Vampire The Masquerade : Auction at Clan Nosferatu


Another month passed, so time for a new article. Been working a bit on the concept of Oliver, and there’s a few things in the pipeline that will be played out over the coming months. Not going to reveal anything about it yet, some people are aware of what’s in the pipeline, but I do not want to spoil too much on the blog, and rather have people play it out. I really enjoyed the play, small group, but it was really fun. Had great interfaction with a few people as well. Even people I’d not expect to be interacting with at all. LogoClanGangrel The Auction

Oliver has been spending more and more time in the woods of Klara’s loan instead of being at her house. He still drops by every few nights, just as a sign that he’s still alive and around, but Oliver has been finding it increasingly difficult to remain in more populated areas the last few months. People dying around him seem to have a lesser impact overall as well. At the beginning the first sight of blood or even attacking a Human was something that completely put him off. Now it’s a day of his life and does not even affect him at all.

One day he was spending the night again in the nearby woods, when he reached the clearing in the wood where he normally spends his time looking at the moon, listening to the forest and letting the larger animals such as deer keeping him company. But something was strange this time. The forest was quiet. Disturbed. In the middle of the clearing on the tree stump, a letter was waiting for him. Opening and reading the letter, it was an invitation from Clan Nosferatu to join an Auction where many commodities would be sold.

Grabbing the letter he made his way back to Klara’s house, where he witness Russ getting beaten to a pulp by her. Not getting the entire reason and conversation, he did pick up that Russ was supposed to accompany him towards the Nosferatu evening, so asking permission to go was no longer required. Arriving at the location on the day of the Auction, Oliver and Russ met with Wagner, the Ghoul of Baader and were informed about how the evening was to proceed. The invitation mentioned that everyone was supposed to be wearing masks, and Oliver was being pointed out by the Ghoul that he was not wearing a mask. With a look of disgust, Oliver quickly pulled up his bandanna to show he’s masked enough and went inside.

Russ and Oliver took a table in the middle of the room, and were accompanied by Claudia from Clan Brujah where they made a quick chat and then just waited for the Auction to proceed. The evening was divided into 4 rounds of things being sold. Most of the commodities turned out to be information that was obtained by Clan Nosferatu. Looking over the list, Oliver found several bits of information that actually pertained to the Clan and he was not sure if this was information that could be left outside the Clan. The Nosferatu explained that everything could be bought with the normal currency of  “favors”, “debts”, “blood-bands” and “life debt”. Oliver had a few tokens he could use to bargain but he’d probably had to make a few new debts if he wanted the information.

  • The first part was information about Russ’ background why he drinks so much. Neither of the Gangrel won this, but Claudia of Clan Brujah did. After the Auction, Oliver managed to actually persuade Claudia to sell him the information in return for a glass of his blood. Oliver agreed by filling a glass of blood and handed it to Claudia who returned the information back to Russ. Later on Oliver saw how Claudia handed the blood to Frau Duval, resulting in Frau Duval having now a blood-band with Olivar.
  • The second part of information was about Oliver himself. Not really bothered with the kind of information being sold, Oliver did not really bid on the item. Frau Duval won the auction and just handed over the information to Oliver without reading it. Later on Oliver returned the information back to her after confirming what was inside.
  • The third part of information was about the relation and secret between Marius and Salome. Oliver knew part of this secret and thought it was a good thing to keep this inside the Clan and not have someone outside the Clan know about this. Oliver won the auction by trading his favor with Stein for the info.
  • The fourth part of information was about an Ancilla being active in München but nobody knew about. Owing a favor to Baader, Oliver obtained the information and learned some new facts about Spatz.
  • Working together Russ, both the Gangrel secured information about Anna, the granddaughter of Ludoviga. The information was obtained by Russ forming a blood-band with Baader to secure the information.
  • Talking to one of the Ventrue and selling some information he had about upcoming events by eavesdropping on Clan Torreador, Oli was able to obtain some information about Marius and his relation to Rezi.
  • Last but not least, a special Auction was done by Clan Torreador. Here the last will of Bourbon was being auctioned. Oliver swore a blood-band + his favor with Ancilla Duval in order to obtain this document. Winning the action, Oliver learned he now needs to get in touch with Zoe who actually owns the document.

The evening itself for Oliver went pretty smooth. One Brujah thought she had to make a point by calling out Oliver that he entered her area and should leave. Not in the mood for a pointless fight, Oliver replied she should move somewhere else and just moved on to do what he was doing the whole evening : collecting all the pillows to build a nest under the stack of tables on the side. Loosing control several nights ago trying to control his beast resulted in an urge to build a next every time he’s somewhere for a longer time. Gangrel_by_schwarzeskaetzchen Summary

Short article, as the evening itself can be summerized so easily in the above points. The experience was still amazing though. Just curious now what will come out of this with the things Oliver promised in order to obtain all the information. The blood-band with the Ancilla opens many new benefits that could be explored.


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