point Oliver revealed his ears to Spatz by removing his cap again. This turned out completely different then Oliver expected, as Spatz called him a Kaitiff, and threathned him to stay away from him.

As the night progressed, several points where on the agenda, such as the Primogen meeting. However, as the meeting was about to take place, both Salome and Zoe were acting strangley, Oliver not really understanding what was going on, stayed inside with Staubkind and Russ while the rest of them went outside. Only later would Oliver learn what actually happened there and the consequences of it.
In the meanwhile, Spatz was starting the primogen meeting with those still remaining at the location. During this however, he noticed that Oliver was sitting next to Staubkind, too close to the Primogen table, and at that point he hit Oliver with his umbella and ordered him to leave. Oliver not wanting to cause more trouble, quietly left the room and spent his time outside, until the meeting was over.

Later that night, the people who went outside returned from wherever they went, however this time they brought back the Elder, Katharina Von Hapsburg with them, Elder of Clan Torreador. The whole room fell to it’s knees when she entered. Oliver only caught a glimps of her, but when he did, he could not keep his eyes off her. She was simply that beautifull, and she also radiated power.
At this moment, she called forth Spatz and asked him the definition of Primogen, what it ment to be one. After receiving the explanation and introduction, she made  a sheer remark about how these represented the “fine and first selection” of the prince. Oliver could understand the jape she made, as he knew about her history of imprisonment and the “party” that set out to rescue her apparently. But he was not sure if the others in the room would actually understand the remark she made.

After she had left the building, the night continued it normal pace. The last incident that occured this night was when a Malkavian came to Oliver, who introduced herself as Amens of Clan Malkavian. Oliver was a bit bewilderd by her presence, and immediatly kneeled in front of her, thinking she was a high ranking Officer of the Camarilla. However as he did this, she said this was the second mistake he made, and revealed she was only a Neonate. Salome sitting next to him, told her to not toy with Oliver.
At this point however she mentioned that Oliver was the Child of Clan Gangrel, and because of this, she tried to pull out a gun and claimed she would take what was rightfully hers. Luckly for Oliver, Salome also saw this and immediatly stopped her, saying she could not claim Oliver for what happened with her Ghoul. Oliver being oblivious to his fact, was just staring back and forth at them, not understanding what was going on. Then Emma also appeared, constantly poking at his neck wound, asking what happened and why he was bleeding. Then she whispered to Amens something, and it was revealed that the both of them wanted to take Oliver with them for two weeks as compensation for whatever happened in the past.After discussing this with Salome outside, the agreement was made that Oliver would NOT join them, and they had to come up with a different request, whatever it was, Oliver had no idea. Oliver also took the time inform Salome about what had happened in Nürnberg and how he got his neck wound.

Near the end of the Night, Oliver was sitting together with Zoe Thorn, talking about small things and life as a Vampire. At this point Spatz also came to them, tapping Oliver with his umbrella again, and informing Zoe that she was talking with a Kaitiff and should be wary. The following conversation ofcourse switched to this topic and the consequences of it. Somehow Oliver seemed to be able to still talk with Zoe without too much trouble.



The night itself for Oliver was interesting enough, in that he experienced a completely different side of the Vampire world, in what it means to be without Sire, and how other vampires react to this. Being a Kaitiff means that you’re without Sire, and pretty much free game as you do not officially belong to any Clan. How the Gangrel will react to this is yet to be seen, but other Vampires are now aware of this as well, and this makes traveling alone far more dangerous.

As player however, I have to get a better overviewe of events happening during the plays. As I mentioned in the introduction, I will be exploring a lot more during the plays and actually get into the interesting stuff from now on, regardless what the others (my babysitters) might say. Oliver’s inner animal is a cat, curious by nature, so getting myself into trouble should not be too much of a thing. If whoever is responsible for my character doesn’t like it, he has to do something about it.

As for setting goals with my character, I think I will stick to the following chronological list at the moment:

  1. Finding out who’s the Sire of Oliver
  2. Obtaining Neonate status
  3. Obtaining a Loan for myself
  4. Obtaining Ancilla status

The last point is a rather big one, and will probably take quite some time, but it’s at least a big goal to aim for at the moment. There’s also the personal goal of “obtaining a family” inside Clan Gangrel, but that will grow hopefully over time.


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