Vampire The Masquerade : Neighbours



Finally, time to write something again! I actually did not expect to be writing something, as I was not planning to participate in the play. Had some real-life commitments that would have prevented me from playing, but due sickness of the involved persons, they have been cancelled, and I was able to join the play nonetheless.

So again, I’ll be using this blog, to provide a recap of the evening from Oliver’s point of view and inform anyone who is interested about Oliver’s new status. Again, whatever is being shared here is considered OOC information and should be treated as such. The only way your character can know about this, is if he purchased it from Nosferatu or asked Oliver himself.

Also, the story will be a link between the Berlin play and the play from last weekend. This should close any open IC points that are still floating about in my head.


Oliver returned towards Regensburg after visiting Berlin together with Ludoviga. His initial plan to head back home after the long trip got foiled by Ludoviga herself as she ordered Oliver to stick around for a bit more. Her being the Elder of Clan Gangrel, made it quite clear that Oliver did not have a choice in this.

The first days that Oliver was spending at Ludoviga’s place were calm. But one night, Ludoviga took Oliver with her in the woods. As they entered the woods, Ludoviga said: “I will run through the woods, you simply keep up“. Oliver nodded, and started running behind Ludoviga in the woods. As they went deeper, the speed started to increase and the light from the moon started to fade. At first Oliver was still able to see, but every time he tried to make Ludoviga stop or complain, she simply picked up speed, making it harder for Oliver to follow.

At one point, Oliver lost sight of Ludoviga and stood still. Hearing a sound behind him, Oliver turned around only see a claw coming, and scratching his face, knocking him of his feet. “too slow” was the only answer he got, and as he got to his foot, Ludoviga started moving again in a different direction, towards the darker area of the wood. Oliver shouted out he could not see much, but got no reply and proceeded to follow as best as he could. During the running, branches and leaves were constantly slashing in his face, creating small wounds.

This exercise lasted several weeks, every night the same pattern being repeated. As the days progressed, Oliver managed to slowly keep up with Ludoviga and learned to move properly in the woods. He would still lose her track once the light completely disappeared. At some point, his frustration got the better of him, and he shouted that this was pointless. The anger was quickly followed with another claw to his face. “Learn your place, whelp. And focus on your eyes if you can’t see!“. Without waiting for a response, Ludoviga set off again, expecting Oliver to follow and learn.

3 days before the invitation of Zoe Thorn would take place, Ludoviga took Oliver with her again to the woods. Again they started running towards the dark area. As usual, Oliver would follow until it became too dark, and would stop. This time however, Oliver waited for the noise again that would reveal where Ludoviga would strike from. Gracefully dodging the incoming claw, Oliver looked up at Ludoviga, with a red glow coming from his eyes, only to see her smiling down on him. “Now you’ve learned something. Let’s go home and get you ready to go. You have an invitation waiting from Zoe“.

At the day of the invitation, Oliver made his way from Regensburg to Dachau, where the invitation took place. Using his own car, made the trip rather short and easy. Arriving at the location, Oliver entered the building and introduced himself with Zoe, the host of the evening, and apologised for not answering the invitation, but he was taken up by Ludoviga. After the formal introduction, Oliver sought out Klara and Russ, explaining why he didn’t answer any calls or messages, or why his face looked like it did.

At some point during the evening, Oliver noticed how Klara was standing next to a Malkavian, and got what seemed to be crawled under her chin and ear by this Malkavian. Oliver stood up and went to Klara, asking her if she was okay, and if she was okay being treated like a pet. This of course made Klara angry, and made her question Oliver. At this point Oliver walked away back to Russ, asking for his opinion when Klara approached. At this point Oliver confronted her with her behaviour and asked Russ what he had seen, confirming what Oliver said.

This forced Klara to act against Oliver, who refused to back down. Ultimately, Klara used her Dominate to force Oliver out of the room, sending him in a controlled rage as he walked out of the room. Not much later, Oliver returned and confronted Klara, by smacking her in the face with his fist. On this Klara reacted by pushing him down and placing her claws on his chest, reminding him of his place in front of everyone. Oliver submitted, and left it at that, his anger subsided.

Oliver and Klara sat together later on, explaining what happened and why Oliver reacted. At this point Klara was impressed by his explanation, on how sometimes a Childe can also teach something to his mentor. Klara agreed that it was perhaps time for Oliver to no longer be a Childe, and would sort that out at the next Thing. Oliver had no idea what she ment, and just shrugged it off.  As they were about to finish their conversation, they got interrupted by Zoe Thorn, who introduced a small event called “speed-dating”. 2 Vampires were selected and had to talk with each other about a given topic. Oliver got paired with Sofia, and their topic turned out to be Etiquette and Status in the Vampire society.

As the evening progressed, Oliver joined in the Poker game as dealer, and later on finished his conversation with Klara about the missing Stein and the new Setite that was seen in the domain, and seemed to know Russ. This alone rose suspicion between the two Gangrel, as many rumours circled around this Setite. Oliver and Klara agreed that they both would get to the bottom of this.


This evening was simply amazing. The aggression coming from Oliver towards Klara was not something I planned, but at that point it seemed simply a perfect scene for Oliver to try and find his borders inside his own little world. Loosing to Klara was not of concern, Oliver simply wanted to see where his abilities can bring him.

With the above story, Oliver now has the following disciplines:

  • Protean : *
  • Fortitude : *
  • Animalism : **

Oliver still has access to the following resources:

  • 4 fox ghouls
  • 2 rat ghouls
  • his car
  • his mobile

I’m also really happy that the plays from other playrounds are interweaving so nicely into my own play and that I can simply use these plays as awesome Gangrel stories.


Kohlhase’s Court


This play took place in Berlin. For me, it was the very first time that I actually played in Berlin. We’ve had people from Berlin visit us before, and they have very interesting characters to say the least. At the very beginning, I was a bit reluctant to be playing Oliver in Berlin, as this would be a play where quite a few Elders would be attending, making the play itself more dangerous for Oliver. At least that’s what I though.

I’ve also learned quite a few things at the play, made some new contacts both in and out of the game. Using these learnings, I plan to twist Oliver around a bit, and change his play style. This won’t be anything dramatic, but easier to explain in that he has “seen” things, and that his Elder Ludoviga expected certain things.


Kohlhase‘s Court


Oliver was aware that in Frankfurt a court was going to be held. He had received the invitation, read it, and talked with Klara about it. After discussing the advantages and disadvantages of travelling there, it was decided that Oliver better remained home instead of poking around on the evening where Elders would be attending. This all changed when Oliver received a hand-written letter from Ludoviga, stating that he was to come to Regensburg, and join her on the flight to Frankfurt, as he would be accompanying her during the trip. Without wasting too much words, and having a final chat with Klara, Oliver made his way towards Regensburg to meet with his Elder and prepare for the trip to Frankfurt.

They arrived early in Frankfurt, on a Friday. The Court was to be held on Saturday, but on their arrival they received letters from a Ghoul that they were invited to a small gathering. Oliver asked if he could go, said he wanted to see if anyone was there he’d know, and just get familiar with the entire surroundings. Ludoviga said he could go, but that he was expected back at a specific hour, and better not be late. Agreeing to the time, Oliver set off towards the gathering, only to be picked up along the way by Sammie, a Gangrel he knew.

Together they arrived at the location, Sammie introduced them both. As they entered the room, Oliver saw a few familiar faces, but also many new, unknown faces. At this point his animal instinct took over, as well as Sammie’s and they both explored the room first, getting familiar with their surroundings, and then found a small spot at the side where they could watch over the entire room and it’s inhabitants like two big cats.

The evening itself proceeded quite calm without any major incidents. At some point, both Gangrel got bored, and started playing around with one of the ghouls present in the room. This led to a small chase between the Gangrel and the ghoul, which at some point got interrupted and both were told to behave themselves and let the ghoul alone. At this point, Oliver made his way across the room, near the ghoul, and let one of his rats climb up her leg, into her jacket. This resulted in the ghoul screaming the whole room together, and taking of half her cloths to get the rat out. As the little animal flew through the room from being tossed, 3 other Vampire called out Olivar’s name, who only shrugged, signalling it was not his fault.

As the evening progressed, Oliver has some small conversations with some of the Vampires he knew, explaining the changes that took place in southern Germany, how Spatz became the new Prince of Ober-Bayern, how the Gangrel and Domains had split and divided across both domains and many other things that he had information about. As the evening progressed, Sammie and Oliver decided to leave earlier then most, because the little whelp had to be back at Ludoviga’s place in time, as to not get into trouble. Sammie agreed to bring him back, so he would not get into trouble.


Today was the big day of the Court. Ludoviga handed Oliver her cigarettes before departing, and told him to keep them on him, in case she needed them. Outside that he was free to do as he pleased, as long as he did not cause her any problems. Oliver agreed politely and set of with Ludoviga, who explained they were going for a small hunt prior to attending the evening. It would be a good training for a whelp, she said.

As the hunt had passed, and both Vampires fed, they approached the location where the Court would be taking place. As they approached the building, they were approached by Jester, who has been hiding there the whole time. Jester greeted them, and started talking with Ludoviga about several political topics that didn’t really concern Oliver, so he ran off ahead and held open the doors for Ludoviga as they approached.

Upon entering the room, they were greeted and announced by Coqui, a Vampire of Clan Toreador. As they approached Kohlhazen, who was sitting at the end of the room, Ludoviga proceeded through the middle on her own pace, while keeping her look on Kohlhazen. Oliver and Jester swarmed out from her, looking at the guests who kneeled, and those who hadn’t. Some of the Toreador kept talking, even while being down on the floor, “showing” their respect to the passing Elder. At this point, Oliver wanted to smack one on the head for being disrespectful, but remembered Ludoviga’s words that he wasn’t supposed to cause trouble. He did remember those Toreador from the previous evening, and kept their faces imprinted in his memory for later.

As the formal greetings had passed, more Elders entered the room. The three Gangrel were standing at the side, Ludoviga reminded Oliver that he should sit down on the floor next to her, and Jester took his position in front of Oliver, to hide him from the Elders that entered the room. Peeking around Jester, Oliver got glimpses of those who entered the room: Prince Nikolai of Leipzig, and Prince von Brown of Bremen. Oliver had heard of them before, but never actually seen Nikolai before.

As the evening started to progress with conversations and social interaction, Oliver was told multiple times to go to specific groups of Neonates and Ancilla, and “kindly” reminded them that they were being disrespectful by sitting with their backs towards Kohlhazen. The first times, many of them tried to brush Oliver away, saying they shouldn’t be told of by a Childe. Oliver reprimanded them kindly that he was simply delivering them the words of Elder Ludoviga, and that if they had issues with this, they should be so kind and take it up with the Elder herself. This always resulted in what was asked: Vampires changing their position and tossing a quick look at Ludoviga.

The evening took a turn for the worse, when one of the ghouls, the exact same one that Oliver “played” with the night before, started to cause trouble. Apparently this ghoul was not really supposed to be here, but stood under the protection of Lilienfein. The ghoul was told to only server drinks and nothing more, but was always found to be hanging around the wife of von Brown. This was starting to upset the Gangrel, and they intervened a few times. At some point during the evening, Oliver was approached by a Vampire who’s face was…..lacking. Jester also followed, asking if Oliver approached him alone, or was summoned. When the situation was explained, Jester stayed around and listened in:

Oliver was being checked for liquidity, and after introducing himself as the Child of Clan Gangrel, he was offered some of the information for free. Namely that clan Gangrel was about to lose their ghoul if they did not act fast. Jester asked why this ghoul was so important, and at this point Oliver explained that this was actually a ghoul belonging to a Gangrel out of Magdeburg. This changed the way Jester looked at the ghoul, and the next time this ghoul was taken outside by von Brown, both Gangrel intervened and made it clear that this was their ghoul and to be left alone. However, this little game kept going on until at one point, Oliver was told to simply stalk the ghoul and see what happened. The ghoul was namely told that she was to enter the car of Lilienfein and go home. Instead she went along with von Brown instead. Oliver reported this back to Jester, who told him to report this to Lilienfein instead. At this point, Lilienfein called Prince von Brown, and made it really clear that the ghoul was to be returned in the hour or there would be severe consequences. This was a really painful situation for Prince von Brown, but not much later, he returned with the ghoul, and left in anger with his wife. Jester and Oliver sneaked behind them outside, to experience how he took out his anger on his wife. (( This took place at the end of the evening ))

Oliver also received various assignments from Jester during the course of the evening, instructing him to talk to other Vampires and find out information about specific political topics, and then report back to him. One of these assignments was finding out what the political situation in Hamburg was. This took quite a few attempts to get in contact with the right people, but eventually Oliver did find out and reported back to Jester.



There’s probably a lot more I can write about the evening, but without being there, it’s really hard to write it out properly. Oliver had even conversation with certain Elders, but writing that down would lose too much of it’s effect and reveal too much of what I have in mind for the coming plays.

I’ve had an amazing weekend, and I never expected to get so involved in an intrigue with Jester. At the end both of us where giggling like little kids when we experienced the scene with von Brown. Two Gangrel causing so much mischief as revenge.

I really hope to encounter more plays like this, and get people to do more, because this was simply awesome.

Vincere Tollere Mori : The new Seneschall


This was the first play in 2015, and I must say it was quite an interesting one. Not only the fact that I first drove 830km from Belgium back to München and joined the play at the same evening, but also the events that have unfolded during this play, as well as some conversations with our “Spielleitung” (the game masters). I’ve finally chosen a goal I want to aim for with my character, and also fleshed out more of the background and out-of-play actions that my character does.

Of course this all depends on the willingness of the other players as well, because a lot of the information I require needs to come from them. An example is the ghouls that my character currently possesses. These are ghoul foxes, that patrol around the area of Erding, in search for dead, vampire creatures. This leads me to the opportunity to find out if others trespass through my area and use this information in my plays.

As for goal, I want to achieve the sheriff position with Oliver. In our game it’s called “Vogt”, translated into German.
The problems I have to deal with are: becoming a Neonate, becoming a citizen of the Domain and actively working towards the position by impressing the right people.
It will not be an easy path, but I think it’s definitely something worth aiming for.

The new Seneschall


The new year had started. Unlike what normal humans do, Oliver was not interested in this whole Christmas and New Years celebrating. It reminded him too much of his past, the social ties that were broken, and the fact that he was once human. Instead, Oliver was spending his time in the forests around Erding. Spending most nights simply running through the grasslands and woods with one of his favourite fox-ghouls. The animal was the least troublesome to deal with, and obeyed most commands without too much fussing. Both found great pleasure in chasing down rabbits and pheasants in the fields. It was a nice fun-activity outside the daily patrols around their house.

Oliver really got into the hunting now, after he had taken down a deer in a hunt with Marius and Salome. The three of them went hunting in the Christmas period, end of December, after Oliver had visited München again. He was invited by Salome and Marius after behaving himself exemplary. It was then for Oliver a pleasant surprise to be able to join in on their hunt and able to take down a deer himself, sharing the loot with the two other Gangrel afterwards.

When Oliver got home again, a letter was waiting for him. Klara had received the same letter, but she was not around. Taking a gamble, Oliver decided to attend the evening. The night of the evening, Klara was still not around. Oliver assumed she was dealing with Russ again, and just send her a small text-message with his phone before heading off. Her reply was indeed what he had guessed, she was occupied with “family” issues, but agreed that Oliver could go, and should keep an eye out on a few characters if they were present. Replying that he’d behave and if there was a message for Spatz, Oliver dashed off to the local Thermae in Erding where the evening would take place. But before leaving the safety of the house, Oliver called out to one of his ghouls, and his favourite fox appeared. Together they would run through the fields and woods until they reached their destination, where the fox would keep watch outside.

Arriving at the location, Oliver went inside, but signalled to his fox to stay in the area. As he entered the building, Ancilla Duval was right in front of him and greeted him as Oliver made his way up the stairs. Not following the etiquette, as they were still in public view, Oliver simply greeted back and help open the door for her. Upon entering the room, Oliver ignored the ghoul next to him who was supposed to welcome everyone, and proceeded towards the Host of the evening, waiting his turn to introduce himself.

Armin von Sausche was surprised to see Oliver alone, and immediately asked the question who was looking after him. Oliver replied that he was here alone on Klara’s orders, given an assignment and that she knew he was alone here. Armin responded about the consequences of such actions, but Oliver rebuked that he was aware and capable of taking care of himself and deal with the consequences. Armin said he’d take it up with Klara, but Oliver was not really impressed by these words. Once the introductions were over, Oliver sought out Jones and greeted him. Not shortly after another Gangrel entered and Marius showed up as well.

Oliver slowly started to make his round with all the guests present in the room. Some of the faces he had seen before, and their scent and behaviour seemed familiar. At some point, Oliver ended up with Mobius, of clan Torreador. Mobius asked if Oliver would be so kind to teach his ghoul some of the basics of the Vampire society. With great disdain, but not showing it publicly, Oliver accepted and placed himself next to the Ghoul, introducing himself and asking what she knew and how long she was in the service of Mobius.
The ghoul replied that she’d be with him for 2 months and was hoping to be elevated in our society. This made Oliver chuckle, and asked her if she truly understood the consequences of being turned into a Vampire, and more importantly, the consequences of being here in this room with 10 predators. This continued back and forth with questions and answers from both sides.During this conversation, Spatz entered the room. Everyone stood up and kneed, but Oliver had to call out the ghoul to kneel as well. Not really sure why he did it, but it just seemed to be the best thing at the moment. Surely it was just a ghoul, but something in the back of his head said it was better for now to just inform her and keep her alive.

Later on the evening, it was revealed that those interested in becoming the Seneschall for the Domain, should present themselves in the room to make their position clear. Initially nobody stepped forward, which gave Oliver an idea. Making his way towards Ancilla Duval, Oliver asked her the following question:


What would it represent if a Childe stepped forward and declared his interest in becoming the Seneschall and nobody else of the Domain did. What would that say about the Domain and it’s inhabitants?

Ancilla Duval made it clear, that such a thing would be a bad idea for Oliver, and encouraged him to step away from it. She explained that these positions are something one should work for and prove that one is worthy of having a position like this. At this point she asked Oliver if he knew about the other Childe in the room. Oliver nodded “no”, and Ancilla Duval pointed to a Childe sitting in the corner near the chessboard. Apparently this was the Childe of the Stein, who was missing for several months now. As Oliver’s eyes grew large at seeing another Childe without Sire around, Ancilla Duval dropped the subtle hint, that protecting someone or something of the Domain would be a task that the Sheriff normally undertakes, and that perhaps it would be a good step for someone aspiring on the position to look after the Childe.

Oliver thought a bit about the possibilities and consequences. She was right in that this would be a nice stepping stone for obtaining the Sheriff position, but Oliver’s mind was coursing in a totally different direction. The childe of Stein, the Vampire who had been tormenting his evenings the last months, trying to ridicule him and get the better of him for being a Childe. This could turn out to be the perfect tool for getting back at Stein if Oliver could get his hands on this Childe.
Agreeing with the proposition made by Ancilla Duval, Oliver approached the Childe and striked up a conversation. At this point he learned that she was indeed the Childe of Stein, and Oliver explained the situation she was in. Oliver promised he’d find out what he could about Stein and if anyone had seen him.

As the evening progressed and Oliver started to get more and more information about Stein, some potential patterns started to show. It seems whomever Oliver asked, they had a problem with Stein, even members of his own Clan. Getting rid of this Vampire might turn out easier then Oliver expected. As he was curled up in his thoughts, Oliver noticed Armin von Sausche talking with the Childe, and then Ancilla Duval approached Oliver, saying that the Childe was in danger and required a place to stay until her Sire was found again.

At this point, Oliver stepped towards the Childe and said she could stay at his and Klara’s place. An attempt to get her at Leo’s place, the former Primogene of Clan Brujah failed as Leo was not really willing or capable of doing so. Klara replied to his text message that she was surprised the little whelp succeeded in getting his paws on this Childe, but that he could bring her along until they found Stein. Oliver however did not reveal his plans yet to Klara what he intended to do with this Childe. After announcing to Armin, who had become the Seneschall on Spatz’s order, that he’d take the Childe along and that it was under the protection of Clan Gangrel of Oberbayern, his little eyes flared up with delight when the Childe itself offered to join on a hunt with Oliver. Oh she had no idea what fun that would entail, for Oliver at least.



First of all, I’m really happy that the background for Oliver has been established. Now he’ll  be the Gangrel who relies on his Animalism discipline more then on his Protean one. He’s not really going to be a core-fighter character, but more something of a spy-master who relies on pets and animals to get information and track down things. An idea I have in mind is to really hunt down something in the woods using my ghouls.

The next goals at the moment are:

  • Being hunted by the Clan, so he’s no longer a Whelp
  • Getting Neonate position in Oberbayern
  • Getting the Sheriff position in Oberbayern
  • Finding out who my Sire is.

Also getting a new discipline point, which I’ll use to get my first point in Protean. SL said I’d get it in February, so I’d probably talk in game again with Klara to get my training sorted in understanding the Protean discipline.

Now I’m just hoping to get more OT informations through mail so we can expand the play big time.


oh and we’re building a website for our play group as well 😉




December seems to be loaded with LARP as it seems. Just looking at the local plays, I basically spend three weekends on LARP. Not that I mind to be honest, as it’s actually quite fun, and I’ve noticed the plays in both groups to be stabalizing and two distinct cores of people forming. Which makes my position a lot easier, as I’m sort of a wanderer between both groups.

Also been working on the new concept, and took another step in that direction at the play by finally spending my last discipline point in Animalism. With this move, I’ve pretty much decided that Oliver is not going to be a fighter Gangrel, but more of a scout or spy. The concept I’d like to work out, as described in the previous blog post, is that of a Gangrel who spends most of his time outside in the woods surrounding his home. Controlling packs of foxes, mice, rats, birds. The idea behind this should be that when you enter the territory of Oliver, you won’t be able to do so unseen. Most of the animals Oliver will ghoul are scavengers, meaning they can pick up the scent of death pretty well, making it really hard for any Vampire to stay in these woods unnoticed.

However, this brings along a differen problem. Because I’m playing basically in both groups, due the way the stories have unfolded, I need a proper way to share information and changes cross group, make sure that whatever I wish to play fits both groups and that both groups are up to date on changes. And not get myself into too much trouble for being in both domains so often.

Treme Evening – Invitation by Robert Alexander von Schellesheim

Oliver read the invitation again, and looked sceptical at one of the rats in front of him. The little rodent had brought him the letter from Klara’s home, and was waiting for a little bit of praise from Oliver. Petting the rat on the head, Oliver took out his mobile phone and tried to call Marius. After several attempts, and not being able to reach Marius, Oliver gave up and tried to think up a solution.

The Gangrel still had the right of passage in München, thanks to the ancient Gangrel treaties that Prince Ferdinand von Bayreuth had confirmed once more at the last court. Using this advantage, Oliver traveled to München, leaving a short scribbled note behind where he would be for Klara. Instructing one of his rats to bring the note to Klara’s house, Oliver jumped in his car and drove off. It was not really Gangrel-like, but at the moment the fastest way to get from Ingolstad to München. Arriving in München, the first thing he did was visit Salome, so she was aware of his presence in München. Both of them would then travel together to the location of the meeting.

Arriving at the location, several other Vampires were already present when Salome and Oliver arrived. Extending the formal greetings upon arriving, Oliver was welcomed as Guest, and allowed to stay the evening. This important action was sufficient to protect him for the time being here in München, building on the guest-right that the Camarilla upholds so well.

As more and more Vampires arrived at the evening, Marius finally showed up as well. At first Oliver just observed Marius, not talking to him. His behavior revealed that something was not entirely correct, and perhaps it was better to keep some distance. However after a few minutes, the two did start to talk, and Oliver asked why Marius did not answer on his mobile. Not getting a clear answer, and Marius constantly playing with his lighter, made Oliver antsy. At some point Oliver told Marius to put the damned thing away, as fire was still a scary thing, but this did not entirely go as expected. Marius grabbed Oliver by the hair and pushed him down, signaling his dominance over the whelp and showing it’s place. When Oliver submitted, Marius let go and made it clear that Oliver should not do this again.

Another new thing was with Clan Malkavian. One of their ghouls, always running around with a camera and taking pictures, was no longer a ghoul. He was, like Oliver, a Childe now. This was amusing for Oliver, because it would mean he was no longer the only one on these evenings, and potentially found a new target to draw away attention from himself. It became more apparent that Oliver would be able to gain some benefit out of this fresh Childe, as it was already scolded when Ancilla Von Rosenberg entered the room and the new Childe failed to kneel properly.

At one point, another Ancilla was intoduced. His name was “Bock” or something, Oliver did not really paid much attention during the announcement, but Oliver did pick up this Ancilla belonged to Clan Torreador. It became immediately clear, that this Ancilla was nothing more then a ladiesman, as his interest only went out to the female Vampires, and some of the remarks….well they made Oliver question the intend and purpose of this Ancilla.

As the evening progressed, Herr von Schellersheim invited all guests to join him into an adjecent room where a complete Tribunal was displayed, representing the order of power in the Domain of München. Starting of a speech about how the Camarilla was his faith, and how everyone should be thankful for being part of this, Oliver throught by himself, that this rambling was like going to Church or hearing some other fanatic talk about his ideals. Oliver did value the Camarilla, but on a different level and aspect then what he heard in this room.

All guests were invited to say a few words on how they perceived the Camarilla, and what it means for them to be part of the Camarilla. Most citizens of München spoke their thanks to their Prince, that the Ventrue ruling this city, was the embodiement of the Camarilla and that the structure put in place was the definition of it. Oliver thought they were all fishing for compliments and trying to make themselves look good in the eyes of the Ancilla present in the room. But of course this was not something he’d say in the open. Being a Childe in a different domain could have unpleasant consequences when saying such thoughts aloud.

Finally Oliver turns came to say his thoughts and feelings about being in the Camarilla, and what it stood for:



“Unfortunately, I have to agree with Herr Faust.

The Camarilla is put in place to protect. To protect the young ones like myself from the Elders. But to protect the Elders from young ones. Protection works both ways in the Camarilla. It protects us from ourselves, it protects us from one another, and it protects us from the Humans, just like it protects the Humans from us.

The Camarilla is build upon mutual protection. If you wish to be protected by that what we call the Camarilla, then you in turn must protect that which the Camarilla stands for.”

As Oliver finished his talk and went back to his place, he received a small applause from those present, and had his words confirmed once more by Ancilla von Rosenberg. After the evening, Ancilla von Rosenberg would take Oliver to her side before saying  goodbye and once more confirm that his words left an impression, and that his progress towards the Etiquette and general functioning in the Camarilla society had taken great steps forward once more. The “forced” etiquette training was no longer mandatory, but Oliver would always be able to ask Ancilla von Rosenberg for advice when it came to the Etiquette and was free to ask for help should he deem it nescecarry.

As everyone had finished his talk at the adjecent room, Herr von Schellerheim appointed Marius as Judge. The reason was that Marius had spoken out aggressivley when Amens started to talk before him and before the other Ancilla in the room, threathening her that she should learn her place, and how it was a disgrace that a Gangrel of all had to teach this group the importance of the Etiquette. Based on this, Marius was to judge those who broke the Etiquette and Camarilla tradition. Punishment was to be delivered by drinking a Vial of blood, representing the Officer stand in the domain whom they should account to.

Oliver did not understand how drinking this blood was supposed to be a punishment. Seeing that some suffered when drinking the blood, Oliver got a little bit scared that he was being called out as well, seeing he did break the Etiquette as well at the early evening by not properly greeting the host either. But Marius proclaimed after selecting those who spoke out of turn, that the others were too young to fully understand the workings of the world and should be forgive for their mistakes. This made Oliver reliefed. Later on Marius explained, that he was fond of Oliver, and that the reason for forgiveness was exactly that.

The evening progressed without further incidents. Oliver spend some time talking with the new Childe of Clan Malkavian, who apparently was trying to make others do his bidding by practising a discipline. The results were…..amusing to say the least. Apparently he was given the task of practising his ability, but not given clear instructions on how to do so. His first attempt with Oliver was to make Oliver fill a glass with blood, which resounded in a clear “No”. A later attempt had only a small success as Oliver poured some of the contents from his glass into the glass of the other Childe. Gloating over it’s success and questioning whether Oliver did this voluntarely, made Oliver realise what happened. At this point Oliver made it clear to the other Childe that he owed him a favour for being able to practise his discipline on him.

Things got more interesting when the Childe took picture of Marius, who made it clear that this was not wanted. Grabbing the Childe by the troath, Marius caused some commotion but in the end he took the Childe back out with him. After a few minutes Marius came back inside. Not soon after the Childe followed him, with his troath covered in bandages and bleeding. marius, being true to his word, had literally ripped out the troath of the Childe.
Sitting quietly in the sofa now, the Childe waved at Oliver to come closer and asked him if it was possible to heal these wounds. With a big smile on his face, Oliver came closer and asked if Marius used his claws to tear out the troath. When the explanation followed, Oliver had a wicked smile on his face, and pressed with his finger on the troath, causing pain on the other Childe, saying he should have listened and learned his place. The Childe asked if these wounds could be healed. Oliver explained the whole process of healing, how to focus one thoughts on the wounds, picturing it in your mind that the wound closes, forcing the blood to go there and then activate it through sheer willpower.

Oliver did not mention that this didn’t work immediatly for wounds caused by fire, claws or other aggrevated sourced. So the Childe tried it a few times. After the third time, Oliver pressed with his finger on the wounds again, causing the pain to disrupt the concentration. The Childe asked why it was not working and how long it would take. Oliver smiled, and said he was owed two favours now for explaining the healing process and then walked away with a big smile.

The final part of the evening, Oliver spent time with Salome, who was holding one of his rats the entire evening. They talked about communicating with Animals, how this practise set them apart from the others. Even amongst the Gangrel, this discipline was only understood and used by a few in the pack. Salome explained how being able to talk with Animals would help Oliver understand his inner beast. She also promised him to train and teach him which Marius could not. A small test followed when Salome talked to the gray rat that Oliver was holding and then gave it back, asking what it had to say. Olive focused on the small rodent and listened to its chittering:

“little rat……different….fast…flash..flash”

At first the words came really fast, and Oliver had to focus on them. But once he understood them, it was a description. Looking confused at Salome, then back at the rat, Oliver tried to decipher the description the little rodent gave him. After thinking it over a bit, Oliver finally deciphered with the help of Salome that his little rat was actually making fun of the Malkavian Childe and considerd it weird or different from the others in the room.

Salome then proceeded to instruct Oliver that you could also give commands to these little critters. A small test was that Oliver needed to give a command that would make the rat understand it was supposed to scurry to Salamanca next to him and crawl on his arm. This took a bit of practise as Oliver tried several things like “move to red human”, “human in red”, but the rodent squeaked it couldn’t find such a person. Salome explained that figure of speech was needed, and suggested to try it with “move to next skin”. Giving this command, the little rat scurried to Salamanca and crawled on his arm, causing the Vampire to jump up from the sofa, and Oliver bursting out in laughter.

After some random chatting with the remaining guests, the Gangrel decided that it was time to leave. Marius and Salome had  a desire to go hunting. They both invited Oliver to join, who was also interested now. Originally they wanted to turn this into a competition, and the winner would get to chose a favor. Oliver said that participating on the hunt would be sufficient for him. This seemed to please the other two Gangrel and so it was decided that a simple, thrilling hunt would end the day for the three of them.



So, for a relaxed evening, this was actually quite fun. Finally got to spend my last discipline point, and really happy with the future plans I have in mind. Now just need to sort something out with the SL of both groups to make this work across both groups without problems.

So right now as it stands, Oliver has the following:

  • 2 points in Animalism
  • 1 point in Fortitude
  • 2 rat ghouls
  • Blood ties:
    • One with Salome (expires soon)
    • One with Spatz (expires soon)
    • One with his Sire
    • One with Lynn
    • Ancilla Duval has one with Olivar
    • Sammie has one with Olivar

So yeah, we’ll see what happens in the upcoming plays 😀

06/12/2014 : Combat Training


The first place this month is with the Mitternachtstheatre group, and takes place again in the Domain of München. I’ve been thinking lately about what I actually wish to achieve with Oliver in the World of Darkness, and “power” is the absolute cliché answer I want to stay away from. Playing a Gangrel, gives me the “luxury” of simply not having to care about the whole political mess, although I cannot ignore it due the recent plays that have been happening. A second cliché I want to stay away from is that Gangrel are the absolute fighters (according Gangrel). It’s not that I do not like this play style, but I want to do something different.

With that in mind, I’ve been talking with two other players, and the following came out of it: Oliver should stand up more, react against others. How precicely I’m going to do this, is something I need to think about as several factors are in play here:

  • Oliver is still a Childe
  • Oliver is the lowest pecking order with the Gangrel
  • There’s traditions to respect
  • Oliver is not a fighter

So I need to find a way around this. Then again, I could rely on Gangrel traditions and gain my spot by actually fighting and defeating someone. Whether or not this succeeds is something else.

The second point that popped up, and something I really want to work out in my storyline and background is the focus on the Animalism discipline with Oliver. It plays into the fact that I’m not a fighter, and opens up so many opportunities to create play by obtaining information or calling out people during the play for mistakes like not notifying they are coming by. The input came from a fellow Gangrel player, and the aim is to have a small pack of Foxes for example, Ghouled by Oliver. This allows Oliver to have patrols in a domain and protect specific areas from intruders. The concept is in my head, I just need to write out a few hooks and send this to the SL so Oliver can actually use this in play.

Combat Training

An invitation was send out by Manfred Kornheyde of Clan Nosferatu. The invitation took place inside the sewers of München, a Nosferatu domain. The grounds for the invitation were the recent happenings in München related to the killing of an elderly Vampire in Clan Tremere and the attacks by the Church in the Toitenburg Domain. Because of this, Manfred organized a Combat training session and invited everyone to take part to learn more about properly defending oneself and to discuss the recent events.

For the Gangrel, special animal ghouls were send out to bring them to the meeting location and then guide them towards the lair of the Nosferatu. The walk from the manhole in München to the actual location took an hour and a half. Oliver had no fear to get lost in these winding tunnels, although he was not 100% sure if his plan would actually work. Before entering the manhole, Oliver left behind a ghouled mouse at the entrance, and took 2 more ghouled mice with him. His reasoning was that the mice would be able to find their way back to the third one. At least they said they could.

Arriving at the actual Location, The Gangrel group consisting of Marius, Eddy and Oliver introduced themself to Manfred and took a seat in what appeared to be a form of living room. Nosferatu locations were not exactly known for their….cleanlyness, and the place looked more then a dump then an actual living room:

10608765_935624026465046_8887425776153651557_o10649102_935624019798380_2007636629497713959_o 10845834_935624029798379_6608782148336916915_o

(Editor Note: The place should resemble a lair in the sewers under München. So assume the floors to be mess of sludgle and excrement and to be underground.)

As the guests were slowly entering the room, the conversations started to take place about the past happenings. Marius, as always, brought along his own blood for consumption, and shared a bit with Oliver. But only after questioning Oliver why he had scars in his face. Reluctantly Oliver explained he got slashed in the face by Klara for being obstinate with her and not doing what she wanted. Part of the education. A small argument with Jones followed as he did not really agree with using claws as part of Gangrel education. Those were only for killing and destroying, not educating.

In the course of the evening, Manfred invited everyone to join into his shooting range to practise with guns and get a feeling for using these weapons. A special dummy was set up with marked areas to score points:

  • Stomach: 1 point
  • Chest: 2 points
  • Head: 3 points
  • Heart: 5 points

5 bullets were given to everyone, including a light flare as final bullet which doubled the points made with it. Oliver, never having used a gun before, let alone a machine gun; scored one point by shooting a bullet through the marked area on the stomach. As everyone took his turn, for no apparent reason; Jarvis shot René in the side with his own gun and the only explanation coming from his was “oops”. As the scent of blood started to fill the room, Marius called Oliver to him.

Oliver is still not sure why, but for no reason whatsoever Marius used his last bullet and shot Oliver in the shoulder. Thanks to his training so far (Endurance Discipline) the bullet did no damage to his shoulder, but the pain was still there. As if someone took a swing with a baseball bat at his shoulder. The  impact knocked Oliver back against the wall, but he was able to supress a scream and growled at Marius. After leaving the shooting area, Marius grabbed Oliver and pressed against place where he shot him, pressing with his fingers. Oliver knocked away the hand and called him a derp for thinking there was a wound there.

As everyone had their fun with the shooting, all Vampires gathered back in the “living room” and continued their conversations and discussions. The topic shifted really fast to the point of the Domain being attacked by the Church of the True Faith. At this point Marius, Oliver and Eddy left the room and went for a small stroll in the nearby sewer pipes, discussing their oppinion on this topic and how to deal with this. (Editor Input: Not revealing this conversation due plot lines)

When they all came back, the next part of the evening took place: The actual combat training.
Using an empty bottle, the host of the evening selected two people randomly who had to fight against each other, using any means nescecarry. No deaths or knocking someone completely out were allowed. Outside that, anything goes. The following fights ensued, which Oliver all watched to make sure he could pick up things:

  • Marius vs Manfred: Marius won
  • Eddy vs Sophia : Eddy won

Then Jones got selected. As opponent, Eddy got selected again, and was trying to find a replacement by collecting favours. René was offered, but declined. In the end nobody volunteered and the end of the fighting was indirectly concluded. At some point, Eddy suddenly lost the ability to talk. It did not bother Oliver that much, as it would give him some piece and quiet during the evening, but on the other side, someone used a discipline against a clan-member.

Small talk ensued during the evening talking about “controlling the beast”. Jones had a really similar explanation as to how Oliver lived, but it was not completely the same. For Oliver, there’s no such thing as “controlling your beast”. Oliver is Oliver and his beast is his beast. Two separate entities sharing the same body. And the only way that was going to work, is if they understood each other, and shared equally. So far it seemed to be working. More so when Oliver was asked by Jones if he ever let the beast out voluntarely, to which Oliver replied : “yes”.

As the evening came to a close, Eddy got her revenge on Amens, by stabbing her in the side with a knife. Eddy ran out, followed by Marious. For Oliver it made no difference. If Amens did indeed used her discplines on Eddy, then the score was not settled.

The gangrel said their goodbyes to the host and made their way back. Oliver’s plan was working as both his mice led the gangrel group back to the entrance where they came from. Before that Oliver asked if he could spend the place  at Marius, as traveling back to Ingolstad would be a risk, given the time that had passed.


Small group = intensive play = awesome play. I really enjoy smaller groups as it brings out much more play and opportunities. I’m a bit sad that Oliver did not get to fight. Probably would have not won anyway, but still would have been a good experience.

The next step now for me is to write out this Ghoul fox concept and see how to use this in the play.

Vampire The Masquerade : 7th and 8th of November


Okay, I should have written this sooner, but been rather busy with work, taking up most of my time and energy, that I had to postpone this blog post a bit. As usual, the blog post contains the summaries from both evenings that I attended, and written from the point of view of Oliver Soran, the young Gangrel that I play on these evenings.

One thing I noticed is that playing both evenings on the same weekend turns out to be really exhausting, and often takes a toll on my play style. Playing on a Friday is not idea due the stress and mental exhaustion I have from work. Playing on a Saturday after a play ain’t ideal either, because I’m usually not fully recovered.


Vincere Tollere Mori (VtM) : Ingolstad

Oliver had been struggling the week before the invitation with many things. The whole situation created by Spatz, his proclaiming of Prince on the Domain of Ober-Bayern, caused Oliver to be rather stressed out by the many questions and consequences. At the moment he did not belong to either Domain. Sure, he had been living in the Domain of München most of his life, but he never swore loyalty to the Prince of that Domain.

Actually, Oliver isn’t even convinced if the Prince actually knows he exists inside his Domain. He probably does, but it’s not really apparent. On the other side, Spatz is of the same Clan as Oliver. Regardless of the Domain Oliver chooses to live in, both have their downsides and benefits. Which one is the most convenient, is what keeps Oliver occupied at the moment. And exactly this occupation is what causing so much stress on the poor young Gangrel.

The few days before the actual evening, Oliver dropped by Klara’s house, but from the very first moment this already caused tension. Oliver being in a form of feral behaviour had trouble staying inside, staying calm or even following the most basic orders from his Guardian Klara. This escalated rather quickly on the evening itself where a few clashes occurred between Klara and Oliver when it came to respecting others or even doing the things he was told.

Oliver tried his best to actually remain calm, but controlling a raging beast inside yourself as young Vampire is not an easy task. Things went okay when talking to other Vampires who approached him rather calmly, but other encounters did not go as smooth as expected. Jarvis and Russ somehow managed to hold conversations with Oliver without ticking him off or causing his inner beast to rear itself. Stein from Clan Brujah however was a completely different case…

As the evening progresses, Stein attempted several things to make Oliver lose the control of his beast. One of the attempts was a public discussion about the fact that Oliver had passed on his debt to Herr Baader, the Primogene of Clan Nosferatu in München. In the Vampire Society, debt is used as a currency. You can owe someone a favour, making you rather important for that person since he’ll want to collect on that favour at some point. The key to survival is collecting and distributing enough of these favours to ensure you’re important enough to these people, and can cash in with others to avoid trouble.

Stein however called out on Oliver that he just passed on this favour Stein owed him, and demanded an excuse for not being told, and tried to buy it off by giving money. Oliver quickly reprimanded Stein that the favour was handed over to Baader, and that if he wanted out of this, he should talk to Baader about it, since he owed him now. This caused Stein to actually become angry, but was quickly put into place by Klara and René, being told what happened was perfectly acceptable, and it was his own fault for owning a Childe something in the first place.

Outside that scene, the evening itself proceeded rather calm and social, with the Gangrel telling some stories as a form of entertainment for he host of the evening. Oliver did not get to tell his story, but promised that he’d tell a story next time. As the night progressed Oliver and Klara said their goodbyes to the Host and left for home, as the trip from Ingolstad would take quite some time to complete on foot.

Only when they arrived home, Oliver noticed that Otto was missing, and the blood band only revealed a really faint connection between the Ghoul and Oliver…..

Invitation of the Herold

The second evening that Oliver wanted to attend was the one hosted by Zoe Thorn, Herold of the Prince of München. Normally Oliver would not be interested in political things, as this was something he considered still a waste of time at the moment, and honestly something he had no clue about. Zoe however held a special position for Oliver, despite being of a different Clan. During the period he was a Ghoul, Zoe took care of him, even if there were a few encounters that sometimes questioned the motives of Zoe, Oliver considered her something that resembled a friend. A dangerous one, but a friend nonetheless.

The evening appeared to be a rather social event, although Oliver immediately felt something was off when certain Malkavian Vampires started to show up during the course of the evening, such as Gundlach, the keeper of the Elysium in München. A night where both Gundlach and the Nosferatu appeared was uncommon to say the least.

The evening took off when Zoe received a special letter from one of the Monks, who seemed unable to speak. Oliver watched the entire interaction, but found it rather strange that the Monk was unable to speak and only used sign language to communicate that the letter came with a key to open the doors of the Monastery they were currently in. Oliver did not pick up any scent from the Monk, and thus was unable to determine whether the Monk was a Human, Ghoul or Vampire.

The big announcement made by Zoe, confirmed what Oliver already knew. Those who swore loyalty to Spatz where loosing their privileges one by one inside München. They were banished, but they were still welcome as guest in the Domain. Although the news that Klara lost her land in München upset Oliver a bit, it was not completely unexpected. Striking a quick conversation with Salome reassured Oliver that he could still travel between both Domains as Gangrel. To help him calm down, Salome scratches his head and behind his ears.

The evening took a twist when Gundlach spoke out that the location was actually his house, and his rules would apply here. The first thing that happened was that an Elysium was called out, and all weapons were no longer allowed on the grounds. All guests had 5 minutes to comply or leave the premisses. Not shortly after, Gundlach called out that anyone who would bring a staked Noseferatu would be granted a big favour from him. It’s not until later that Oliver learned the Nosferatu actually attacked Gundlach that night, which caused the order to be given.

During the evening however, the whole scene took a dramatic turn, as a series of events lead the Primogene of Clan Brujah to kick open a door during he Elysium and reveal the corpse of a person who was killed with an axe, by severing of the head. This person turned out to be a member of Clan Tremere, and the brief that Zoe received turned out to be a warning from someone stating that,

“whenever one of yours takes one of ours, the favour will be returned. Be warned.”

Although this was of little concern to Oliver, the dead of the Tremere member, the warning was not something entirely new. Several months ago, Oliver heared about Hunters in Hamburg before and what they can do.

As the night progressed and a few political plays folded out, Oliver decided to call it an early night. The travelling from Ingolstad was still taxing on him, and he wanted to hone his hunting skills a bit more this night to ensure he wouldn’t go to bed hungry when the day ended.


I’m trying to play more Feral with Oliver, but this is turning out to be a lot harder then I expected. Often I have to really think whether a reaction makes sense from feral point of view, or if I’m not overdoing it, in such a way that it either becomes ridiculous or too much animal like. This is something I want to keep trying over the coming the plays to find a play style that first of all suits me and my goals and secondly really depicts Oliver as a Feral Gangrel, not so much as a pet or Human.

And have to find something to get back at Stein for killing the Ghoul of Oliver…

Vampire The Masquerade : A new Prince and Malkavian madness


It has been a while since I wrote one of these, so apologies for those following the adventures of Oliver. Last month I was unable to attend my regular play due the big Connichi con in Kassel, Germany and I also did not play across Germany due vacation taking up most of my finances that month. But a new month, so new plays!

Because our group somehow split into two different groups now, I will be consolidating the plays of both groups into a single post. This makes the post itself larger, and gives me more work to remember everything properly, but it also helps me again to keep track of everything that happens to Oliver. Both of the groups play in the same setting. The story about Oliver remains the same, it’s just that both groups have a different focus and approach to the entire game and take place in different regions. The original group focuses on the Domain of München, whereas the new group emphasises on the Domain of Ober-Bayern and shifts the focus more towards player-driven stories rather then played out plots. (I hope I understood that correctly from both groups…)

So without wasting too much further details, I present both happenings of the past weekend. The first section, “A New Prince” covers the part of the new group whereas the “Malkavian Madness” will cover the story from the second group. As always, feel free to leave feedback, questions or remarks!


A New Prince

Oliver has been on a downward spiral for quite some time now. The “life” of a Vampire is not an easy one, and being in Clan Gangrel does not make things any easier. The society demands that Vampires follow the traditions that have been in place for hundreds of years. These traditions are old, and do not always make sense for fledgling vampires. The focus of these traditions is to preserve society, and preserve whatever Humanity a Vampire might have, both leading to the same purpose: The survival of the Vampire Society.

Oliver however is part of Clan Gangrel. A Clan that is proud of it’s lineage, holds on to the concepts of “Trust”, “Honour” and “Respect”. Often these Gangrel traditions are the cause of problems between other Clans, as the clan is a proud one. Oliver, who is still a Welp, has trouble finding his own place in all of this. On one side he has mentors advocating him to blend in, follow the traditions and be mindful & respectful towards others in the Society. On the other side, he’s part of Clan Gangrel and needs to prove to his clan members that he can walk on his own two feet and is an addition to the Clan. The Elder of Clan, Ludoviga, and other powerful Vampires also have told him to embrace his inner beast, for that is what the Clan is about. This resulted in losing control a few times, making him more confused.

These days, Oliver can be found wandering the forests around Ebersberg during the night, hunting for blood, trying to remain undetected and honing his hunting skills as a Gangrel. Even his Guardian Klara hears less and less from him the last weeks as he only checks in once a week, if at all, to remind her he’s still alive out there. During one of the visits at Klara’s house, he finds her reading a letter from Albert Spatz, the Ancilla of the Prince of München. The letter is an invitation to join Spatz in Ingolstad, because he has something interesting to share. The only strange thing about the letter is that it’s no longer signed with the traditional signature, but now reads:

Albert Spatz

Discussing the entire situation with Klara, Oliver decides to join her on the trip to Ingolstad and learn what has happened. Oliver has some information about why from the previous Gangrel thing, allowing him to formulate a theory which he shares with Klara who actually remains rather silent about the entire topic. It doesn’t take them that long to arrive at the location by Car. Once they arrive at the location, a few of the Gangrel are already there including Lin and Eddy, as well as Marius. Oliver knew all three already, so was quite okay that there were more Gangrel interested in getting to the bottom of this.

The evening itself turned out to be a rather casual and social gathering where Spatz put the guests to the test by asking them formulate theories about why an Ancilla from a Prince is able to pull this off without getting killed by said Prince. The most common theories are pushing forward like Spatz being strong, the Prince not caring, or it being a test. Oliver however formulates a different theory but does not share it except with a few Gangrel. The theory formulated is based on information obtained during the auction with Clan Nosferatu. In the end, Oliver still remains with questions about the theory being true or not.

As the evening progresses, Spatz puts the guests before the difficult decision: Do they remain loyal to their current Prince in München, or do they wish to apply for Citizenship in the new Domain of Ober-Bayern. Tossing another surprise into the group, Spatz also proclaimed that all interested in joining the new Domain, should address their concern to Klara, who would be taking note and report to Spatz later. Oliver suddenly realized why she was so quiet about the topic. Not thinking too much about it, Olivar approached Klara and made it clear that he would like to join the new Domain; where Klara answered that it would not be an issue, since she was moving as well, and Oliver was coming along for the ride.

The night actually progressed without incidents, which is rather uncommon for an evening with so many Gangrel present. Linkmann brought along a Ghoul, which turned out to be an extremely interesting plaything for the Gangrel present during the evening. Oliver, Lin and Eddy try to play cat & mouse with the Ghoul, who actually played along really nice. Oliver assumed Linkmann did not explain what the best behavior was when dealing with Gangrel in a “play mood”. Running away every time only kept the interest of the Gangrel peeked and the chase going on till the end of the evening. The Ghoul thought it was a smart idea to flaunt his gun the whole time, even after several warnings from other Vampires. The Brujah Stein snapped and assaulted the Ghoul, which seemed smart enough to actually Stake the Brujah. Screaming for help, her Spatz ended it by taking the Stake out of the Brujah and twisting the neck of the Ghoul, putting an end to the playtime of the Gangrel.

At this point, Klara and Oliver decided to call it a night, and started to make their way back home.

Malkavian Madness

The room was dark. Oliver, being awoken by what looked to be a doctor, looked around the room and saw familiar faces. Many Vampires he knew were lying on the floor, sitting in couches or on chairs, either asleep or looking around perplexed as Olivar was. Not fully realizing and still confused, he heard Alex, the Brujah, asking where they were and what was going on. Oliver tried to get up and then realized he could not move his legs. He could feel them, he sensed them being there, but was not able to move his legs at all. At this point his instinct started to take over and growled at the doctor and anyone coming close into his vicinity.

The overall confusion of the other Vampires around him did not help Olivar in calming down. It wasn’t until Salome approached him and took him in her arms, stroking over his head that he started to calm down and analyse the situation they were in. Marius also joined the group at that point. Oliver was a bit reassured that he wasn’t the only Gangrel present now and that Salome and Marius where around as well, be it handicapped as Oliver. Salome was unable to speak properly or hear anything, Marius appeared to be blind.

As the initial confusion started to settle down, the instincts driving Oliver slowly ebbed away as well. Now he started to work together with Salome and Marius, trying to analyse the entire situation, collecting information from the other Vampires and trying to communicate with what seemed to be the caretakers of the place. Asking questions did not yield much information, as the caretakers seemed to be treating them as patients of a mental institution. Oliver noticed that some of the other patients turned out to be unknown Vampires or even Humans.

Slowly but surely Oliver was growing more impatient as his inner animal was starting to grow restless. Something did not feel right, and time was passing without Oliver being able to leave this building. Vampires reporting that there was no door or exit did not help either. At one point, a little girl approached Oliver as he was sitting in the middle of the room, talking to Nick of Clan Torreador. The little girl first talked with the Torreador about Oliver, how she thought he was a nice kitten, and asked if she could pet him. Nick said she should ask Oliver that. The little girl approached Oliver and sat down next to him. Looking into his eyes, she asked if she could pet Oliver.

Offended by the question, Oliver growled and asked if she was making a joke about him and told her she could not pet him. The little girl got angry and said that if she wanted to pet the kitten, she would pet the kitten. As soon as she finished the sentence, she stroked behind Oliver’s ears and petted him. This caused a frenzy inside Oliver for his beast did not appreciate the fact it was being treated like a pet. With a quick push from both his arms, Oliver lunged himself forward right on top of the girl and bit her in the neck, sinking his teeth deep into hear flesh and sucked out the blood from the wound.

Thanks to the “control lessons” from Marius, it didn’t take too much effort to snap out of the frenzy after drinking some of the blood. Realizing what he had done, Oliver crawled back to Marius, who was having a conversation with one of the “doctors” of this place. The topic being Monsters and the inner beast that they were suppressing. The doctor tried to provoke Marius in releasing his animal, but Marius refused. After the doctor left, Oliver explained to Marius what happened and how he was sorry for not being able to resist the frenzy. Marius said he should talk with the doctor to show him what happened when the true beast was unleashed.

It was not shortly after that the doctor visited Oliver and reminded him that he was due for his medical check-up. Oliver, genuinely confused, said he had no point what the doctor was talking about. The doctor asked if Oliver wanted to get better and be helped, which caused Oliver to reply with a confused “yes”. At this point the doctor grabbed the wrist of Oliver and cut it open with a large, curved knife. Suppressing a shriek of pain, Oliver growled as the doctor left. As soon as the doctor was out of view, Oliver focused his blood on healing and closing the wound. At this point he could feel his legs again, and not shortly after he was able to walk around again without problems. Sharing that information with Marius and Salome allowed both of them to break the curse on them by entering frenzy and drawing blood.

As more and more Vampires were breaking free from the Curse, more and more also started to disappear into thin air. As the evening progressed, only Oliver, a Malkavian Vampire and two Torreador remained in the room, where the floor was now covered with blood, but outside that completely empty. Screams and sounds could be heard coming from behind the walls, but no entrance to the rooms was there. Even the Brujah tried to force their way through the walls using their Potence, but nothing worked.

Suddenly the little girl who Oliver attacked in his frenzy showed up, asking if the Kitten wanted to come with her. Very reluctant at first, Oliver got persuaded when she said she could lead them to the others and this was his only chance to see them again. As he was being led by the girl, they entered a room where “patients” were sitting on hospital beds. One of the patients was covered in barbed wire and had blood gushing out all over every time he moved. The only words coming from him were “sing halleluja”. A few moments later the other Vampires whom Oliver had left behind showed up in the room as well, being accompanied by a Nurse.

Nick tried to talk with the patient but only got a reaction when someone said the words “halleluja”. At this point the patient started to ask who was bearing all their sin. Confused by the question, Nick and Oliver kept asking and delving deeper into the rambling of the patient until Oliver unravelled the ramblings. It turned out Clan Malkavian was carrying all the sins of the society and suffering for all Vampires. When Oliver figured this out, the patient stood up and walked towards Oliver, causing both to disappear and reappear into a room where everyone else was, with Amens sitting in the middle of the room.

On firth sight, Oliver knew something was off and became extremely wary. Suddenly he was being grabbed from all sides and pushed down on the floor in a puddle of blood. Amens voice called for him to get up and bow before her, swearing h would obey her. Not liking this one bit, Oliver rebuked the request with a clear “no”, causing the others to start laughing maniacally. To his left was Zoe, and Salome kept her claws on his back and neck. At a snap, Amens commanded Oliver to be killed, which followed by claws, knives and fists coming down on Oliver. As the pain coursed through him, everything went black. Again a voice commanded him to get up and asked to kneel down and obey. Hand and claws pushed him down on the same spot again.

Oliver, trying to outsmart this whole ordeal said he would obey if this would make everything stop. As soon as the words left him, his own thoughts disappeared and a voice in his head told him to walk over to the Vampire identified by Amens and start torturing him, hurt him and make him suffer. As he knelt down next to the Vampire, Oliver trusted his knife into the Vampire’s neck without a single emotion. The he pulled the knife downwards across the Vampires side, killing him in the process. Without any emotion, Oliver got up and moved instinctual to the center of the room. At this point Orsini appeared and suffered the same fate.

The nightmare ended when Amens got attacked by the group and died in the middle of the room. What madness caused this remains still a mystery for Oliver, but at the moment that Amens died, Oliver woke up in his lair in the woods. The wounds were gone and the frenzy didn’t cause anything new to grow, but he could taste the blood in his mouth. Whether this was all a dream from some Malkavian or if it truly happened was something for Oliver to find out.



I enjoyed both evening, probably the second one a bit more then the first one. I really experienced a few “WTF” moments during the second evening which gave me goosebumps and a great adrenaline rush. I don’t want to do this every evening, but I will definitely welcome more of these types of evenings 🙂

I was really happy to get into this again after missing out a whole month, and I think I placed again a great base for conflict with my Guardian and Mentor on where I want to take Oliver. Something I noticed as well is that it’s sometimes really hard to play with Humanity on 4. I really have to keep my mind clear to block out emotions or hold back because something might be cruel or evil. But I like where the character is going with this path, even if it seems to agitate my mentor more and more ingame 😀  (( I’m so not sorry Marius 😀 ))

Really looking forward to where both plays will end up in the near future.