Vampire The Masquerade: Verzauberung unter dem Meer


So Oliver managed to survive his first Thing, and is now an official member of Clan Gangrel in the Domain of München. There’s still a lot of things that he has no clue about, or simply does not understand yet what they entail for someone who’s not alive, and doomed to live forever.

The above is something I’ve been discussing with someone from our SL (Spiel Leitung), and in the end we pretty much agreed on the same thing: These experiences is something that every new young Vampire has to deal with. This ranges from being confronted with the fact that you’re nothing else but a Monster and learning to live with it, to the fact that being in clan Gangrel brings along another nice surprise: You’re turning more into an animal every time you lose control.

My character is about 2 months old now when counting the Vampire time. He’s considered and treated like a child in the society, and the problem with this is, that every other Vampire either tries to (ab)use you into suiting his needs, or he’s actually trying to educate you, which brings us to the next problem: They all have their own view on what a “good” Vampire should be, making the whole education process dangerous and troublesome.

Something I’m playing with at the moment, is the latest “feature” that my character received for going in a Frenzy at the thing. A cat’s nose. On it’s own the concept is rather simple, in that my nose resembles that of a Cat. I’ve been getting some help from a friend who drew a cat’s nose on my face resembling something like picture 3 below. Personally I would like to make something more like the first picture, but someone recommended going for a latex prop instead.

Cat Nose


Right now I’m also working out an idea that will involve several players of our group. The concept is as follows:
My character is new, and has yet come to terms with what he actually is. He also needs to learn what it means to actually hunt and kill a human being as Vampire. As mentioned before this is something that every vampire has to go through at some point, and I think to play this out would be amazing.

The concept would be that it takes place in a park, where some of our players just play normal human beings taking a walk. My character would also be there with his mentor(s), and they will give him the assignment to actually hunt a human and drink the blood. Because my character has no control yet over his urge to drink blood, the idea would be to play the hunt, catch the human and kill it by drinking all the blood in the body. The lesson here is to control the urge, which takes time to master. The second lesson will be the shock and realization afterwards for my character that he actually killed his first human being.

But anyway, enough rambling as introduction. I’ve said enough, and still need to write the recap of the play in Nürnberg.

Verzauberung unter dem Meer

Oliver got his hands on the official invitation for a casual night in Nürnberg. Still dabbling in the communications sector, getting his hands on this message was a rather trivial task. The real challenge would be getting in Nürnberg without suspicion, since his nose had changed in the days after the Gangrel thing. Oliver was quite shocked to discover this new feature, but he had not really wrapped his head around it yet, since he hadn’t seen a reflection of himself yet.

The other challenge was getting permission again to actually go there and finding someone to baby-sit him while he was in Nürnberg. As usually both his mom Klara, Marius and Salome could not attend the evening. Oliver knew Charon would be in Nürnberg, so he wrote a small email asking if he would be willing to look after Oliver, which Charon accepted.

Arriving in Nürnberg, Oliver met up with Charon and they spent some time outside first updating each other about what happened in the time spanning their last visit. Here Oliver got pointed out by Charon for wearing the little bell around his neck, to which Oliver had to confess that he was being punished by Klara for the trouble he made the last time. This was repeated when Sofia approached them after the introduction to the Host and he had to repeat the explanation. Charon however was happily ringing the little bell, but Sofia said she didn’t dare to touch it.

During the evening, Oliver got introduced to various other Vampire from different clans and actually got into a few conversations with them. One particular conversation was quite interesting in where Oliver talked with a Torreador called Schneider and a local Gangrel about why he did not talk to the Tremere from München that was present. Without revealing anything to the Torreador, Oliver tried to explain that certain recent clan problems prevented him from actually talking with the Tremere at the moment. Although the Torreador did not really seem to understand, the local Gangrel seemed to be quite supportive of Oliver’s cause and understood the problem.

A bigger issue appeared later on the night when Oliver and Charon were approached by Baader, the Primogen of Clan Nosferatu. Striking a conversation with both Gangrels, Oliver was asked a question, but had real trouble understanding what was asked and had to ask for a repeat of the question. Apparently this had offended Baader and he instructed Charon to teach Oliver some manners. The explanation that the music was overwhelming for Oliver due his ears did not seem to catch any results with Baader.

This prompted Charon to actually explain Oliver about the traditions that were in place, and how he should do his best to actually treat people with the respect their position deserves. How it could save his life if he approached the wrong person like this, and how he should at least feign interest when someone is talking to him.
Not much later however, Baader came back to Oliver and sat down next to him at the table. Continuing the lecture about the traditions, Baader took quite some time to ask questions to Oliver about the traditions in the Camarilla, their origins and their meanings. For Oliver this was quite difficult, as he could not even remember certain events that took only a week ago, and answering these questions took a lot of effort.

Charon however was sitting at the table a bit further and was actually listening on the conversation. Oliver caught him smiling now and then based on the answers Oliver had given to Baader. Without knowing how much time was passing, for Oliver it felt as if he had spent his entire evening at school, learning the very basics about the Camarilla and it’s traditions.



All in all, the evening was pretty relaxed and just a casual gathering. I’m really happy that my character actually got the basics introduced to him from another player on how the traditions work. This really feels like going to school again on one side, but play potential is soo much more now that he has learned something.

I know it’s in my character’s best interest to actually memorize them and get the hang of them, but as I actually struggled OT to remember what I did last weekend when I was asked, I think I will build on this feature more in time, and make my character a bit of a “hard learner”.

Really looking forward to our next play, and the play where we can turn my idea/concept into something fun for more people.


2 thoughts on “Vampire The Masquerade: Verzauberung unter dem Meer

  1. Quote: “catch the human and kill it” It! You’re already much further gone than you think… 😉
    I can totally relate to the questioning situation. Even after years of playing this game, I’m still having trouble remembering some basics. Let alone facts that I learned last week. Still, I try not to write anything down, because one of my previous sires was very strict regarding the masquerade. So I suppose it’s just great training for my memorizing skills, or for my skills of talking myself out of embarrassing situations. Still waiting for the effects of that to kick in in real life, though… 😉

    1. That was only talking purely OT! My character does not think such evil thoughts yet…..
      But then again, I should not be thinking them OT either :/

      The “forgetufullness” is something I definitly want to play with. After reading up some white-wolf material again, it is stated that Vampires have a hard time learning new things, so Oliver not knowing these rules will have a hard time learning as well I guess, especially with his player being forgetfull if he doesn’t write anything down……

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