Vampire The Masquerade : Gangrel Thing


Being in Clan Gangrel means that you also have to attend what is called a “Thing”. These are special meetings unique to clan Gangrel to get up to date on the internal workings of the clan as well as earn your hierachy spot inside the clan. In the past month, Oliver has been going through the phases from a freshly created Childe to a Kaitiff and now he is attending the Thing organized by Herr Spatz.

I’ve also been talking with our SL a bit more about what I want exactly with my character, and this is not fully defined yet, but with the information I received so far, a few paths lie open at the moment. I’m still going for the feral concept with my character, and have set out some basic steps as goals that I want to achieve. These range from finding out my sire to becoming an Ancilla for our clan in our Domain.


Gangrel Thing

A Thing had been called by Herr Spatz, to be taken place in Oliver’s home area of München. This made traveling to the location and meeting a lot easier, as he could just tag along with his “mother”. Oliver had heard about these “Things” before, what they entailed and what could be expected on these meetings for the Clan.

Before they set off to the meeting, Oliver was handed a small gift from his “mother”. Whether it could be called a gift was something totally different, but he received a small bell with a green & violet ribbon that he was supposed to be wearing at all times. The explanation he received was that it would prevent him from sneaking out. The effect did not stay out really long, because with every wild step, jump or leap that Oliver took, the little bell would be happily chiming along, preventing him from being silent.


At the location, it took a while for the first Gangrel to show up. The first one to show up was Tom, followed by Salome and Staubkind. Herr Spatz arrived shortly after, with Marius not far behind. Oliver watched as they took place around him and the campfire that was burning in the middle. Spatz himself did not seem to be paying much attention to Oliver.

Once all the Gangrel where there, Spatz opened the Thing by welcoming everyone, and proceeding with the order of business. The first thing that was to be taken care off during the Thing was the hunt of Staubkind. If he succeeded in surviving this, he would be a fullfledged member of Clan Gangrel, and no longer a Childe. Sufficient to say, Oliver saw the start of the hunt, but was not allowed to participate; not that he really felt like it anyway.

As the hunt was progressing, only Marius and Spatz remained at the campfire. Not much attention was given to Oliver while the other where hunting. Spatz however was walking around the area, and was grabbing for something in the air. All of a sudden he falls over, and stops moving. Oliver confused, sees Marius running towards Spatz. Trying to awaken him again, Oliver gets questioned by Marius about what happened, and repeats the explanation every time another Gangrel comes back from the hunt. Eventually Spatz regains consciousness, but Oliver is still puzzled by what has happened, and no suitable explanation was given.

To conclude the hunt, Staubkind had to fight Spatz in order to obtain his dagger and prove that he was a worthy member of the Clan. After struggling and fighting, he finally succeeded in obtaining the dagger, and earning his place in the pack. Oliver was watching the entire fight, but was quickly ordered back to his spot at the fire when the next topic on the plan was brought up for discussion: himself.

Clara opened the discussion about him, asking what should be done with Oliver, since he was labeled Kaitiff by Spatz. Marius explained that if Spatz called him a Kaitiff, he was one. Spatz enforced this once more, by explaning that a Kaitiff had joined one of the most holy rituals of the Clan, and that a Kaitiff would not leave this place.

Spatz continued his explanation as to why he would not Sire a ghoul that was working for him, and asked several questions to the other Gangrel to find out their oppinions on the entire topic. In the end, he addressed Oliver directly and asked him the question: “Why should I let you live, and not shred you to pieces right here?“.For Oliver, answering this question proved to be extremely difficult. He tried to throw off Spatz by saying that the right of destruction belonged only to the Fuhrst, but got countered saying it did not apply in this meeting. A final answer was given when Spatz was standing in front of him, that Oliver could contribute to the Clan and would like to have a chance to prove this.

At this point, Spatz was standing next to Oliver, with his claws visible. He attacked Oliver by slashing at his face, triggering a frenzy in Oliver. In the meanwhile all the present Gangrel had moved away from Oliver and Spatz, anticipating that he was planning on killing Oliver, making sure enough room was between them and Oliver + Spatz.
As soon as Oliver entered the frenzy, all breaks went off and his only desire was his survival. Whether Spatz was holding back or not was not clear to Oliver, but it only took him a matter of seconds to overpower Spatz in his frenzy, and plant his teeth in the neck of Spatz, drawing and sucking out some blood, causing Spatz to yield at that point, and Oliver going out of the Frenzy.

Spatz withdrew, and Oliver was given time to recover from his Frenzy. At this point Spatz explained what it ment to be Gangrel, how the inner animal can overcome great odds, and makes one stronger when being controled. At this point he also welcomed Oliver into the clan of Gangrel, revoking his Kaitiff status. Immediatly afterwards, Spatz commenced by telling a story about how he had a Ghoul, and how that ghoul became a fledgling vampire. In the end, he was telling the entire history of Oliver for the pack, and how the Gangrel that decided to embrace him had made the right choice. But he also gave Oliver and the pack a quest: To find out the sire, and prevent accusations against Oliver till this was resolved.

The evening continued with story telling and some internal political talk, until Salome started talking about the Tremere and how they claimed to have handed her a flask with Gangrel blood. Being sceptical about the entire flask, Oliver was the “lucky” chosen one to open the Flask while the rest was keeping their distance. As soon as Oliver had opened the flask, he sniffed the contents and proclaimed it smelled like blood. The other vampires passed the Flask around, but Marius pushed Oliver against a wall and struck his shoulder with his claws, drawing some blood.

After smelling the flask and the blood from Oliver, it was concluded the scents were identical. How this was possible, Oliver could not explain as he had no recollection of any encounter with the Tremere, until Spatz explained what they are capable of. Clan Gangrel at this point organized their plans to obtain the required information from the involved Tremere, on how they got this blood, but Oliver had other plans in mind for the involved Tremere at the next meeting.



With all that has happened so far, Oliver currently posseses the following skills and properties:

  • Animalism: * (1 point from his ghoul life)
  • Humanity: 6 (dropped by 1 for attacking and injuring Spatz)
  • Blood Band 1 with Salome (Flask event)
  • Animal Features (3 frenzies so far)
    • Ears
    • Growling
    • Cat Nose

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