Vampire The Masquerade : Intrigues


This is the summary of a small downtime that occurred after the Court of Ludoviga. This play is a small telephone conversation that takes place where things are discussed. Although it’s really small, it does have a bearing on future developments and serves as archive for future things.

The Monday after

It was the Monday after the court of Ludoviga. The disease that was wrecking Oliver had subdued, and he was finally able to eat again like any “normal” vampire. When he came back from a walk in the nearby woods, his mobile was blinking with the indicator that he had received an email.

Double tapping the icon, Oliver started to read the email, sent by Konrad Geyr von Schweppenburg, Neonate of Clan Brujah. The email contained a small request for a telephone call between the both of them. Oliver replied that he should send his number and Oliver would call him.

Not much later the reply came with the phone number. Oliver wrote down the number in his mobile device and purged the email from the system and log files. Not much later he called Konrad over a secured line so that nobody would be able to trace the call.

S : “Ja?”

O : “What do you want”

S: “Ah, Good evening Sir Soran! Thank you very much for calling me back. It’s about the following: Our honoured Prince did not name an Ancilla, and that makes it difficult to obtain an Audience with her, especially when our beloved Seneschal proves to be difficult. At the moment there is a messenger from the Prince of a different Domain, and Sir von Sausche refuses to let that messenger see our Prince. I’m so to say the contact person for this messenger, and I had to think about the close connection you have with our Prince, and perhaps you are the suited person to present us with an Audience. Which of course would increase your standing with your Prince and the Prince of the other Domain. When I can be so bold, I have the impression you and Sir von Sauche are at the moment….not really the best of friends. What do you say to this offer?”

O : “What you are asking… not so easy…to obtain. I…could send you in….the direction of Ludoviga…..but whether you will….survive that is something else…I don’t know what you believe….about my connection to….Ludoviga….but Neonates…do not simply…receive an audience…with an Elder….let alone a Prince”

S : “But you are not simply a Neonate Sir Soran. You’ve lead the Prince-Council, and her Court. She has great expectations of your. People notice this. You are the future of Clan Gangrel! And the direction is at least something, perhaps there floats a favour in the background? A service from me, the messenger or perhaps the Prince of the other domain?”

O : “You know….so little. as a tip…If you or….that messenger enter…the woods of Ludoviga….you will not make it out again…..I will ask around….but I do not promise anything………..we will be in touch about this.”

At this they both said their goodbyes. Oliver took some additional notes on his mobile and left the building, heading into the nearby woods to calm down and think of a possibility to twist this into his advantages over the Seneschal.


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