Vampire The Masquerade : Salomé’s invitation



Been a while since I wrote one of these. A lot has happened, and a lot more is going to happen in the comming weeks for my character. We have a big event comming up, where all the Princes of Germany are going to attend, and my character is going to be there…..On one side, I’m really excited and looking forward to this. On the other side, I’m also really scared of all the things that are going to happen, can happen, or might not happen.

Something I’m having a lot of fun with, but also struggle with at the moment is playing with my low humanity. At the moment, Oliver is standing on 3 Humanity Points……that’s not much. Not much at all! One more drop and I have to play like a wild animal. 2 more drops and I will not be able to show myself in public anymore, or I would just kill something that moves….. If it drops even more, I’m dead :/
But it’s all part of a greater plot line that I’m playing out. The only thing that bothers me, is that I sometimes forget that I have this low humanity, and act too nice. Or I’m too scared to actually attack and drink from a Ghoul. Maybe I should really give this a go at the next play.

Anyways, enough introduction. Time for the story to continue!

The Invitation

Several days prior to the evening, Oliver returned to his house near Erding. As he checked the mail box, a letter was inside. Oliver took the letter, ripped open the envelope and started reading: Invitation Salomé

As Oliver entered his house, he heard a noise from behind him. Turning around, lowering himself and growling in the direction of the sound, ended as soon as the source was revealed. One of his fox ghouls came out of the ticket and slowly approached Oliver. Remembering that it had been three weeks since he fed this particular ghoul, Oliver drew some blood from his wrist and made the fox drink it, before sending him back into the forest with an assignment.

The day before the invitation, Oliver drove to München with his car, straight towards the loan of Salomé, introducing himself and asking for the guest-right to the city. He mentioned that he would probably stay a couple of days to recover from the travel and share news. As the evening of the invitation arrived, both made their way to the location. Oliver entered the room and placed himself down on the floor with the skins, catching up on some much needed sleep.

The evening started slow. Oliver did not succeed in falling asleep, and had a small conversation with Salomé about the happenings in the Domain of Ober-Bayern. For some reason, Oliver had trouble remembering many conversations or events that took place. The only thing that was on his mind, was the nearby blood in the bottles, constantly drawing his attention and making his mind wander.

As the guests started to enter the building, Oliver observed every one of them, picking up their scent and noticing their blood. This became particulary obvious when humans, or rather ghoul were brought along. Oliver’s look did not wane from them for a single second, until Salomè kicked him against his leg, to snap him out of the trance. Motioning that he should come closer, Salomé gently stroked the back of his head, relaxing Oliver and making him purr innerly.

At one point, Ancilla von Rosenberg also entered the locaton, and while Oliver was scrambling to get on his knees, Salomé pushed him down almost immediatly. Again, Oliver’s look gazed at the ghoul behind the Ancilla, licking his lips as she came closer, but was held in place by Salomé’s grasp in his neck. The Ancilla greeted Oliver, who bowed deeply before her and shook her hand.

Later in the evening, Mafred of clan Nosferatu also showed up, suddenly in the middle of the room. Instead of greeting Salomé first, he greeted Ancilla von Rosenberg first and only then Salomé. This made Salomé angry, as she pointed on the proper etiquette and the purpose of the evening. This lead to a small trial where Manfred stood in the middle of the room, and the guests had to come up with a suitable punishment. Oliver’s suggestion was to put him back in the Childe position for a couple of evenings, so he could re-learn the etiquette. The final punishment however, was to let him face his most deepest fears by Primogene Amens of Clan Malkavian.

At one point during the evening, the discussion shifted from the upcoming Prince Council to the actual traditions, and how one had to behave in the Vampire Society. One of the questions raised by the younger vampires, was why we still occupy ourselves with guarding the masquerade. Sofia von Rosenberg, explained how these days movies exist, with special effects, and how easy it would be to explain this away with the media, who is being controlled, and safe-guard the masquerade.

This seemed to upset Ancilla von Rosenberg. She could understand the explanation, and clearly saw the merit of it, but she tried to convince the rest of how important these traditions were. Oliver chimed in, by explaining in more simple words on how these traditions work:

“Our Camarilla traditions are old, and unbound by time. They have served us for several hundred years, by remaining constant, and in place, throughout all the changes and quirks of humanity. We are eternal, our rules are eternal. This……..hype that Vampires are cool is bound by time. Our rules are not. If we decides now to abolish this rule because society accepts us, we will be doomed in a few hundreds year when Humanity changes it’s mind again.”

He sat down again, and got a small pat of appreciation on his head from Salomé.

Oliver also had an interesting discussion with one of the ghouls, who came asking for a favour. At first Oliver was surprised that a ghoul would do this, till he learned this was a test by her master to see how she would function in society. Oliver said that this could be arranged, but warned her that she should know her place and value, and that a promise in the future of a ghoul ment nothing, as she could be gone the next week. Oliver also explained he would do this for her, but that he would be the one determing the price.

The evening ended with Oliver owing the Primogene of clan Tremere a small favour for the luxury of hunting one of her ghouls. For the small favour, Oliver could have the ghoul for one night, and hunt her down in the English Garden. The only conditions were that she had to survive and be brought back afterwards. These terms were agreeable for Oliver, and the newly fresh ghoul would get her “learning” she craved for on how Vampires hunt, and what it ment to be bitten.



It was an evening with a small group, but the play was amazing. I did not achieve what I had in mind, as the people required for this were in constant conversation. But there’s another chance coming this weekend, so I’ll try to achieve my goal there. Regardless of what it will cost me.

So, more practise needed for playing with low Humanity, and pushing my plots forward.


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