Vampire The Masquerade: Funeral in Regensburg


Time for another round of Vampire the Masquerade. This time some “major” events actually took place that will have a significant impact on Oliver. I was actually pleasantly surprised that the evening turned out like this, and I’m really looking forward to the upcoming consequences of everything that happened this weekend.

I still need to invest my last discipline point with Oliver, and based on what has happened, I’ve chose to put this in Protean. Just need to find someone that’s willing and able to teach the little one this. Oh and remember to actually ask for it as well during our plays.

The Funeral


Oliver had received an invitation for an evening in Regensburg. The theme for the night was a “funeral” to say goodbye to the people leaving the community, and to go through the hole together that these people leave behind. The theme itself didn’t interest Oliver at all.  He had no feelings of guilt, remorse or sadness when thinking about people he might have lost somewhere. However the invitation was interesting in that it was organized by a Childe like himself.

Without wasting too much time, he asked Klara if he could go, and also contacted Jones whether he could look out for him in Regensburg while he was there. Both agreed, so Oliver set off towards Regensburg, this time crossing the distance on foot through the various woods that he would encounter along the way.

Arriving in Regensburg, Oliver met up with Jones. They greeted each other and made a few arrangements for the night. As soon as they were ready, the proceeded to the location, where Oliver introduced himself to the host of the evening: Childe Jenna, of Clan Malkavian.

The evening started off casually as more and more guests arrived during the evening. Respecting the traditions, Oliver introduced himself to each of them. Most of them he already knew, some of them were completely new, never seen before.

Once all the guests had arrived, Jenna announced the purpose of the evening, and the small “game” that came along with it. A small bowl was presented with several small notes inside of it. Everyone had to pull one out of the bowl. The word that stood on the note had to be explained before everyone in a specific manner: Was it alive in our community, do we bury it tonight or save it?

Oliver received the word “Understanding” after trading his note a few times. Apparently he was the only one trading his note around, but in the end he was satisfied with what he had. The game proceeded and everyone was divided into groups of three, with 10 minutes between each group to present the word on their note. Eventually Oliver’s turn came.

Oliver was standing at the time of his turn, and he was holding the note in his hand. He looked over the entire group present and started to talk:

“‘Understanding’ does not need to be buried. It has been dead for a long time“, he said as the threw the paper on the ground. “In our community we have rules, positions, offices and traditions. And we follow them blindly. Ghoul bows to Child, bows to Neonate, bows to Ancilla, bows to Elder. We have 6 traditions saying what we can do and can’t do. But nobody of us understands them, and just follows them blindly without understanding their meaning.” Oliver took a small gaze over the entire group again. I’m a Childe, a young one at that, but that’s what I observe and feel in our community. Perhaps we do have a few among us that understand the traditions, but most do not. And that’s all I have to say about it, and sat back down on his chair while receiving a big applause.

The night itself proceeded relatively quietly. Without actually wanting it, Oliver was again the center of various discussion surrounding himself and the rights of Clan Gangrel, as well as Children in general of the community. Jones got in a heated discussion with Ancilla Orsini, but the most interest part of the evening was the conversation that Oliver hat with Herr Sausche.

It was mostly small talk, until the point where the Seneschal actually suggested that perhaps Oliver should hold a domain evening in München as well, being the only Child of Clan Gangrel. He would be the first of his clan to do so. Oliver had to think about the idea for some time, but said that he would present it to Klara and Marius, to get their support on this. A theme for organizing such a night, he had already in mind.

The most interesting part came at the end of the evening, where Jones asked Oliver to join him outside. When both were standing outside, Jones immediately grabbed Oliver and asked him why he was wearing that cat bell around his neck. Oliver explained that it had three meanings, and was part of his education from Klara. He said he had found out two, but was still looking for the third explanation. Jones ripped the bell of Oliver, and tore it to pieces, explaining that he’s a Gangrel, not a house cat, and should not be told what he should be doing.

Before Oliver went back home, Jones handed him a small carton box, containing the shredded bell and a small note saying “Love, Jones.” and instructed Oliver that it would help him in his explanation as to why he didn’t wear the cat bell anymore.



Another great evening. Played around again with the gecko “Otto”, which got some nice reactions again. Still trying to find a victim….I mean test subject….to try something with the gecko.

The speech I gave with Oliver about “understanding”, was something I came up with on the fly, but the feedback I received both IT and OT was awesome. I honestly did not expect to achieve this kind of result with it. But then again it shows that even a new born Child can have an understanding of the Vampire community and it’s flaws.

Still looking into getting that last discipline point distributed, and that’s going to be my goal on the next domain night in München: Learn Protean I as skill, and see if I can survive the combined rage of Marius and Klara when they learn about the missing cat bell.


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