Deutsche Telekom Hilft….

Or so they claim.

For the last 6 months, I’ve been having a lot of connection issues on my Internet line. These ranges from extreme high latencies in the various games I’m playing, to packet-loss during play sessions, TeamSpeak server connections not working properly because the packet-loss reaches 10%, as well as youtube not working properly.

I’ve been running traceroutes with pingplotter, tracert and other tools to visualize the various connection problems I’m having. The problem splits itself in 2 parts:

  • Either it’s packet-loss, ranging from 10-30%
  • It’s high latency issues on various nodes across the Deutsche Telekom network.

I’ve been trying to get in touch with Deutsche Telekom on various levels such as twitter, email, forums and calling them. And the best part:

You keep getting brushed off with the same replies over and over:

  • The line is fine, it’s your router
  • Did you try a different router
  • We’re working on the problem
  • We’re doing an upgrade in Frankfurth

Bullshit, every one of them. You don’t see my trying a different car when mine has problems. No, I take it in for a repair and get the problem solved. Apparently Telekom doesn’t do this, and requires you to rent one of their modems instead or buy a new one.  Customer Satisfaction : 0/10

Let me show you a few pingplotter results that me and various other players have been running:

Definitely a problem on our routers, right?
Does Telekom really think we’re that stupid? You’re dealing with gamers here, people who in most cases have a better understanding of the technology they’re dealing with then your CS seems to have.

And the best part? This is being reported from people in Germany, Austria, Spain, France, Italy and the United Kingdom. It’s not only Germany. Many sources also report that Deutsche Telekom performs the shit we call connection throttling because they want to be paid by external service generating traffic.

I mean really? This is the 21st century, yet this company keeps it’s head stuck up it’s arse and pretend they’re still in the 199x’s where such practises where normal. Go with the times Deutsche Telekom.


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