Vampire The Masquerade – Alfred’s invitation



This month is a special one where several plays follow up one after the other. Although this is often a bit taxing on me because we usually play from 20:00 till 03:00 the next day, they are also quite fun. And having multiple plays in sequence allows you to spin something up and see it through completely in a single month.

And today……was one of such moments 😀

Alfred’s invitation

The night was young. Oliver had been woken up early, and was in a rather grumpy mood because of it. Feeling the exhaustion on his body and mind, he was scouting the immediate area around Dachau. 2 of his Animal Ghouls had reported that something undead was prowling the area, and it was something they had not seen before. Reporting this to Klara, the three of them, Stein’s Childe included, set out to explore the area and investigate whatever was sneaking through their Domain.

The reason was probably that a guest Vampire chose to attend the invitation from Alfred, but one could simple not be sure in the World of Darkness. Also having the ambition to become the Sherrif at one point in time, this would be an ideal test and experience to actually do what a Sherrif does in a Domain: Guard the borders and settle disputes.

The surprise however was big, when the invading entity turned out to be Charron. The Sherrif of the Domain of Nürnberg. Oliver knew Charron, as he was also a Gangrel, and the two of them had met in the past several times. Recognizing each other, they fell into a big hug, greeting each other, and dragging in Klara when she came close. Small introductions were made, introducing the new Childe to Charron, and Klara asked if he wanted to join for the evening of Alfred.

At the location, they greeted Alfred; who was dressed up completely and wore a mask. Handing over the gifts they brought alone, 2 dead rabbits from Oliver and something wrapped from Klara, they started to spead out over the premesis and got acquainted with the guests who were slowly comming inside as well.

As the evening progressed, Oliver got into a conversation with Sausche about being a Neonate. Oliver had asked this before, and was trying his best to convince everyone that he was more then ready. At this point, Sausche said that if he was ready, he should demonstrate it this evening, and convince him that he could be a Neonate. Oliver agreed, but rebuked that the desciption, or rather test given, was rather vague.

Talking with Klara immediately after, they discussed the idea of “selling” the Childe of Stein to Sausche in return of promoting Oliver to the status of Neonate. Although both in were in agreement that this would be the best course of action, Oliver was not satisfied. He growled at Klara, that he was tired of always having to play these games, and that he would turn the world up side down this evening by dragging the game to his favour. Then he dissapeared into the crowd….

Upon entering one of the rooms during the evening, Oliver got dragged into a discussion between the Childe Stein and Möbius, of Clan Torreador; about the meaning behind the glass box in the middle of the room, containing an apple and a spider. The two exhanged interpretation while Oliver simply had his eyes focused on the spider. When asked to identify what spider this was, Oliver opened the box and lifted the small creature our of it, slowly conversing with it, erasing the fear in the small thing.

Later on the evening, when Ancilla von Rosenberg approached the room, she hissed at the spider and promptly left. Oliver used this opportunity to grab the spider from the box again and confronted Alfred about locking up the poor creature in a glass box, and asking what he would do if he was locked in a small glass cage. Unsatisfied with Alfred’s answer, Oliver growled that Alfred did not understand the spider, and asked permission to set it free. Upon receiving this permission, Oliver released the small spider out back, and then took Klara to talk with Ancilla von Rosenberg.

The conversation started meek, with Oliver being kneeled in front of the Ancilla. Reporting that the spider issue had been dealth with, Oliver and Klara were invited to a small conversation, which quickly jumped to the topic of the München and the Masquerade Breach that had been covered up by both Gangrel. The tension in the room could be felt when the topic shifted to mistakes made and intrigues being spun by both sides.

Ceasing the moment, Oliver interjected and offered to drop the whole intrigue spinning, in return that Ancilla von Rosenberg would talk to Sausche and convine him that Oliver was more then ready to be a Neonate. This prompted a further discussion about the status difference and proper intrigue spinning, but Oliver was also praised for understanding and ceasing the opportunity to use such information and possibility. At the end Ancilla von Rosenberg stood up and congratulated Oliver, saying that in her eyes, he was already a Neonate.

Oliver also spent a private moment with Manfred of Clan Nosferatu, talking about the question Oliver asked before; namely whether he could learn the ability to hide in the shadows. Retailing the requirements Oliver had to do before the PrinceCounsil, Oliver agreed, and was offered to drink Manfred’s blood to seal the deal. Greedly, Oliver started drinking in big tugs until Manfred smacked him against his had to stop. Letting go, both agreed to the conditions and set on their own ways again for the evening.

The evening came to a close with a public announcement by Sausche. The first part was that he took custody of the Childe of Stein. At first Oliver wanted to jump up and interject, but controlled himself, waiting what more would come. Betting on the people he talked with; such as Möbius, Zoe, Alfred and Charron to influence Sausche, he kept seated and waited. And his patience paid off. Sausche called out Oliver to kneel in front of him, and announced that by the power of Prince Spatz, Oliver was now recognized as a Neonate in the Camarilla Community.


What can I say 😀
First goal achieved. Now the second step is going to be the Counsil next week, and see what kind of misschief we can cook up there.


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