Vampire The Masquerade : Covenant of the Envoys



So this weekend, we had another 2-day play. I want to apologise in advance for the lack of names that’s going to be in this blog entry. I’ve encountered so many new faces, and although I’ve heard the names and introduced myself multiple times, I’ve already forgotten half of them. But this is my problem, and something I also play out with my Character. He simply does not really care about names until that person becomes important for him. So please don’t be offended by the lack of names or any misspelling of the name, it’s not intentional 🙂

I will also only refer to the evening before the play briefly. I was not feeling really well, and my interaction to that evening was really limited to a few interactions at the beginning and the end. The rest of the evening is rather a blur in my mind at the moment. My fault, not the evening itself.

The Covenant of the Envoys


It’s a cold evening in München. Oliver, wearing his black hoody and bandanna, is making his way towards the location where the evening would take place. Still shaken up from the previous evening, where he was physically assaulted by another Gangrel for carrying his 2 ghoul rats around. Oliver was more shaken by the reaction, as he did not expect to encounter a Gangrel that would lose it when seeing a rat. On his way towards the location, Oliver tried to clear his mind and figure out if he could somehow keep his rats better hidden in his hoody.

Arriving at the location, Oliver was leaning against a tree, partially covered in the shadows and observed all the people at the location. Several faces were familiar, but many others were also unknown to Oliver. When Marius ran by, Oliver followed slowly and quietly behind him, trying not to reveal his presence until inside the building. It seemed to have worked, as Marius did not turn around once, or waited on Oliver. Then again, he could have known and just played along.

Inside, Oliver was greeted by Zoe Thorn, Herald of the Domain. After the formalities, Oliver asked the question who the host was, as the new Sehneschall invited everyone, but Oliver did not knew who this was. Zoe replied she could not tell him, but that she was the host until the new Sehneschall would arrive, and that he could have the guest-right inside the Domain. Afterwards, Oliver greeted Marius and had a short conversation with him about the important guests present in the room, introducing; or being introduced, himself to those with a more important function.

Not much later, Klara entered the room together with the Sehneschall of the Domain Ober-Bayern, Herr von Sausche. Marius asked if that was Klara. Oliver nodded and ran off to Klara, greeting her and von Sausche. Oliver was slightly pleased that she only asked if he was alright, and not where he had been or slept. For Oliver it ment she kept true to her word and no longer treated him like the small whelp he used to be.

As more guests entered the room, Klara and Oliver introduced themselves to all of them, making new connections and asking around about their knowledge and stance regarding the new Domain of Ober-Bayern. As they were making their rounds, Zoe Thorn took the room for herself and announced the program of the evening and introducing the new Sehneshall of München: Robert Alexander von Schellersheim. The new Sehneshall started by introducing himself and what he expected before moving on to the program of the evening : The prosecution of a member of the domain, for breaking the third tradition: Herr Salamanka of Clan Toreador.

Oliver was surprised nor shocked about the announcement of the prosecution. He was there when the third tradition was being broken, and resolved at the same evening. However he did not agree with the prosecution. As soon as the announcement was completed, Oliver made his way to Salamaka and started a conversation, and checked how much Salamanka knew about what was going on. Although Oliver had no feelings or friendship for the other Vampire, he did sell him some information that might save his hide during the tribunal if he played it right. Salamanka kindly thanked Oliver, and said he would not forget this.

Out of his own accord, Oliver started to talk with the various envoys of the domains and what their stance was regarding the new Domain of Ober-Bayern as well as their stance on the prosecution. Always starting the conversation with the same question:

Which tradition is more important? The one where we keep our identity hidden, and are unable to deal with the consequences, or creating one more of us, which we can control to ensure the first tradition does not get broken?

This threw off most of his conversation partners. Several agreed that breaking the third tradition in order to safeguard the first tradition was an acceptable course of action. Oliver did not care whether this was true or not, as the final decision lies with the tribunal and the Elder owning the domain. For Oliver all traditions are equally important as their spirit is what safeguards a Domain, not their individual purpose.

Safeguarding the First Tradition

The conversation got interesting when Oliver was in a conversation with Ancilla von Rosenberg, together with Klara. The same question was asked by Oliver where the Ancilla first agreed that this was an amendable course to take, but would still have consequences, to which Oliver agreed. The doubt however amongst those present was growing and they way it came across, Salamanka would have many “bystanders”, but owe Oliver big for this. Suddenly humans were spotted in the upper floor of the room they were in, but quickly escorted out by the ghouls working in the nearby building. Ancilla von Rosenberg however, asked her two guests if they would be so kind to ensure that the first tradition was not broken this evening.

Both looked at each other and agreed to do this favour for the Domain of München. They quickly masked their faces and went outside the building, hiding in a nearby street where they had an overview of the nearby building. As the minutes passed by, Oliver noticed when the couple and their child left the building and proceeded on the street. Klara followed them openly in the street on the sidewalk, Oliver followed near the building sides, hidden in the shadows. As the couple passed by a small alley, they entered it, presenting the perfect opportunity for both Gangrel to handle the situation.

Klara called out to both parents, wanting to ask them something, when Oliver ran by and raised the little girl by her throat in the air. The girl started to mutter and kick with her legs, but Oliver closed her throat with his hand, silencing the child in his grasp. Both parents started to run towards Oliver, when Klara attacked them from behind, forcing them on their knees. Oliver turned around with the child in his hand and stood before them, both of them looking up at Oliver. Without a word, a smile or any other emotion, Oliver placed his teeth in the neck of the child and drank her dry, killing her before the eyes of both parents. As Oliver drank, Klara killed both parents. To hide the bodies, Oliver and Klara dragged them both into the sewers by opening  nearby manhole, and Oliver called several rats from the sewers using the thought of hunger to drive them into a feeding frenzy, disposing of the three corpses.

When they made their way back to the building of the evening, Klara and Oliver reported to the Sehneschall of München. At first he was angry as no hunting-right was given to them. Oliver interjected quickly that they were asked to do this by Ancilla von Rosenberg to ensure the first tradition was not broken. This turned the mood around, and the Sehneschall said that he would remember the action done by both Gangrel for his Domain. Taking the opportunity, Klara and Oliver inquired about the stance and position of the Sehnaschall in regards to his new neighbhours of Ober-Bayern. The Sehneschall replied that he hoped both Domains would co-exist as neighbhours and hold no hate towards one another, but refused to provide a personal view.

The Prosecution

Shortly before the tribunal started, Oliver was in discussion with one of the envoys from Frankfurth, Frau Flowtow. Oliver started the conversation with an arrogant remark, that he was impressed she no longer sat with her back towards the host. If eyes could should lightning, Oliver would have been a smouldering crisp on the floor. Waving away the demeaning look of the envoy, Oliver asked the same question, he had been asking all others. The answer was in line with what he expected, but the conversation took an interesting turn. Frau Flowtow talked about an intrige against Clan Gangrel and how the third tradition was being broken there as well.

Oliver not in the mood at this point for any political jousting, immediately applied that the Third tradition did not apply to Clan Gangrel, and that any such prosecution would only end up in the prosecutor making a fool of himself. When asked why, he continued his course by explaining that all princes in Germany had agreed to the ancient laws of the Gangrel. Whether or not Frau Flowtow believed this was not important to Oliver. He assumed she believed it as she did not continue the conversation in this direction. Oliver excused himself and went towards Klara when the public prosecution of Salamanka commenced.

Klara and Oliver were standing at the side when it all started. As the prosecuted was called forward, a call was made to witnesses. Oliver asked Klara to speak for him, since he was still a Childe in the community, and did not had a voice. This was was affirmed when the charade called a tribunal asked if was spoken free, and denied the request later on. For Oliver this already was a sign that the tribunal was not so much a tribunal but rather a show. As Klara attempted again to bring a different view into the tribunal but got denied, von Sausche took both Gangrel outside the room and instructed them to keep their mouths shut during the rest of the Tribunal. Both Gangrel growled and rebuked the command, but eventually accepted the command of their Sehneschall after he explained why.

As the gangrel entered the room again, Salamanka was being sentenced to have his fangs removed on a daily basis, to experience the mercy of the ruling Vampire of the Domain of München. Oliver spoke with Salamanka later on and explained that he had chosen poorly in his witness and could have turned it around if he played the information he was given. Regardless, Salamanka owed Oliver for the information he had given him.

The Duel

The final act of the evening was a duel between two Gangrel over a small dispute that took place the previous evening in the Gallery of Sofia. Both Gangrel had agreed to a fight, using only fists till one succumbed. Marius, as Primogene of the Clan, was the judge in the fight and announced the rules:

  • No weapons
  • No Claws
  • No Rage

As both Gangrel fought, Oliver crawled next to Salome, who had been promoted to Ancilla, and listened carefully as she instructed him to watch and learn. As the duel came to and end, Salome instructed Oliver to go talk with the losing Gangrel, who turned out to be a whelp like himself, and teach him what he had done wrong.

Following this, Oliver went outside together with Klara to seek out this Gangrel and talk with him. As soon as Oliver started the conversation, the other Gangrel got angry, which re-affirmed what Oliver thought, he did not understand the purpose of the Duel and what he had done wrong. Klara interjected when he refused to answer Oliver’s questions and used her position, force and age to show the other whelp his place amongst Gangrel. Gangrel Dragonov, envoys from Leipzig just observed and had a short conversation with Oliver, revealing some interesting information, which Oliver used to break up Klara and bring her up to date.

Using this moment, Oliver explained the other Gangrel that his Duel was pointless, since he was a whelp, and that he should respect the code of honour. A gangrel lets his anger go after being defeated in a duel. he should be honoured the other Gangrel accepted the duel and thought him how to fight. Letting go of the anger was important and the whelp should learn to listen to his beast instead of blindly following it. Oliver was praised by Klara that despite being only a year old, his knowledge about the clan was more advanced then the 50 year old Anarch Gangrel that joined the clan. Both concluded that he was not ready to be hunted, which was confirmed by Dragonov.

At this point, Oliver and Klara made their way back home….

Report to Spatz

When Oliver got home again, he wrote a letter in his best possible German, and sealed it in an envelope, giving it to Klara so she could hand it over to Spatz.

To our Honoured Prince Spatz,

I would like to report to you the findings of the task you have given me. On your command, I have investigated the situation in München, and send you hereby my findings:

  • The Domain München has official announced they wish to be neighbours with us.
    • However the personal wishes indicate otherwise.
  • There are members of other Domains who were not aware of your actions in founding the Domain of Ober-Bayern
  • We have also inquired about the Inquisition in München, no new reports or deaths have been reported, and they seem to keep to their own for now
  • Salome is now the new Ancilla of Bayreuth.
  • There’s Vampires who see your action as a sign of strength, others consider it a dangerous move that might weaken the Camarila.
  • The Domain of München is not able to secure it’s own with the Traditions, as Klara and myself were asked to uphold the First Tradition when 3 humans stumbled into the room.
  • The Domain of Frankfurth does not grant passage to citizens of München.

I also ask for forgiveness for the following question:

Salome has only been hunted since the previous big thing, and now has become the Ancilla of the Prince of München. The message given with this is: “Your job as Voght and Ancilla can be done by someone who’s barely older then a Childe”. Even Ancilla von Rosenberg is impressed from my capabilites as Voght, as I’m the one she trusted with the task of taking care of the humans who stumbled on the evening.

When a Domain does not ask their own Voght, but an outsider of the Domain, surely this speaks more then enough? A Voght and a Sehneshall were unable to secure their own evening for outsiders. It would please me if our Prince would join me on my side with his opinion and me publicly promotes to his personal Voght. A person capable of securing his Domain, despite being a Childe.

Also, I must question the capabilities of our Sehneshall. During the evening he was unable to acquire an audience with the Sehneschall of München, whereas both myself and Klara succeeded at this and even have a favour with the Sehneschall of München for solving the above problem. I do not consider von Sausche to be bad at his task, but it was clear during the evening that the Sehneschall of München undid the rules you have set without getting anything in return. Currently they are in a stronger position and undoing all our work, putting yourself in a much weaker position. I believe that my Prince should appoint Klara Strassberger as direct support to our Sehneschall and make this clear to our Sehneschall that they should work together; otherwise he will not accept this.


Oliver Soran

Oliver had sealed the envelope with wax he found on Klara’s desk, and hoped nobody would read the contents of the letter before it arrived at Spatz’s location. The letter was written hastely, but Oliver never had written such a letter before, let alone to a Prince. Yet he wanted to fulfill his task as good as he could and share all information with Spatz, showing his scouting and investigation abilities both inside and outside the Domain.



What can I say…..I’ve so much enjoyed the weekend, despite not feeling 100% on Friday. I’ve learned quite a lot from my visit in Berlin and playing with the player who plays Jester. Those lessons rubbed off, and I’m quite happy with what I achieved during the play this weekend.

Not sure if I should be proud of this, but I’ve now brought Oliver’s humanity down to 3 with Oliver. After writing this blog and talking with my SL, we agreed on bringing it down to three, which will also have consequences on how Oliver will not present himself and act during future plays. I truly hope I can play what has been proposed, because it’s not going to be easy. Then again, it brings me one step closer to what I want to achieve.

I’ve never been politicly active, but after today…, this is interesting. So many people that can be played out against each other or used as scapegoat for something else. And the Etiquette…..such a useful tool to get what you want when played right 😀


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