Vampire The Masquerade : Neighbours



Finally, time to write something again! I actually did not expect to be writing something, as I was not planning to participate in the play. Had some real-life commitments that would have prevented me from playing, but due sickness of the involved persons, they have been cancelled, and I was able to join the play nonetheless.

So again, I’ll be using this blog, to provide a recap of the evening from Oliver’s point of view and inform anyone who is interested about Oliver’s new status. Again, whatever is being shared here is considered OOC information and should be treated as such. The only way your character can know about this, is if he purchased it from Nosferatu or asked Oliver himself.

Also, the story will be a link between the Berlin play and the play from last weekend. This should close any open IC points that are still floating about in my head.


Oliver returned towards Regensburg after visiting Berlin together with Ludoviga. His initial plan to head back home after the long trip got foiled by Ludoviga herself as she ordered Oliver to stick around for a bit more. Her being the Elder of Clan Gangrel, made it quite clear that Oliver did not have a choice in this.

The first days that Oliver was spending at Ludoviga’s place were calm. But one night, Ludoviga took Oliver with her in the woods. As they entered the woods, Ludoviga said: “I will run through the woods, you simply keep up“. Oliver nodded, and started running behind Ludoviga in the woods. As they went deeper, the speed started to increase and the light from the moon started to fade. At first Oliver was still able to see, but every time he tried to make Ludoviga stop or complain, she simply picked up speed, making it harder for Oliver to follow.

At one point, Oliver lost sight of Ludoviga and stood still. Hearing a sound behind him, Oliver turned around only see a claw coming, and scratching his face, knocking him of his feet. “too slow” was the only answer he got, and as he got to his foot, Ludoviga started moving again in a different direction, towards the darker area of the wood. Oliver shouted out he could not see much, but got no reply and proceeded to follow as best as he could. During the running, branches and leaves were constantly slashing in his face, creating small wounds.

This exercise lasted several weeks, every night the same pattern being repeated. As the days progressed, Oliver managed to slowly keep up with Ludoviga and learned to move properly in the woods. He would still lose her track once the light completely disappeared. At some point, his frustration got the better of him, and he shouted that this was pointless. The anger was quickly followed with another claw to his face. “Learn your place, whelp. And focus on your eyes if you can’t see!“. Without waiting for a response, Ludoviga set off again, expecting Oliver to follow and learn.

3 days before the invitation of Zoe Thorn would take place, Ludoviga took Oliver with her again to the woods. Again they started running towards the dark area. As usual, Oliver would follow until it became too dark, and would stop. This time however, Oliver waited for the noise again that would reveal where Ludoviga would strike from. Gracefully dodging the incoming claw, Oliver looked up at Ludoviga, with a red glow coming from his eyes, only to see her smiling down on him. “Now you’ve learned something. Let’s go home and get you ready to go. You have an invitation waiting from Zoe“.

At the day of the invitation, Oliver made his way from Regensburg to Dachau, where the invitation took place. Using his own car, made the trip rather short and easy. Arriving at the location, Oliver entered the building and introduced himself with Zoe, the host of the evening, and apologised for not answering the invitation, but he was taken up by Ludoviga. After the formal introduction, Oliver sought out Klara and Russ, explaining why he didn’t answer any calls or messages, or why his face looked like it did.

At some point during the evening, Oliver noticed how Klara was standing next to a Malkavian, and got what seemed to be crawled under her chin and ear by this Malkavian. Oliver stood up and went to Klara, asking her if she was okay, and if she was okay being treated like a pet. This of course made Klara angry, and made her question Oliver. At this point Oliver walked away back to Russ, asking for his opinion when Klara approached. At this point Oliver confronted her with her behaviour and asked Russ what he had seen, confirming what Oliver said.

This forced Klara to act against Oliver, who refused to back down. Ultimately, Klara used her Dominate to force Oliver out of the room, sending him in a controlled rage as he walked out of the room. Not much later, Oliver returned and confronted Klara, by smacking her in the face with his fist. On this Klara reacted by pushing him down and placing her claws on his chest, reminding him of his place in front of everyone. Oliver submitted, and left it at that, his anger subsided.

Oliver and Klara sat together later on, explaining what happened and why Oliver reacted. At this point Klara was impressed by his explanation, on how sometimes a Childe can also teach something to his mentor. Klara agreed that it was perhaps time for Oliver to no longer be a Childe, and would sort that out at the next Thing. Oliver had no idea what she ment, and just shrugged it off.  As they were about to finish their conversation, they got interrupted by Zoe Thorn, who introduced a small event called “speed-dating”. 2 Vampires were selected and had to talk with each other about a given topic. Oliver got paired with Sofia, and their topic turned out to be Etiquette and Status in the Vampire society.

As the evening progressed, Oliver joined in the Poker game as dealer, and later on finished his conversation with Klara about the missing Stein and the new Setite that was seen in the domain, and seemed to know Russ. This alone rose suspicion between the two Gangrel, as many rumours circled around this Setite. Oliver and Klara agreed that they both would get to the bottom of this.


This evening was simply amazing. The aggression coming from Oliver towards Klara was not something I planned, but at that point it seemed simply a perfect scene for Oliver to try and find his borders inside his own little world. Loosing to Klara was not of concern, Oliver simply wanted to see where his abilities can bring him.

With the above story, Oliver now has the following disciplines:

  • Protean : *
  • Fortitude : *
  • Animalism : **

Oliver still has access to the following resources:

  • 4 fox ghouls
  • 2 rat ghouls
  • his car
  • his mobile

I’m also really happy that the plays from other playrounds are interweaving so nicely into my own play and that I can simply use these plays as awesome Gangrel stories.


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