December seems to be loaded with LARP as it seems. Just looking at the local plays, I basically spend three weekends on LARP. Not that I mind to be honest, as it’s actually quite fun, and I’ve noticed the plays in both groups to be stabalizing and two distinct cores of people forming. Which makes my position a lot easier, as I’m sort of a wanderer between both groups.

Also been working on the new concept, and took another step in that direction at the play by finally spending my last discipline point in Animalism. With this move, I’ve pretty much decided that Oliver is not going to be a fighter Gangrel, but more of a scout or spy. The concept I’d like to work out, as described in the previous blog post, is that of a Gangrel who spends most of his time outside in the woods surrounding his home. Controlling packs of foxes, mice, rats, birds. The idea behind this should be that when you enter the territory of Oliver, you won’t be able to do so unseen. Most of the animals Oliver will ghoul are scavengers, meaning they can pick up the scent of death pretty well, making it really hard for any Vampire to stay in these woods unnoticed.

However, this brings along a differen problem. Because I’m playing basically in both groups, due the way the stories have unfolded, I need a proper way to share information and changes cross group, make sure that whatever I wish to play fits both groups and that both groups are up to date on changes. And not get myself into too much trouble for being in both domains so often.

Treme Evening – Invitation by Robert Alexander von Schellesheim

Oliver read the invitation again, and looked sceptical at one of the rats in front of him. The little rodent had brought him the letter from Klara’s home, and was waiting for a little bit of praise from Oliver. Petting the rat on the head, Oliver took out his mobile phone and tried to call Marius. After several attempts, and not being able to reach Marius, Oliver gave up and tried to think up a solution.

The Gangrel still had the right of passage in München, thanks to the ancient Gangrel treaties that Prince Ferdinand von Bayreuth had confirmed once more at the last court. Using this advantage, Oliver traveled to München, leaving a short scribbled note behind where he would be for Klara. Instructing one of his rats to bring the note to Klara’s house, Oliver jumped in his car and drove off. It was not really Gangrel-like, but at the moment the fastest way to get from Ingolstad to München. Arriving in München, the first thing he did was visit Salome, so she was aware of his presence in München. Both of them would then travel together to the location of the meeting.

Arriving at the location, several other Vampires were already present when Salome and Oliver arrived. Extending the formal greetings upon arriving, Oliver was welcomed as Guest, and allowed to stay the evening. This important action was sufficient to protect him for the time being here in München, building on the guest-right that the Camarilla upholds so well.

As more and more Vampires arrived at the evening, Marius finally showed up as well. At first Oliver just observed Marius, not talking to him. His behavior revealed that something was not entirely correct, and perhaps it was better to keep some distance. However after a few minutes, the two did start to talk, and Oliver asked why Marius did not answer on his mobile. Not getting a clear answer, and Marius constantly playing with his lighter, made Oliver antsy. At some point Oliver told Marius to put the damned thing away, as fire was still a scary thing, but this did not entirely go as expected. Marius grabbed Oliver by the hair and pushed him down, signaling his dominance over the whelp and showing it’s place. When Oliver submitted, Marius let go and made it clear that Oliver should not do this again.

Another new thing was with Clan Malkavian. One of their ghouls, always running around with a camera and taking pictures, was no longer a ghoul. He was, like Oliver, a Childe now. This was amusing for Oliver, because it would mean he was no longer the only one on these evenings, and potentially found a new target to draw away attention from himself. It became more apparent that Oliver would be able to gain some benefit out of this fresh Childe, as it was already scolded when Ancilla Von Rosenberg entered the room and the new Childe failed to kneel properly.

At one point, another Ancilla was intoduced. His name was “Bock” or something, Oliver did not really paid much attention during the announcement, but Oliver did pick up this Ancilla belonged to Clan Torreador. It became immediately clear, that this Ancilla was nothing more then a ladiesman, as his interest only went out to the female Vampires, and some of the remarks….well they made Oliver question the intend and purpose of this Ancilla.

As the evening progressed, Herr von Schellersheim invited all guests to join him into an adjecent room where a complete Tribunal was displayed, representing the order of power in the Domain of München. Starting of a speech about how the Camarilla was his faith, and how everyone should be thankful for being part of this, Oliver throught by himself, that this rambling was like going to Church or hearing some other fanatic talk about his ideals. Oliver did value the Camarilla, but on a different level and aspect then what he heard in this room.

All guests were invited to say a few words on how they perceived the Camarilla, and what it means for them to be part of the Camarilla. Most citizens of München spoke their thanks to their Prince, that the Ventrue ruling this city, was the embodiement of the Camarilla and that the structure put in place was the definition of it. Oliver thought they were all fishing for compliments and trying to make themselves look good in the eyes of the Ancilla present in the room. But of course this was not something he’d say in the open. Being a Childe in a different domain could have unpleasant consequences when saying such thoughts aloud.

Finally Oliver turns came to say his thoughts and feelings about being in the Camarilla, and what it stood for:



“Unfortunately, I have to agree with Herr Faust.

The Camarilla is put in place to protect. To protect the young ones like myself from the Elders. But to protect the Elders from young ones. Protection works both ways in the Camarilla. It protects us from ourselves, it protects us from one another, and it protects us from the Humans, just like it protects the Humans from us.

The Camarilla is build upon mutual protection. If you wish to be protected by that what we call the Camarilla, then you in turn must protect that which the Camarilla stands for.”

As Oliver finished his talk and went back to his place, he received a small applause from those present, and had his words confirmed once more by Ancilla von Rosenberg. After the evening, Ancilla von Rosenberg would take Oliver to her side before saying  goodbye and once more confirm that his words left an impression, and that his progress towards the Etiquette and general functioning in the Camarilla society had taken great steps forward once more. The “forced” etiquette training was no longer mandatory, but Oliver would always be able to ask Ancilla von Rosenberg for advice when it came to the Etiquette and was free to ask for help should he deem it nescecarry.

As everyone had finished his talk at the adjecent room, Herr von Schellerheim appointed Marius as Judge. The reason was that Marius had spoken out aggressivley when Amens started to talk before him and before the other Ancilla in the room, threathening her that she should learn her place, and how it was a disgrace that a Gangrel of all had to teach this group the importance of the Etiquette. Based on this, Marius was to judge those who broke the Etiquette and Camarilla tradition. Punishment was to be delivered by drinking a Vial of blood, representing the Officer stand in the domain whom they should account to.

Oliver did not understand how drinking this blood was supposed to be a punishment. Seeing that some suffered when drinking the blood, Oliver got a little bit scared that he was being called out as well, seeing he did break the Etiquette as well at the early evening by not properly greeting the host either. But Marius proclaimed after selecting those who spoke out of turn, that the others were too young to fully understand the workings of the world and should be forgive for their mistakes. This made Oliver reliefed. Later on Marius explained, that he was fond of Oliver, and that the reason for forgiveness was exactly that.

The evening progressed without further incidents. Oliver spend some time talking with the new Childe of Clan Malkavian, who apparently was trying to make others do his bidding by practising a discipline. The results were…..amusing to say the least. Apparently he was given the task of practising his ability, but not given clear instructions on how to do so. His first attempt with Oliver was to make Oliver fill a glass with blood, which resounded in a clear “No”. A later attempt had only a small success as Oliver poured some of the contents from his glass into the glass of the other Childe. Gloating over it’s success and questioning whether Oliver did this voluntarely, made Oliver realise what happened. At this point Oliver made it clear to the other Childe that he owed him a favour for being able to practise his discipline on him.

Things got more interesting when the Childe took picture of Marius, who made it clear that this was not wanted. Grabbing the Childe by the troath, Marius caused some commotion but in the end he took the Childe back out with him. After a few minutes Marius came back inside. Not soon after the Childe followed him, with his troath covered in bandages and bleeding. marius, being true to his word, had literally ripped out the troath of the Childe.
Sitting quietly in the sofa now, the Childe waved at Oliver to come closer and asked him if it was possible to heal these wounds. With a big smile on his face, Oliver came closer and asked if Marius used his claws to tear out the troath. When the explanation followed, Oliver had a wicked smile on his face, and pressed with his finger on the troath, causing pain on the other Childe, saying he should have listened and learned his place. The Childe asked if these wounds could be healed. Oliver explained the whole process of healing, how to focus one thoughts on the wounds, picturing it in your mind that the wound closes, forcing the blood to go there and then activate it through sheer willpower.

Oliver did not mention that this didn’t work immediatly for wounds caused by fire, claws or other aggrevated sourced. So the Childe tried it a few times. After the third time, Oliver pressed with his finger on the wounds again, causing the pain to disrupt the concentration. The Childe asked why it was not working and how long it would take. Oliver smiled, and said he was owed two favours now for explaining the healing process and then walked away with a big smile.

The final part of the evening, Oliver spent time with Salome, who was holding one of his rats the entire evening. They talked about communicating with Animals, how this practise set them apart from the others. Even amongst the Gangrel, this discipline was only understood and used by a few in the pack. Salome explained how being able to talk with Animals would help Oliver understand his inner beast. She also promised him to train and teach him which Marius could not. A small test followed when Salome talked to the gray rat that Oliver was holding and then gave it back, asking what it had to say. Olive focused on the small rodent and listened to its chittering:

“little rat……different….fast…flash..flash”

At first the words came really fast, and Oliver had to focus on them. But once he understood them, it was a description. Looking confused at Salome, then back at the rat, Oliver tried to decipher the description the little rodent gave him. After thinking it over a bit, Oliver finally deciphered with the help of Salome that his little rat was actually making fun of the Malkavian Childe and considerd it weird or different from the others in the room.

Salome then proceeded to instruct Oliver that you could also give commands to these little critters. A small test was that Oliver needed to give a command that would make the rat understand it was supposed to scurry to Salamanca next to him and crawl on his arm. This took a bit of practise as Oliver tried several things like “move to red human”, “human in red”, but the rodent squeaked it couldn’t find such a person. Salome explained that figure of speech was needed, and suggested to try it with “move to next skin”. Giving this command, the little rat scurried to Salamanca and crawled on his arm, causing the Vampire to jump up from the sofa, and Oliver bursting out in laughter.

After some random chatting with the remaining guests, the Gangrel decided that it was time to leave. Marius and Salome had  a desire to go hunting. They both invited Oliver to join, who was also interested now. Originally they wanted to turn this into a competition, and the winner would get to chose a favor. Oliver said that participating on the hunt would be sufficient for him. This seemed to please the other two Gangrel and so it was decided that a simple, thrilling hunt would end the day for the three of them.



So, for a relaxed evening, this was actually quite fun. Finally got to spend my last discipline point, and really happy with the future plans I have in mind. Now just need to sort something out with the SL of both groups to make this work across both groups without problems.

So right now as it stands, Oliver has the following:

  • 2 points in Animalism
  • 1 point in Fortitude
  • 2 rat ghouls
  • Blood ties:
    • One with Salome (expires soon)
    • One with Spatz (expires soon)
    • One with his Sire
    • One with Lynn
    • Ancilla Duval has one with Olivar
    • Sammie has one with Olivar

So yeah, we’ll see what happens in the upcoming plays 😀


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