Vincere Tollere Mori : The new Seneschall


This was the first play in 2015, and I must say it was quite an interesting one. Not only the fact that I first drove 830km from Belgium back to München and joined the play at the same evening, but also the events that have unfolded during this play, as well as some conversations with our “Spielleitung” (the game masters). I’ve finally chosen a goal I want to aim for with my character, and also fleshed out more of the background and out-of-play actions that my character does.

Of course this all depends on the willingness of the other players as well, because a lot of the information I require needs to come from them. An example is the ghouls that my character currently possesses. These are ghoul foxes, that patrol around the area of Erding, in search for dead, vampire creatures. This leads me to the opportunity to find out if others trespass through my area and use this information in my plays.

As for goal, I want to achieve the sheriff position with Oliver. In our game it’s called “Vogt”, translated into German.
The problems I have to deal with are: becoming a Neonate, becoming a citizen of the Domain and actively working towards the position by impressing the right people.
It will not be an easy path, but I think it’s definitely something worth aiming for.

The new Seneschall


The new year had started. Unlike what normal humans do, Oliver was not interested in this whole Christmas and New Years celebrating. It reminded him too much of his past, the social ties that were broken, and the fact that he was once human. Instead, Oliver was spending his time in the forests around Erding. Spending most nights simply running through the grasslands and woods with one of his favourite fox-ghouls. The animal was the least troublesome to deal with, and obeyed most commands without too much fussing. Both found great pleasure in chasing down rabbits and pheasants in the fields. It was a nice fun-activity outside the daily patrols around their house.

Oliver really got into the hunting now, after he had taken down a deer in a hunt with Marius and Salome. The three of them went hunting in the Christmas period, end of December, after Oliver had visited München again. He was invited by Salome and Marius after behaving himself exemplary. It was then for Oliver a pleasant surprise to be able to join in on their hunt and able to take down a deer himself, sharing the loot with the two other Gangrel afterwards.

When Oliver got home again, a letter was waiting for him. Klara had received the same letter, but she was not around. Taking a gamble, Oliver decided to attend the evening. The night of the evening, Klara was still not around. Oliver assumed she was dealing with Russ again, and just send her a small text-message with his phone before heading off. Her reply was indeed what he had guessed, she was occupied with “family” issues, but agreed that Oliver could go, and should keep an eye out on a few characters if they were present. Replying that he’d behave and if there was a message for Spatz, Oliver dashed off to the local Thermae in Erding where the evening would take place. But before leaving the safety of the house, Oliver called out to one of his ghouls, and his favourite fox appeared. Together they would run through the fields and woods until they reached their destination, where the fox would keep watch outside.

Arriving at the location, Oliver went inside, but signalled to his fox to stay in the area. As he entered the building, Ancilla Duval was right in front of him and greeted him as Oliver made his way up the stairs. Not following the etiquette, as they were still in public view, Oliver simply greeted back and help open the door for her. Upon entering the room, Oliver ignored the ghoul next to him who was supposed to welcome everyone, and proceeded towards the Host of the evening, waiting his turn to introduce himself.

Armin von Sausche was surprised to see Oliver alone, and immediately asked the question who was looking after him. Oliver replied that he was here alone on Klara’s orders, given an assignment and that she knew he was alone here. Armin responded about the consequences of such actions, but Oliver rebuked that he was aware and capable of taking care of himself and deal with the consequences. Armin said he’d take it up with Klara, but Oliver was not really impressed by these words. Once the introductions were over, Oliver sought out Jones and greeted him. Not shortly after another Gangrel entered and Marius showed up as well.

Oliver slowly started to make his round with all the guests present in the room. Some of the faces he had seen before, and their scent and behaviour seemed familiar. At some point, Oliver ended up with Mobius, of clan Torreador. Mobius asked if Oliver would be so kind to teach his ghoul some of the basics of the Vampire society. With great disdain, but not showing it publicly, Oliver accepted and placed himself next to the Ghoul, introducing himself and asking what she knew and how long she was in the service of Mobius.
The ghoul replied that she’d be with him for 2 months and was hoping to be elevated in our society. This made Oliver chuckle, and asked her if she truly understood the consequences of being turned into a Vampire, and more importantly, the consequences of being here in this room with 10 predators. This continued back and forth with questions and answers from both sides.During this conversation, Spatz entered the room. Everyone stood up and kneed, but Oliver had to call out the ghoul to kneel as well. Not really sure why he did it, but it just seemed to be the best thing at the moment. Surely it was just a ghoul, but something in the back of his head said it was better for now to just inform her and keep her alive.

Later on the evening, it was revealed that those interested in becoming the Seneschall for the Domain, should present themselves in the room to make their position clear. Initially nobody stepped forward, which gave Oliver an idea. Making his way towards Ancilla Duval, Oliver asked her the following question:


What would it represent if a Childe stepped forward and declared his interest in becoming the Seneschall and nobody else of the Domain did. What would that say about the Domain and it’s inhabitants?

Ancilla Duval made it clear, that such a thing would be a bad idea for Oliver, and encouraged him to step away from it. She explained that these positions are something one should work for and prove that one is worthy of having a position like this. At this point she asked Oliver if he knew about the other Childe in the room. Oliver nodded “no”, and Ancilla Duval pointed to a Childe sitting in the corner near the chessboard. Apparently this was the Childe of the Stein, who was missing for several months now. As Oliver’s eyes grew large at seeing another Childe without Sire around, Ancilla Duval dropped the subtle hint, that protecting someone or something of the Domain would be a task that the Sheriff normally undertakes, and that perhaps it would be a good step for someone aspiring on the position to look after the Childe.

Oliver thought a bit about the possibilities and consequences. She was right in that this would be a nice stepping stone for obtaining the Sheriff position, but Oliver’s mind was coursing in a totally different direction. The childe of Stein, the Vampire who had been tormenting his evenings the last months, trying to ridicule him and get the better of him for being a Childe. This could turn out to be the perfect tool for getting back at Stein if Oliver could get his hands on this Childe.
Agreeing with the proposition made by Ancilla Duval, Oliver approached the Childe and striked up a conversation. At this point he learned that she was indeed the Childe of Stein, and Oliver explained the situation she was in. Oliver promised he’d find out what he could about Stein and if anyone had seen him.

As the evening progressed and Oliver started to get more and more information about Stein, some potential patterns started to show. It seems whomever Oliver asked, they had a problem with Stein, even members of his own Clan. Getting rid of this Vampire might turn out easier then Oliver expected. As he was curled up in his thoughts, Oliver noticed Armin von Sausche talking with the Childe, and then Ancilla Duval approached Oliver, saying that the Childe was in danger and required a place to stay until her Sire was found again.

At this point, Oliver stepped towards the Childe and said she could stay at his and Klara’s place. An attempt to get her at Leo’s place, the former Primogene of Clan Brujah failed as Leo was not really willing or capable of doing so. Klara replied to his text message that she was surprised the little whelp succeeded in getting his paws on this Childe, but that he could bring her along until they found Stein. Oliver however did not reveal his plans yet to Klara what he intended to do with this Childe. After announcing to Armin, who had become the Seneschall on Spatz’s order, that he’d take the Childe along and that it was under the protection of Clan Gangrel of Oberbayern, his little eyes flared up with delight when the Childe itself offered to join on a hunt with Oliver. Oh she had no idea what fun that would entail, for Oliver at least.



First of all, I’m really happy that the background for Oliver has been established. Now he’ll  be the Gangrel who relies on his Animalism discipline more then on his Protean one. He’s not really going to be a core-fighter character, but more something of a spy-master who relies on pets and animals to get information and track down things. An idea I have in mind is to really hunt down something in the woods using my ghouls.

The next goals at the moment are:

  • Being hunted by the Clan, so he’s no longer a Whelp
  • Getting Neonate position in Oberbayern
  • Getting the Sheriff position in Oberbayern
  • Finding out who my Sire is.

Also getting a new discipline point, which I’ll use to get my first point in Protean. SL said I’d get it in February, so I’d probably talk in game again with Klara to get my training sorted in understanding the Protean discipline.

Now I’m just hoping to get more OT informations through mail so we can expand the play big time.


oh and we’re building a website for our play group as well 😉


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