Vampire the Masquerade : Clan Gangrel Organises


Been a while since I wrote one of these. I have to admit, a lot of time has been going to WildStar these last weeks, and some of the evenings planned in Regensburg and Nurnberg did not take place, which kinda creates a big gap in the activity. However, this time Clan Gangrel, my own blood, organised the evening in München with an added twist to the evening. The initial set up was to have Childe Olivar organise the evening without the guests knowing this. The goal was to bring the other clans a better understanding of how Clan Gangrel actually works.

An evening by Clan Gangrel


Oliver was trekking around with Marius about a week before the evening was supposed to take place. Despite having announced to organise the evening in question, they had not found a suitable location yet. This changed when they stumbled across a Farm with a couple living there and their grand-mother. Oliver and Marius slept in the stables and waited till the night before they entered the Farm. Oliver was not really sure what Marius was planning, but it became clear really fast when Marius knocked all three unconsciousness when they entered the Farm and tied them up.

This repeated itself over the coming days. Every evening, Marius would knock them first unconsciousness and when they woke up again, force them to drink his blood, ghouling them in the process. The grand-mother however did not survive the process, and Oliver felt uneasy about it, having doubts about what they were doing in the first place. Clan Gangrel was not known to be kind to it’s ghouls or have many in the first place, but this felt like needless torture of food before putting it out of it’s misery. The night before the actual evening, the Gangrel already gathered to receive the latest information from Marius regarding the Domain and running affairs (( Sorry, not allowed to tell more! ))

The evening itself, Clan Gangrel was already present at the Farm before the first guests arrived. Arrangements were made where the members of the Clan would support Oliver on his evening, doing whatever was asked, without questioning the whelp during the evening. The game they set up was that nobody would reveal who the host was for the evening. The guests were encouraged to find this out themselves in order to test their skills at tracking down information.

The plan worked great at first, as many were confused. The ghouls or Marius did not make it easier for the guests when Josh started to introduce himself as the Host for the evening, since it was his farm. Otto, the Gecko Ghoul of Oliver was sitting at the improvised bar, and several guests actually believed him to be the host of the evening as a sick and twisted joke by Clan Gangrel. One of the very first guests to actually figure out Oliver was the host, was Frau Duval, Ancilla of Regensburg, who earned a chair to sit on for herself, kicking off the second part of the game.

The evening itself was not held in the Farm house, but actually in the stables. Clan Gangrel had chased out the animals, and cleaned the place a little bit, removing most of the filth on the floor. The place was decorated with various animal skins and pelts, making it cosy and comfortable for the Gangrel who were present. An example was Oliver sleeping on one of the big skins until the first guests arrived, where he was woken up by Staubkind, who yelled that “Tinkerbell” should get up and not sleep. What the guests themselves found of the evening was of no concern to the clan.

As the evening progressed, the Ghouls of Marius were starting to draw more attention and knowledge about the situation they found themselves in, learning about Vampires and their society. One of the Ghouls, Natasha, actually had the courage to kneel and sit down next to Oliver, asking if his nose and ears were actually real. Oliver who still had mixed feeling about these ghouls, and was a ghoul himself, set his hatred for them aside and explained how he got these. When she asked to touch his ears, Oliver warned her not too.

During the evening a few more guests managed to figure out that Oliver was the actual host, but Oliver himself was not impressed. He expected the other Vampires to have much better investigation skills, and broke the first part of the game by announcing that he was actually the host for the evening, and moving the game to the second part: claiming chairs and by Gangrel tradition, tell stories. At this point, Oliver got a smirk on his face, as the expressions of various guests was priceless when he made the announcement.

Later on the evening, Herr Spatz also showed up. Agitated at first, he calmed down later on and was automatically given a chair without the need to prove himself. Oliver did not care whether the other guests would understand the motion behind his action, but in Clan Gangrel one respects those above him because they have proven to be stronger. Not because they have the Ancilla status in the society. This was one of the rules of the evening: Status, Rank and titles were left at the door. If you wanted something during the evening, you had to fight for it and prove your position inside the group present.

This resulted in Nosferatu Manfred winning a Duel against Gangrel Russ. The fight was fair and fought without the usage of Disciplines, although Russ complained that it was unfair. Marius and Oliver concluded he was just a soar loser and that the fight was fought fair between the both of them, settling the dispute they had.

The evening took a more dramatic turn at the end. Marius called both his ghouls to the center of the stable. At this point he started to explain how Clan Gangrel actually works with their ghouls, and what happens with a tool when it actually loses it’s usefulness. The sentence was not even barely finished, or both ghouls were slain brutally on the spot by the Gangrel present. While some of them started to drink from the blood, Oliver did his best not to lose control over his inner beast, but he felt no remorse for them, no pity, no regret. 2 Humans brutally slaughtered in front of his eyes, and he did not even flinch or care anymore.

As the evening came to an end, plans were made to burn the Farm down and make it look like an accident to hide the bodies. The gas pipes were destroyed using some ghouled rats and the place was set ablaze. Before heading off with the rest of the pack, Oliver spend some minutes alone with Sammie, and decided to follow up on the offer when she asked if he thought about the offer she made at the evening where they last met. Agreeing to the request, he offered his arm and let her drink his blood, forming a new blood band between the both of them.



Keeping it rather short as the evening itself did not last that long compared to a normal play. Despite that, I had a blast. The concept we came up with turned out great and the feedback afterwards was great too. Something we should definitely repeat. I have not included every scene into this as some of them were to awesome and describing them here would not do them any justice. So if you’re left out, sorry.

A few changes on Oliver:

  • His humanity has now dropped to 4!
  • He has a new blood band with Sammie from Berlin
  • Keeping control over his beast is becoming more difficult, he got lucky that night
  • He passed his test with the bell around his neck, discovering the meaning. This results in him having more freedom and doing what he wants
  • He’s gonne be an ass the next evening 😀



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