Kohlhase’s Court


This play took place in Berlin. For me, it was the very first time that I actually played in Berlin. We’ve had people from Berlin visit us before, and they have very interesting characters to say the least. At the very beginning, I was a bit reluctant to be playing Oliver in Berlin, as this would be a play where quite a few Elders would be attending, making the play itself more dangerous for Oliver. At least that’s what I though.

I’ve also learned quite a few things at the play, made some new contacts both in and out of the game. Using these learnings, I plan to twist Oliver around a bit, and change his play style. This won’t be anything dramatic, but easier to explain in that he has “seen” things, and that his Elder Ludoviga expected certain things.


Kohlhase‘s Court


Oliver was aware that in Frankfurt a court was going to be held. He had received the invitation, read it, and talked with Klara about it. After discussing the advantages and disadvantages of travelling there, it was decided that Oliver better remained home instead of poking around on the evening where Elders would be attending. This all changed when Oliver received a hand-written letter from Ludoviga, stating that he was to come to Regensburg, and join her on the flight to Frankfurt, as he would be accompanying her during the trip. Without wasting too much words, and having a final chat with Klara, Oliver made his way towards Regensburg to meet with his Elder and prepare for the trip to Frankfurt.

They arrived early in Frankfurt, on a Friday. The Court was to be held on Saturday, but on their arrival they received letters from a Ghoul that they were invited to a small gathering. Oliver asked if he could go, said he wanted to see if anyone was there he’d know, and just get familiar with the entire surroundings. Ludoviga said he could go, but that he was expected back at a specific hour, and better not be late. Agreeing to the time, Oliver set off towards the gathering, only to be picked up along the way by Sammie, a Gangrel he knew.

Together they arrived at the location, Sammie introduced them both. As they entered the room, Oliver saw a few familiar faces, but also many new, unknown faces. At this point his animal instinct took over, as well as Sammie’s and they both explored the room first, getting familiar with their surroundings, and then found a small spot at the side where they could watch over the entire room and it’s inhabitants like two big cats.

The evening itself proceeded quite calm without any major incidents. At some point, both Gangrel got bored, and started playing around with one of the ghouls present in the room. This led to a small chase between the Gangrel and the ghoul, which at some point got interrupted and both were told to behave themselves and let the ghoul alone. At this point, Oliver made his way across the room, near the ghoul, and let one of his rats climb up her leg, into her jacket. This resulted in the ghoul screaming the whole room together, and taking of half her cloths to get the rat out. As the little animal flew through the room from being tossed, 3 other Vampire called out Olivar’s name, who only shrugged, signalling it was not his fault.

As the evening progressed, Oliver has some small conversations with some of the Vampires he knew, explaining the changes that took place in southern Germany, how Spatz became the new Prince of Ober-Bayern, how the Gangrel and Domains had split and divided across both domains and many other things that he had information about. As the evening progressed, Sammie and Oliver decided to leave earlier then most, because the little whelp had to be back at Ludoviga’s place in time, as to not get into trouble. Sammie agreed to bring him back, so he would not get into trouble.


Today was the big day of the Court. Ludoviga handed Oliver her cigarettes before departing, and told him to keep them on him, in case she needed them. Outside that he was free to do as he pleased, as long as he did not cause her any problems. Oliver agreed politely and set of with Ludoviga, who explained they were going for a small hunt prior to attending the evening. It would be a good training for a whelp, she said.

As the hunt had passed, and both Vampires fed, they approached the location where the Court would be taking place. As they approached the building, they were approached by Jester, who has been hiding there the whole time. Jester greeted them, and started talking with Ludoviga about several political topics that didn’t really concern Oliver, so he ran off ahead and held open the doors for Ludoviga as they approached.

Upon entering the room, they were greeted and announced by Coqui, a Vampire of Clan Toreador. As they approached Kohlhazen, who was sitting at the end of the room, Ludoviga proceeded through the middle on her own pace, while keeping her look on Kohlhazen. Oliver and Jester swarmed out from her, looking at the guests who kneeled, and those who hadn’t. Some of the Toreador kept talking, even while being down on the floor, “showing” their respect to the passing Elder. At this point, Oliver wanted to smack one on the head for being disrespectful, but remembered Ludoviga’s words that he wasn’t supposed to cause trouble. He did remember those Toreador from the previous evening, and kept their faces imprinted in his memory for later.

As the formal greetings had passed, more Elders entered the room. The three Gangrel were standing at the side, Ludoviga reminded Oliver that he should sit down on the floor next to her, and Jester took his position in front of Oliver, to hide him from the Elders that entered the room. Peeking around Jester, Oliver got glimpses of those who entered the room: Prince Nikolai of Leipzig, and Prince von Brown of Bremen. Oliver had heard of them before, but never actually seen Nikolai before.

As the evening started to progress with conversations and social interaction, Oliver was told multiple times to go to specific groups of Neonates and Ancilla, and “kindly” reminded them that they were being disrespectful by sitting with their backs towards Kohlhazen. The first times, many of them tried to brush Oliver away, saying they shouldn’t be told of by a Childe. Oliver reprimanded them kindly that he was simply delivering them the words of Elder Ludoviga, and that if they had issues with this, they should be so kind and take it up with the Elder herself. This always resulted in what was asked: Vampires changing their position and tossing a quick look at Ludoviga.

The evening took a turn for the worse, when one of the ghouls, the exact same one that Oliver “played” with the night before, started to cause trouble. Apparently this ghoul was not really supposed to be here, but stood under the protection of Lilienfein. The ghoul was told to only server drinks and nothing more, but was always found to be hanging around the wife of von Brown. This was starting to upset the Gangrel, and they intervened a few times. At some point during the evening, Oliver was approached by a Vampire who’s face was…..lacking. Jester also followed, asking if Oliver approached him alone, or was summoned. When the situation was explained, Jester stayed around and listened in:

Oliver was being checked for liquidity, and after introducing himself as the Child of Clan Gangrel, he was offered some of the information for free. Namely that clan Gangrel was about to lose their ghoul if they did not act fast. Jester asked why this ghoul was so important, and at this point Oliver explained that this was actually a ghoul belonging to a Gangrel out of Magdeburg. This changed the way Jester looked at the ghoul, and the next time this ghoul was taken outside by von Brown, both Gangrel intervened and made it clear that this was their ghoul and to be left alone. However, this little game kept going on until at one point, Oliver was told to simply stalk the ghoul and see what happened. The ghoul was namely told that she was to enter the car of Lilienfein and go home. Instead she went along with von Brown instead. Oliver reported this back to Jester, who told him to report this to Lilienfein instead. At this point, Lilienfein called Prince von Brown, and made it really clear that the ghoul was to be returned in the hour or there would be severe consequences. This was a really painful situation for Prince von Brown, but not much later, he returned with the ghoul, and left in anger with his wife. Jester and Oliver sneaked behind them outside, to experience how he took out his anger on his wife. (( This took place at the end of the evening ))

Oliver also received various assignments from Jester during the course of the evening, instructing him to talk to other Vampires and find out information about specific political topics, and then report back to him. One of these assignments was finding out what the political situation in Hamburg was. This took quite a few attempts to get in contact with the right people, but eventually Oliver did find out and reported back to Jester.



There’s probably a lot more I can write about the evening, but without being there, it’s really hard to write it out properly. Oliver had even conversation with certain Elders, but writing that down would lose too much of it’s effect and reveal too much of what I have in mind for the coming plays.

I’ve had an amazing weekend, and I never expected to get so involved in an intrigue with Jester. At the end both of us where giggling like little kids when we experienced the scene with von Brown. Two Gangrel causing so much mischief as revenge.

I really hope to encounter more plays like this, and get people to do more, because this was simply awesome.


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